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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most chosen ways to make money online. It is not easy, but there is still a chance to make good money and get a passive income, if you work consistently. Especially if you have appropriate tools. MyLead is an Affiliate Network, which gathers ready affiliate programs. Let’s check it out!

About MyLead

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, Patryk Hoffman, My Money Force MyLead (Lead Investments Sp. z o.o.) is a Polish platform founded in Poznań by Patryk Hoffman in 2013. MyLead is a global Affiliate Network, and e-commerce platform for affiliate programs campaigns. The first MyLead website has been created in 2014, and since 2016 we have access to the mobile app for iOS and Android users.

Next year, 2017, MyLead started offering IVR, SMS Chat, and PPI, but in the beginning of 2020 MyLead introduced Content Locker – a tool to monetise websites, blogs, and even mobile apps, which we are going to talk about later. Since 2021 MyLead users receive access to another tool – Hide Link – bot blocking system, very useful in social media.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, languages, mymoneyforce
The company began to develop quite quickly, therefore MyLead expanded its activity to the French, Czech, and German markets. In 2021 MyLead is available in nine languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech, and German.

MyLead has an excellent rating on Trust Pilot:

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, Trust Pilot rating, My Money Force

Actually MyLead works worldwide, and the company declared that they have over 864 000 registered users in the whole world.

Let’s start!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money, you are fully independent, you can work home whenever you want, and if you work consistently, you can make really good money. You don’t have to invest big money in this kind of business, and that makes it very attractive, especially for people who never worked online.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, Join MyLead, My Money Force

MyLead is completely free. You don’t need to pay anything! The platform is for everyone who want to start, even for complete beginners, as MyLead provides training and support, similar to Wealthy Affiliate.

OK, now I’m going to show you how to start. Registration is very easy. Click here to go to the MyLead, and you will see its homepage. Click the button CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. There are few easy ways to open account. Create your personal username, which is your login, provide your email address, and password.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, create free account, mymoneyforce

The next step is to accept the consents below and click the button START FREE REGISTRATION. Alternatively you can register via Google, Facebook or Apple if you are an iOS user. You should receive an email with activation link. Just check your mailbox and click that link.

You will be asked to provide your details to complete registration. You need to select the account type: private or company account. Choose your country, and currency. The are two currencies: American Dollar (USD), or Polish Złoty (PLN). I recommend choosing USD. Make sure that you provide a correct phone number. It is necessary for a money withdrawal.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, registration, mymoneyforce

Once it’s done, MyLead will welcome you “in the Family”. All you need to do is to enter the amount, how much did you earn with other networks, and press ENTER button in the bottom.

Congratulations! You have opened your MyLead account!

First steps to success

Registration process is very easy and simple, but MyLead provides plenty of tools, training and other helpful information. That’s why you need to know, how to navigate. Let’s have a look. Once your account is opened, you can check the messages. There is a message from MyLead team, welcoming you. You’ll find links to the Vademecum, which I recommend to read.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, registration, message, mymoneyforce

You’ll find a link to the video tutorials, and group on Discord as well. You can also contact your mentor, any time when you need a help.

Dashboard is very simple and clear. There is information about your earnings and periods when you have earned money, for example last 7 days, 30 days, etc. I also recommend downloading a mobile app, no matter that you are iOS or Android user.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, traffic sources, mymoneyforce

Main menu includes many options. Your first and the most important step is to add a traffic source. Go to the main menu and click Traffic Sources to add one. In the next screen you’ll see the information, why you must have a traffic source. Click the grey button Add a traffic source.
Now you have to choose what kind of traffic source you want to add. If you have your own website or blog, choose Page or Blog. Other kinds of traffic sources are following:

  • Forum
  • Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Mailing database
  • Mobile application
  • PPC/Paid traffic
  • Network
  • Other

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, kinds of traffic sources, mymoneyforce

If you don’t have your own website or blog or other traffic source, you can add for example your Facebook, or other social media profile. Without traffic source you can start earning money. It’s good to have few traffic sources, as some campaign providers require different traffic sources.

You need to provide additional information about your traffic source, if it’s a blog, provide its URL address, category, and tick that it’s 18+ content or not. Then press Add additional information button. You have to specify the target group, for example age, gender, country, etc, and write a description. Once it’s done press the Add button. Sorted!

Making money

When your traffic source is ready and accepted, it’s time to start making money, and I’m going to show you how to do that. MyLead is an Affiliate Network, that means it gives you access to plenty of products, apps, and services you can promote. There is a lot of categories that you can choose. Click the Main Menu, then Campaigns, and List of Campaigns.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, list of campaigns menu, mymoneyforce

As you can see, the first products are shown. Each product is assigned to a specific market, for example Polish market (PL), British (UK), or American (US). It makes it easier, if you are targeting the niche in a specific country. Some products are available for more then one market, and they are shown separately. Sometimes the commission is different in that case.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, list of campaigns, mymoneyforce

Create also use the Filters to find the product you want to promote. Simply click Filters, and chose the category you want. You can choose a country as well. For example if you want to promote something in England, choose United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland. Remember that you can choose more then one country.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, list of campaigns, mymoneyforce

OK, I have chosen UK and USA, and the category House and Garden, and subcategory Home decoration. As you surely noticed, there is a lot of filters, such as:

  • Type
  • Status
  • Additional features
  • Device type
  • Traffic type
  • Conversion type

It is to help you to specify the best product that you want to promote. Every campaign is different, remember that. Below you can see my results of products and online stores with the commission I’ll get paid:

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, list of campaigns, mymoneyforce

I’m interested in Anglian Home, which is available on the British market. They pay $29.87 commission. But if you click the Details button on the right, you’ll see that you need to contact support to apply for this affiliate program. In this case I need to send an email.

Let’s have a look at another one. Joyfy is available in USA and pays 9% commission for sale. I don’t have to contact support to promote this store, so I just click Promote button on the right. On the next page you need to click the big, red button URL address, choose your traffic source and put the description, how do you want to promote this store.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, affiliate program, mymoneyforce

Once everything is done, click the button I have read the terms of program. You have to wait for accepting your application, and once it’s accepted, you’ll receive your personal affiliate link.

Slide down in your affiliate program configuration, copy that link and paste it in your social media profile, YouTube channel, website or blog. Simple as that!

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, payment method, mymoneyforce

Withdrawal the money is very easy. In Main Menu choose Withdrawals, and method of payment. Create get paid directly to your bank account or internet wallet, like PayPal. Create even get paid in Bitcoin!

Useful tools

That was the basic method of promotion, and in effect, making money. But MyLead offers a lot of tools to make the process easier. Obviously it depends on which campaign, product, or store you like to promote.

PPI – Pay Per Install choose this if you want to promote mobile app or software. It could be for example a game, or even website with films etc.

Hide Link – do you want to promote something on social media, like Facebook? Do you know that they usually block affiliate links? Don’t worry! MyLead has a tool, that will help you to avoid Facebook and other platforms ban! This tool is Hide Link.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, hide link, mymoneyforce

Postback API – this tool will help you to take control of your campaign and profit. You’ll also get full and detailed information about new leads (people who clicked your link and took an action).

Content Locker is a great tool for those who have their own website or blog. If you like writing a blog posts, good valuable content, like some courses, tutorials, training and whatever, what is helpful for people, you can monetise it. Content Locker gives access to the specific posts or pages only when someone will pay you.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, content locker, mymoneyforce

And that’s a fantastic thing, as you can make money not only by promoting someone’s else products and services, but by selling your own stuff! And that’s a real business! You need to have a good idea, plan, find what people are looking for and sell it to them, without any investment!

Offers Page – do you promote many products, stores, or services? Do you know that you can gather all of them in one link? Yes! Now you can! Thanks to the Offers Page it is possible to promote much stuff in one place!

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, offers page, mymoneyforce

Surveys – if you want to increase your balance within MyLead, there are paid surveys, that the platform offers. Each survey has its rating, what will help you to decide which one to choose. You’ll get paid immediately when the survey is complete.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, paid surveys, mymoneyforce

Community – as befits a good and professional platform, MyLead has a community as well. You’ll find Forum, Blog, and Discord group, where you can ask or answer questions, and even sell or buy something. If you need a quick support, click the green chat button and type your question. Create also get assistance with acceptance the affiliate program if something went wrong.

Affiliate program – MyLead has its own affiliate program. The platform is 100% free so it’s easy to promote it. Let your friend make money as well and you’ll get 5% commission from their earnings! Click Main Menu button and choose Profile, Referrals and click Send an invitation to our site button. Slide down and you’ll find your personal affiliate link!

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, referral program, mymoneyforce

All of these tools are really great and very helpful! Make sure that you use them to increase your earnings!

Education first!

I think that you will agree with me that there is no chance for a success, even with the best tools, if you don’t know how to use them. That’s why MyLead offers tutorials, training and classes.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, tutorials menu, mymoneyforce

In the bottom of the homepage you’ll find Tutorials. Click that link to open the tutorials page, where you’ll find training. MyLead Blog includes a huge compendium of knowledge with plenty of categories. I know, it will take a time to red everything, but trust me, you will learn a lot. People from MyLead are making money online for years and they know how to help you.

Once you registered, you can read the Vademecum, the basic knowledge for everyone who wants to make money online. You’ll find a dictionary of most commonly used concepts, make sure you’ll learn them, it will help you to understand what the next training are about.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, tutorials vademecum, mymoneyforce

MyLead also provides classes on YouTube in many languages, so even if Polish or English is not your first language, you’ll find the appropriate class for yourself, that you can fully understand. Remember, if you have any questions, you can always ask your mentor, support, or post it in the Forum. People learn from each other, and that’s also a good method of getting the knowledge.

I like that every tool, campaign and topic is described with details. MyLead made sure that everyone, even complete beginner, could learn and understand everything! What should be corrected? The first thing is that the Tutorial section is hidden in the bottom of the homepage, so some people may have a problem to find it.

The next thing is, that even if you find the Tutorials section, you’ll need to look after the class you are interested in. It’s a little bit chaotic, and I thing that the layout should be definitely correct. For example Wealthy Affiliate has a very clear Training section, and it’s very easy to navigate it, and we cannot say that about MyLead.

However, the quality and value of the training are perfect in both platforms.

Good strategy is the key to the success

Some people may ask: “Which platform is better? Wealthy Affiliate or MyLead?” We cannot compare them, as MyLead is typical Affiliate Network, something like Commission Junction, and Wealthy Affiliate is concentrated on training and providing tools to build your own website.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, making money scheme, my money force

Both platforms are valuable, both of them are providing good quality tools and tutorials, and both of them have a great community. I can say that they complement each other. That’s why I recommend using both platforms. Some tools like Content Locker, or Hide Link are not available in Wealthy Affiliate.

But Wealthy Affiliate offers a great Content Creator, Jaaxy, WordPress and many more that are not available in MyLead. If you’ll combine both platforms, I’m sure that will increase your earnings!

Final thoughts

MyLead is another example of a great platform, which was founded as a little company, and has strongly developed in recent years. What’s important, MyLead is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to have access to valuable training and tutorials, and great tools. That makes the process of earning nice and easy.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, free platform, my money force

MyLead is available in nine languages. All of them are European languages, including English. Maybe in the future we will have more languages, however there is not many platforms available in so many languages. Everyone who joined MyLead has access to plenty of affiliate programs from the whole world.
Registration process is quick and easy, compared to another Affiliate Networks like CJ or ClickBank. I’m sure that nobody will have any problems with that. However, you have to remember to provide you correct mobile phone number, as it’s necessary to withdraw your money.

Withdrawal process is very easy, and you can get paid in few different ways, including bank account, internet wallets and even Bitcoin, which is the best currency in the world.

Check out Bitcoin Investment Strategy to learn more.

It’s worth to read the MyLead Bog, where is many interesting articles, training and tutorials, where you can learn a lot. There are video training as well, in many languages. Forum is good place where you can find answers for many questions people ask. Support works perfectly, no matter is inside MyLead (green chat button), Forum, or Discord group.

In my personal opinion the layout of the MyLead website should be corrected. The platform is really good and professional, but sometimes I had a feeling that I can’t find something, that I read before. It should be clear and easy to navigate. Mobile app looks much better, but it doesn’t include tutorials and many other options, for example to get you affiliate link, you need to open MyLead in your browser.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, free platform, join MyLead, my money force

However, I can highly recommend MyLead, it’s a great platform, even for complete beginners, who can learn how to make money online without spending even a single penny!

My final rating is 9/10

If you have any questions about MyLead, please let me know in the comment below, or contact me personally via email:

If you are interested to join MyLead, click the link now:

==> Join MyLead Now And Start Making Money Online <==

If you like this MyLead Affiliate Network review, please share it in the social media, so the people can learn how to make money online as well.

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14 Replies to “MyLead Affiliate Network – Review”

  1. Hi Blazej,

    I suffer from insomnia and I read your website at 2.30 am so it was not easy reading. However, it had a few points that caught my attention. ie. “can make money and free training”. So I bookmarked your site for future reference.

    There is nothing that makes your offer stand out from 1001 other offers online at the moment. Where’s your ‘social proof”. You need testimonials from happy customers that use your product and details of how their income has increased. That’s all I can say to try and help you.

    Cheers John

    • Hi John and thanks a lot for your comment. There are proofs on MyLead website. I’m not selling anything, this is just a review, so I don’t see the point of putting payment proofs here. However, MyLead is completely free, so everyone can join it and try, it doesn’t cost anything.
      Kind regards,

  2. I have not heard about the affiliate network MyLead before, so it was an interesting review on this platform. I am a member of Commission Junction, Amazon, Rakuten and also Wealthy Affiliate, but to be able to sign up with another affiliate network. would be very helpful.

    I am worried though that you say during registration with MyLead, all you need to do is to enter the amount, how much did you earn with other networks, and then press the ENTER button. So does that mean one has to declare what you earned with other affiliate platforms before you get accepted?

    I’d appreciate if you can please clarify. Thank you. 

    • Hi Line! Thanks for your comment! Don’t worry about that. It’s just to specify how advanced you are, and what’s your experience in affiliate marketing. And that’s good, as you don’t have to provide plenty of details to join the network. Feel free if you have any questions.

  3. I got excited about My lead affiliate when I saw the steady increase in the website and the number of tools they now make available for their members. As an affiliate marketer, trust is one of those things I want. And steady growth in the company’s activities is one of those pointers to a trustworthy company. I will signup to see how things play here.

    • Hi Parameter! Yes, I agree that trust is important, and we can clearly see that if the company develops well, we can trust it. Let me know if you have any questions.
      Kind regards,

  4. Thanks for the informative review of MyLead Affiliate Network. I’ve been looking for a way to get started with affiliate marketing, and MyLead seems like a great option.

    I like that MyLead is free to join, and that it offers a variety of tools and training to help beginners get started. I also like that MyLead has a good reputation on Trust Pilot.

    I’m interested in the Content Locker tool, which you mentioned. It sounds like a great way to monetize my website or blog.

    • Good evening! MyLead is completely free, you can use it all the time and have an access to everything you need. I’m interested in Content Locker as well. Seems like it’s great tool.
      MyLead is Polish Affiliate Network and has a great reputation in Poland, where every affiliate marketer heard about MyLead. I think it’s really worth to try.
      All The Best For You!

  5. It’s impressive to see how the platform has grown since its inception in 2013, The fact that it’s completely free to join and offers a range of valuable tools and training is very appealing. 

    I noticed you mentioned that the platform offers various tools like PPI, Hide Link, Content Locker, Offers Page, and more. These seem like great assets for affiliate marketers to increase their earnings and reach a wider audience. Do you have any personal experience with these tools, and if so, which one has been the most effective for you in monetizing your online presence?

    Overall, your review has piqued my interest in MyLead. 

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

    • Hi Miadinh! Im glad that you like my review! What about the tools provided by MyLead? It depends on what kind of promotion you want. In my opinion Content Locker and Offers Page are great. Offers Page is typical for Affiliate marketers, but if you want to monetise your own content, choose Content Locker.
      Kind regards!

  6. Hi, thank you for this article. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money, and it’s an easy way for you to work from home. You can make good money if you work consistently, and it’s the best method to simplify the process. However, the success depends on the company, product, or store you choose to promote. Having a reliable platform with quick support is beneficial. Just click the chat button and type your question. This platform is a great example of a free and robust platform that has experienced significant development in recent years. Currently, it is available in nine languages. and it would be even better if more languages are added in the future.

    • Hi Liam! It’s great to hear again from you! I agree that working consistently it’s the most important. You can have the best tools, but you won’t make money without hard work, especially in the beginning.

  7. Competition is becoming the name for online businesses, but then a business with good elements always prevail. I believe I came across MyLead while checking available affiliation networks and MyLead seems to be a trusted link. I particularly loved the paid survey availability. Thank you for the instructions and all the useful information.

    • Hi Jeeda! The paid surveys are very good idea. You can always make extra money. Thanks for your comment!
      Kind regards,

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