The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank

People are struggling with SEO to get ranked well in Google or other search engines. That’s why they cannot monetise their websites or blogs. So, what is the most important SEO factor for reach rank? There are some techniques, that can help you to get visitors from organic search.

How SEO works today?

If you have your own website or blog you can monetise it in several ways. You can use it as an online store, for affiliate marketing, providing your own courses and tutorials, and more. It is your decision which way to choose, but it must be something that you are really good at.

The most important SEO factor for search rank, seo

It’s not a secret that you need an audience to monetise you website. And your website must be visible in the search engines to get that audience, otherwise you can forget about the money. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is necessary to achieve the goal. In the article What Are The Basics Of SEO? I have presented the basics, but now let’s take a closer look at SEO.

We know that SEO is about the keywords and how to use it. Google and other search engines update their system regularly, and now we cannot just think about the keywords, as there is much more factors, which are very important as well.

As I mentioned, Google updates their system. Several years ago you could just match the exact keywords, using tools like Jaaxy to get ranked better in Google, but what’s going to happen if you do that now? You are going to fail and your website will not be ranked!

Jaaxy, my money force. The most important SEO factor for search rank

Search engines are looking for a good, informative content first. They don’t care that you have found a low-competition keywords, content is king, and you must remember that! The next factor is Domain Authority, which we are going to talk about later.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo use plenty of algorithms. They are checking literally everything, and choose really good website to be shown in first 10 of search results. You may have really good business idea, but if you won’t match all the requirements, your website will not be ranked! It is important, especially if you are a beginner. Google changed the rules, remember that!

Depends on On-Page, or Off-Page SEO, we can distinguish many factors that affect whether your website will appear in search results at all, and if so, which position it will occupy.

On-Page SEO optimisation

If you don’t know what is On-Page and Off-Page SEO, I recommend you to read my article What Are The Basics Of SEO? where I explain with details what are that two kinds of optimisation. It’s necessary to understand what we are going to talk about.

On-Page SEO is very important part of optimisation, you need to concentrate on it. The most important factors of On-Page SEO are:

  • Content
  • Domain Authority
  • Internal links
  • Keywords


Your content must be helpful, informative, relevant, good quality. I know that we live in digits era, and AI is taking over more and more business, but you cannot just ask AI to write the content instead you. Google algorithms will find your post and check that is written by AI. What do you think is going to happen then? Your article won’t be ranked!

The most important SEO factor for search rank, Google algorithms

The rule of online business is: “help others before you get paid”. That’s so obvious. You must be good at what you are doing, otherwise you won’t get visitors. Check the competition, what do they have included in their articles, and try to be better. Use the Google search bar, and type the phrase you are interested in.

The first results are top ranked websites, that means websites that Google has found as a valuable. Take it time and read these articles. You can learn something new in your niche. Try to find what is missing in their posts, what could you do better, and do it. Check how long are their articles, and do your best to write your one longer then their ones.

Make sure your content sticks to the topic you’re writing about. Try to find the best answers for keywords in the title, and any questions related to the subject. Concentrate on details to explain everything properly. Your article should include around 2000 words, at least 1800, but the more, the better.

Frequency of publishing is a part of content creating. Try to publish new articles regularly, two or three posts per week, and again, the more the better. Each article should include around 2000 words. I repeat that for you, to keep that information in your mind, as it’s very important!

If you’ll follow that, Google will decide that your website is valuable. Maybe not straight away, but after few months you’ll get ranked better! Online business is a long-term work, so don’t give up if you can see the results next day.


Keyword is a phrase that people type in search bars to find the information they are looking for. It’s very important factor for search rank. The first thing you need to know is that your domain is not ranked. Your articles are ranked for specific keywords.

You can have for example two articles, and one is ranked in the first 10, and other is on the fifth page, but both articles are yours and they belong to the same domain. Do you understand now how does it work?

Alright, the purpose of using keywords is to target what people in your niche are actually looking for. How to do that? There are many tools to find appropriate keywords, like Jaaxy, but again, you cannot think like a robot. Jaaxy shows the results of keywords and it provides some information about them, like average traffic and QSR (competition)

If you’re beginner, use the Low Hanging Fruit method, which I have described in the last article about basics of SEO, mentioned above. Your competition will be low, so you will have more chances to get ranked, but…

You need to know how the Jaaxy and other keywords research tools really work. If you’ll find a keyword with QSR 30, that means there is 30 websites in the internet with these keywords in exact order. However, you may not get ranked using that keywords! Why? Because several years ago Google changed the rules, and it doesn’t work like that anymore! It used to.

Try to copy the keyword shown in Jaaxy with the low QSR, and paste it in Google search bar. And now check your search results. Surprise! You have probably now found results with the keywords in exact order that you have in Jaaxy. Why? Because Google ranked the best, and the most valuable posts on the first page that are targeting these keywords not in exact order.

For example, I tried to find the best keywords, so I typed in Jaaxy this phrase: “How to find the best keywords”. Here are my results:

The most important SEO factor for search rank, Jaaxy results

I have chosen third position, which is “how to find the best keywords for seo“, with low competition, that means QSR 52. Let’s use that keywords, and simply paste it in Google search bar, like that:

how to find the best keywords for seo

OK, these are our results:

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, keywords search results

As you can see the first not sponsored result does NOT include exact keywords I was looking for. What about next websites Google shows in results? Look:

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, keywords search results

They don’t include my keywords in exact order. But thanks to that method I can use the results as my keywords, check the competition’s article, and finally create better content!

You can use Google to find your keywords. Type the phrase you are interested in, and Google will suggest you the keywords that people are looking for actually! Next step? Use that phrases to create good, valuable article, comparing it to the competition, and trying to create better one! It’s all yours!

You should also check Google Search Console for the most frequently viewed keywords related to your own site, which are shown in the “Performance” section.


Internal links are also important factor for search engines. They are simply links to other articles, posts, or pages on your own website. You definitely should use this method, and search engines will see it.

If you create the content, put the link to your other post or page in that article. It’s not only helpful to get ranked better in Google, but also your audience will appreciate that. It helps users to navigate on your website, and quickly find another article related to that one, your visitor is currently reading.

I’m sure you’ve seen that many times while reading articles on other peoples websites. Make sure that you add links to your posts naturally.


Domain Authority (DA) is very popular in the SOE industry. This factor was developed by MOZ company, and it’s very often compared to the Google’s Page Rank. Google officially says that they do not take Domain Authority into account, but in practice, website with better DA is ranked better in Google.

Domain Authority simply shows how likely your site is to rank well in search results. Each domain receives a number of points appropriate to its quality, from 1 to 100. The more, the better for you. It takes time to get more points, if your domain is new, you are going to start from 0 points. Sometimes domains from the first page of search results have 40-50 points.

If you want to check your Domain Authority for free, you can choose for example:

  • MOZ – this company created Domain Authority, you can also check if your website has any issue, and how to fix it.
  • Ahrefs – one of the most popular companies, where you can check your Domain Authority, and let the complete audit for your website.
  • Wealthy Affiliate – it’s a great platform for everyone who wants to build his own website and monetise it. WA includes a lot of tools, and one of them is the Site Trust, which works very similar to Domain Authority. It shows in the percentage how search engines trust your website.

There is obviously more platforms, where you can let an audit and check your DA, but I have shown you the best and most popular ones. What’s worth mentioning, it’s good to have your own .com domain as it has automatically better DA then for example

I know, you finally want to know how to improve your Domain Authority. There is few factors that affect how your site will be rated:

  • High-quality content is the most important! Make sure your posts are long enough. It’s better to publish one 2000 words article, than three 1000 words. You have to help people to solve their problems. Write naturally, don’t use ChatGPT or other AI to create the content for you. Do the deep research before you start writing, and always check the competition’s content to create better one. If you want to learn how to create a good content, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for you, where you can learn everything step by step.
  • Website loading speed – especially on mobile devices. Usually loading speed on desktop computers is alright, but it’s not on mobile devices. We live in mobile phones’ era, and Google knows that more and more people use their phones’ for the internet. That’s why loading speed on mobile devices takes priority.
  • Mobile friendliness – it’s worth mentioning about that, when we talk about mobile devices. Make sure your page format is good for mobile devices, especially the image’s size in your posts.
  • Link building – does your website have any links from other sites? Are they valuable sites? Everything matters, even the backlinks, I’m going to talk about them later, so bear with me.
  • General SEO – everything related to SEO can affect your website’s DA.
  • Domain’s age – is your website new? Then you cannot expect a high Domain Authority. It is the time to concentrate on building a good content for your website, the frequency of publishing can also affect your DA.

As you can see, there is many factors that affect your page ranking. You have a direct influence on all the above, so let’s talk about the other factors.

Off-page optimisation

What has a huge impact on the ranking of your site are external links to your website, or to specific articles within your domain. The more, the better, as this is how Google sees that your website is valuable. But… I mentioned that Google and other search engines changed their algorithms, that means not every link is valuable.
We call that backlinks. All the external links to your site are backlinks. It is really important to have good quality backlinks, and you should concentrate on getting them after you publish around 30 first articles. Why 30? Some people can say that you can do that earlier, but in my opinion, it’s better to create some content before.

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, backlinks

First of all, it shows that your site already has some content, that’s very helpful if you want to get valuable backlinks. Yes! Valuable! What does it mean? It’s simple. Every website, which has a good Domain Authority, and is ranked high in search engines results, and has links to your website is valuable! You can ask: “how to get good, valuable backlinks?“.


The most people have access to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and more. Use your profile in these portals, and publish there every article from your website. Use the same titles, as they include keywords, what makes easier to find your posts. Social media also work as a search engines.

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, social media seo

Try to find some group that suits your niche and paste links to your articles there. Make sure that the group allows pasting links, you don’t want your work to be perceived as spam. You have also a chance to meet new people and build a relationship with them. That could be helpful for your online business!

Every link to your site left in social media is a backlink! And all the social media have a good Domain Authority and they are ranked well in Google.


If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you know that platform is valuable website for Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Everyone in WA can ask for comments and feedback. How does it work? You are leaving links to your articles or even entire website by asking for comment of feedback. You will find it even in Google Search Console.

Get started wealthy affiliate, my money force

That’s not everything, as Google will see each feedback to your website, and based on that, it’s also able to evaluate your site. That’s very motivating, because feedbacks on Wealthy Affiliate are written by other users.


You can also get good backlinks, using your niche. I’m sure that there is a lot of blogs from your niche. What you need to do is to leave your comment on someone else blog. Remember it must be the same niche! Go to Google and type this phrase: xxx + “leave comment”. Where “xxx” is name of you niche.

For example toys for kids + “leave comment”. And guess what? Google will display high ranked blogs on the first page in search results. These websites have also a good Domain Authority and they will be great to leave the link to your site! I have found this blog:

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank

Now read the article and leave a good comment. Leave your name, email address, and provide address to your website. Click Post comment button, sorted! Now your name will be the anchor text. Everyone who clicks your name goes directly to your website! You have obtained a backlink! One more thing! Not every blog allows to leave your website URL.

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, leave a comment

You need to check which one has a website field where you can enter your website address.
There is another method to use your niche to get good backlinks. Find forum of your niche, register there, and enter your blog address in your details. Every time when you leave a post, address to your website will be shown. That’s another way to obtain backlinks, and Internet forums are usually high quality sites for Google.

You can also build relationships with other users, so you can even ask them to enter the links to your articles in their websites! I think, I don’t have to say again, the more good, valuable backlinks, the better for you!

Let’s talk about your content

Content is the most important! No matter how many backlinks you have, without good content they are useless! And I know, it’s not easy to create good articles, especially if you are beginner. It’s difficult! I realise that some people are busy, and it’s hard for them to focus on writing blog posts.

Think about that. Think ahead. Are you up to the task? You must organise your day to have enough time to create content. It’s time-consuming, I know. But trust me, it will bear fruit in due time, so never give up!

You need to be prepared every time when you want to write something. Check, what keywords are the best. Don’t forget about the competition’s content. You must be a real pro! Analyse someone’s posts, and think what’s missing there. If you’ll find something, you know what to do. Create better content, more informative and helpful, and people will appreciate it!

Don’t concentrate only on Google and SEO! Who will read your posts? Who is your content addressed to? Think about other people who will visit your site and read what you have written. Are they happy? If so, that’s great! You must help them to solve their problems.

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, publish content regularly

It’s important to publish regularly, Google will see that your website is valuable, and after some time it will be visible in search results. Try to publish at least 3 articles per week. And again, the more, the better. But each post must be a high quality text, minimum 1800 words, or more.

After some time you will have more experience and skills, so you will be able to write more articles per week. And remember, never give up! I know it’s not easy, nothing is easy in the beginning, but sooner or later you will achieve your goals, if you will work consistently.


OK, let’s sum it all up. Just building and owning a website is not everything. Many things affect whether your site will be visible to other users at all, and if so, how visible it will be to attract audiences. But what is the most important SEO factor for search rank?

We covered a lot of them today, but your content is that factor. Without good, valuable, informative content, you won’t achieve your goal! Even if Google would put your site on the first place in search results, and your content is poor, you won’t attract any audience.
You have to remember that your write for people, not for Google’s algorithms. All the rest of the factors are just an additional help, but what you write is a core of your online business! However, you can significantly speed up the appearance of your website in search results through appropriate SEO optimisation both inside and outside your website.

The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank, quality first

By regularly publishing quality posts, you will definitely gain an audience and monetisation of your blog will be successful. The fact is, however, that it takes some time.

I hope so that I helped you to understand what’s the most important, if you want to build a good, and lucrative online business, no matter you are beginner or not. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help.

If you have found this article valuable, please share it, so others can see it as well.

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    Your focus on the vital SEO factor for ranking is notable, especially in the context of monetising websites or blogs. The diverse techniques you’ve highlighted for organic search traffic and the various paths for website monetisation, from online stores to affiliate marketing and more, offer readers a comprehensive view.

    The transition from keyword-centric strategies to valuing informative content aligns with the evolving nature of search engine algorithms. It would be interesting to learn how you balance crafting content that resonates with both human audiences and search engine algorithms. Moreover, staying updated with the dynamic SEO landscape can be a challenge. Could you share your strategies for staying informed about the latest SEO trends and updates?

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  4. I find this article on SEO to be incredibly informative and helpful! The way it breaks down the essential factors for improving search engine rankings is really easy to understand. I appreciate the detailed explanations about on-page optimization, keywords, and domain authority. The practical tips and examples provided make it much easier for beginners like me to grasp these concepts. I’m definitely going to apply these strategies to improve my website’s visibility and hopefully achieve better results in search engines. Thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge!

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