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Are you struggling with making money online? Would you like to build real lucrative online business? There is a platform offering everything you need! Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate welcome mymoneyforce

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim in Canada. Their goal was to create a working worldwide service to help people who want to start making money online. At the moment there is around 2.7 millions of users.

The platform provides a tools and trainings to help others to learn and create their own business. There is also a very active community where people can follow each other, ask questions create their own posts, blogs and their own classes and trainings.

Wa trust pilot mymoneyforce
They have an excellent ranking in Trust Pilot – 4.8 and 536 reviews at the moment what shows that people are happy and trust it.

How to open online business?

If you are a complete beginner who is just starting his journey, you’ll need some training or course. That is the first thing – education. Wealthy Affiliate provides a training program for people who had nothing to do with making money online before.

When you join the platform you’ll see the welcoming video created by cofounder Kyle. He talks the basics about the Wealthy Affiliate to introduce you to the platform so it’s worth to listen to him.

Wa trainings mymoneyforce

There are two core trainings:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp

Both of them have a levels where the first level is introducing you to all the tools of the platform and is addressed to the beginners. Every next level is more advanced what looks really nice as you can feel like in journey. From the complete beginner to the really advanced webmaster and business owner.

Wa training mymoneyforce

You can learn about all the techniques used in affiliate marketing like keywords and content what makes the work much easier for everyone!

Boot camp training mymoneyforce Almost all the lessons have a walking through video where Kyle shows everything step by step, all of them have a tasks to do and show your progress in the training, what is very helpful and motivating.

Classes wa mymoneyforce

The training program is very good, even for people who have an experience who can learn something new. There are also a classes where other experienced users are showing for example their own techniques.

If you are looking for online business training and support Wealthy Affiliate is really great place for you! You will learn step by step how to create and open your own online business even if you have no previous experience.

Useful tools

Knowledge is not everything. There is no chance to create a good business if you know everything but don’t do anything. To do something we need appropriate tools otherwise it’s wasting of time! But Wealthy Affiliate provides not only a trainings and classes but also a helpful tools, so you can start even right now!

Tools wa mymoneyforce Almost every business, not just online but stationary as well, has its own website. And that’s normal! Today everyone is looking for a product or service in the Internet. We can make use of that to achieve our goals that means to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you to build your own website. There is a lot of tools we can use, for example:

  • WordPress – the most popular website builder and editor
  • Jaaxy – keywords research
  • Plugins – very helpful to build a good looking website
  • Content Creator – where we write articles or posts and find an images for our website
  • Website Manager – the command centre
  • Hosting – space on the server for a website

These are just an examples as there is more stuff provided but these are the most necessary. For example people use the WordPress everywhere in the world. No need to know HTML. Wealthy Affiliate offers full access to the most popular website builder. You can create your posts or pages in built-in Content Creator which is very simple to use. There is nothing complicated to put an images on your posts as well and you can do it in both: WordPress and Content Creator.

Tools3 wa mymoneyforce

There are also a patterns of posts what makes creating a content much easier! What’s interesting you can use any device to work, but I recommend computer rather than mobile phone. It’s because on the computer everything is visible, you can write and jump between the options much faster. Image editing on the mobile phone is really hard job. Yes it work on mobile phones but much worse.

Web manager wa mymoneyforce

Website Manager gives a full control of your website. We can see our posts, edit or delete them. In the main window of the manager we have options under the Details button

  • SiteSpeed – how fast the website works. There is a choice between Accelerated and Extreme. Obviously the second one is better. Fast working website – better ranking in Google
  • SiteSSL – encrypted connection with the website. It gives a prefix https, also helps to get better Google ranking
  • SiteProtect – responsible for the website safety and spam blocking.

Web manager 2 wa mymoneyforce

I recommend to have all these three options on all the time. Below is shown the loading time of all of your posts/pages on the computer and mobile phone.

There is a general website health shown in the main window of the manager. You can click View Details to check more. If the site health is low then you know what needs to be fixed.

If you create a content you need to remember to use a good keywords which makes your website to be rank better. Wealthy Affiliate offers a tool where we can find and compare a keywords and choose the best ones. It’s Jaaxy. It’s very easy to use. There is a search bar to type a phrase and it shows a keywords below in result. Every keyword has its parameters and the most important are first three of them:

  • Avg – the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month
  • Traffic – visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

Jaaxy mymoneyforce

The best keywords have high Avg and Traffic and low QSR.

Everything is explained very well in trainings provided. Every new user can learn step by step what to do and how to use the tools so there is no need to describe it with details.


Every website in the internet needs to be placed somewhere on servers. A big corporation like Facebook have their own servers, but people like me and you have to use a space on someone’s server. That is hosting. Wealthy Affiliate provides a hosting service what is a great idea! Let’s check what they can offer.

Tools 4 mymoneyforce waWealthy Affiliate cooperates with SiteRubix which is a hosting provider and in effect we have a full access to manage our website. Depends on what is your membership we have:

  1. One free domain siterubix.com for starters
  2. Two free domain .com/.net/.org for premium members

What’s the difference?

The first option is complete free included in a starter membership. That means you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and that’s it! But you won’t be able to have your own email @yourdomain.com and there in only one website available for you to build. Domains like siterubix.com or wordpress.com are lower in Google ranking.

The second option is obviously much better. Two own domains, email account (unlimited) and above all better Google ranking to get the traffic and make money


After joining Wealthy Affiliate we can see that it looks a little bit like social media, for example Facebook. We can follow others, like their posts, write a comments or publish a posts on the blog. That is really nice as the first thing is that is not just for fun but for support and help.

When I’ve opened my account I received a kind messages welcoming me to WA. I noticed that people talk to each other. A lot of them are asking for help and others answer immediately. There is a few ways hot to talk to people, ask questions or just share what we have learned:

  • Chat – there is a chat icon in the top menu
  • Blog postsCreate a Post button in Dashboard
  • Private message – envelope icon in the top menu. As a starter you can receive and read messages. Only premium members can write messages.

Post wa mymoneyforce

Another community feature are feedbacks and comments. You can offer your feedback to someone’s website and receive 1 credit which is worth $0.5. The same for comments. After getting 2 credits we can request feedback or comment. But let me quickly explain that is the difference between them.

  • Feedback is seen only inside Wealthy Affiliate and it’s other user’s review about your website or post/page
  • Comment is shown under your post/page on your website after your confirmation. It’s written by other Wealthy Affiliate user.

Obviously as I said you can offer your feedback/comment to someone else and earn community credits!

Comment wa mymoneyforce It’s worth to publish a posts in Wealthy Affiliate and help others. That gives a chance to get a good rank in WA. If you’ll publish something, for example share your progress or answer questions that others asking you’ll get a better Helper Rank and Creator Rank. It’s helpful, people can see you, follow you and visit your website! If you are good enough you may get an Ambassador Rank.

Feedback wa mymoneyforce In my personal opinion founders of Wealthy Affiliate have done a great job creating a community. We can ask questions in few ways whenever we want and get response immediately! Earning a community credits which can be exchanged for feedback/comments requests is a fantastic idea. It’s not just a leaving the opinion about someone’s work but it helps to get better ranked website in Google and that leads to traffic and money!


As I said there are credits that you can earn and spend at Wealthy Affiliate. Let me tell you what they are and what kinds of credits are available.

Credits are a currency inside Wealthy Affiliate and there are three kinds of them

  1. Community credits – describe above in the Community section. You can earn them by offering your feedbacks and comments to others. For each feedback you’ll receive 1 credits worth $0.5
  2. Cash credits – can be earned by creating a training or when referred person registers domain
  3. Affiliate credits – can be earned by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.

Credits wa mymoneyforce

Alright, we know about community credits, but what about two others? There is a difference between them as the first ones are used just for feedbacks and comments but cash and affiliate credits are exchangeable for real money!

Doesn’t matter what kind of credits we have, all of them are worth $0.5.

There is also a possibility to transfer credits between the users.

Affiliate program

The best way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate is obviously affiliate program. Every person who will click your link, register and upgrade to premium account will bring you 2 affiliate credits and $23.50 every month or $235.00 once if choose to pay annually.

If your referral will choose Premium Plus then obviously you’ll get more money! All the details of the referral program are shown below:

Affiliate program wa mymoneyforce

Remember that you’ll get paid the full price if you are Premium Member at least. If you are a Starter you’ll get a half of the Premium Members reward as described above.


Everyone can join Wealthy Affiliate anytime and try for 100% FREE as a Starter, but there are also a different levels of membership and benefits associated with them. But to upgrade we have to pay monthly or annually. Below I present every level of membership, it’s price and benefits it gives:

  • Starter – free, basic membership. Offers access to LV 1 trainings without classes. One free domain siterubix.com and one website only, no writing and sending private messages.
  • Premium Member – $49/month or $497 annually. Weekly expert classes, all the trainings unlocked, two free .com domains (if you’ll upgrade within 7 days, otherwise 1 free domain) and 3 websites (one domain is paid), access to Jaaxy and unlimited support. You can also send a private messages
  • Premium Plus Member – $99/month or $697 annually. The same as above but there is also access to much more expert classes (every day), 2 free domains and up to 10 websites!

Wa premium mymoneyforce

I recommend to upgrade to Premium if you are a beginner. It’s cheaper then Premium Plus and you’ll get an access to everything you need (just look above)!

—> Read How to upgrade your membership without spending even a single penny!

Premium Plus is for advanced users who need more websites and space, it offers more advanced classes every single day as well.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s sum it all up. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform providing website building tutorials and online business training and support. It was founded in 2005 and has been excellent in Trust Pilot.

Wealthy Affiliate money force 2

The mission of WA is to help others with building online business, website and eventually passive income earned automatically.

The user has an access to literally everything he needs:

  • Trainings, classes and support even for a complete beginners
  • Hosting including own domain
  • All the webmaster tools
  • Great community
  • Keywords research platform

Everyone can join for free as a Starter, but if you think seriously about your own business and passive income then I recommend to upgrade to Premium. It’s worth because it’s much cheaper then for example hosting in other companies and at Wealthy Affiliate you have everything together just for $49/month! You can decide to pay annually and save some money but I can understand that most of people who start simply do not have enough money to pay $497 for a year.

Wealthy Affiliate start to earn online

Wealthy Affiliate is not an affiliate network like MyLead where you can find ready affiliate programs. It’s a powerful platform addressed to people with idea for their business, offering the best quality trainings that even beginners can start making money online!


If you would like to try just click the link below. After registration you’ll receive a message and support.

==> Join Wealthy Affiliate Now For Free!

And what do you think about Wealthy Affiliate? Do you have any experience with it or any questions? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be more then happy to help you!

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, check out my new article: Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?


10 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate – My review – My Money Force”

  1. If one wants to start an online business, then Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform to get training. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for more than three years,and I can certainly recommend it. What attracted me originally, was that I could join the platform and start training for free. 

    I quickly realised the value of the training, support and community spirit, that I upgraded to premium membership. With hosting included in the membership fees, as well as world class training, it is well worth joining Wealthy Affiliate. 

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with building an online business. It is very helpful to get as much information as possible about how the online service works before signing up for a paid account. I think that a lot of people will appreciate that there is a free option that can help them to jump right in and see the process without the need to invest a lot of money!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review of Wealthy Affiliate, Blazej. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for anyone looking to start an online business. 

    The platform offers a range of tools and training programs to help beginners learn the basics of making money online. The Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp training programs are particularly helpful, and the step-by-step video tutorials make learning easy and motivating. 

    The community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is also a huge plus, as members can share ideas, ask questions, and create their own classes and trainings.

    In addition to the training, Wealthy Affiliate provides a range of tools to help users create and manage their websites. 

    WordPress, Jaaxy, and the built-in Content Creator are just a few of the tools available, and the Website Manager gives users complete control over their website’s health, speed, and security. 

    The ability to use any device to work, coupled with patterns of posts, also makes creating content much easier.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking to start an online business or learn more about affiliate marketing. The platform’s comprehensive training programs, community support, and range of tools make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

    All the best,


    • Hi Fred and thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, it’s very good platform. Everyone, even a complete beginner can learn about affiliate marketing and creating online business. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in this kind of making money.
      Kind Regards,

  4. Thank you for sharing your review of Wealthy Affiliate with your readers. It’s great to see that you have found the platform to be helpful in building an online business, and I’m sure your readers will appreciate your thorough description of its features and benefits.

    I agree that education is the key to starting a successful online business, and Wealthy Affiliate seems to offer an excellent training program that is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users. It’s also great to see that the platform provides helpful tools, such as WordPress, Jaaxy, and plugins, that can make building a website easier and more efficient.

    • Hi Anoth! Thanks for your comment! Yes that’s a great pro of Wealthy Affiliate – everything in one – trainings, tools and support. Highly recommended platform for both, beginners and advanced users

  5. Wealthy is a website that has many aids for online services and businesses. Its tools, tutorials, and community are valuable assistance. You can learn step by step how to create a new business, do affiliate marketing, and generally generate income online. It also has very useful tools such as WordPress, keyword research, plugins, hosts, etc., which benefit everyone, especially those who plan to start an online business.

  6. Very solid review you wrote there. Having been in WA for more than 5 years now I can say with certainty that they are worth every penny. I like how they have everything in one package. And the most important for me is the strong support they provide. They can literally answer you in a few minutes concerning your problem and this is a huge one in my books. After 5 years I still haven’t seen a program that offers the same value as WA.

    • 5 years that’s a long time! Great! There is many people who started their own online business from scratch with Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion it’s the best platform.

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