Beware Of Scams! They are everywhere

Today I want to talk about our safety in the Internet. How to recognise who is who and avoid the situation where you can loose your money? Let’s talk about scams and I’ll try to answer that questions…

What scam is?

Scam alertI’m sure that you heard about scams before. We talk about scam when someone is trying to get your personal details or/and money by impersonating someone else and offering an attractive offer or earnings in the internet. This is the online scam meaning.

There are not only the online scams obviously, but we are going to focus on the online ones.

My personal experience

I remember when I was starting with the Bitcoin I’ve became a victim of the scam. I lost only $100, but it was a lot of money for me that time. I had no experience with trading and was looking for a good method to make money quickly.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. I concentrated on a “magic method” more then education and getting experience. Finally after searching in the internet I found accidentally one guy who was offering a help with a quick making money online. It was on Telegram.

That man said that he can help me as well and I won’t have to work anymore but I must invest some money. The minimum was $100 and after paying it in I saw that my money is growing up!

They had a special website looking like a normal crypto platform. They prepared it for people like me to steal the money! After 24 hours my balance was almost $700 and I tried to withdraw it. And guess what! That guy said that another person will contact me on Telegram.

I had received a message from “Mr Robert” who introduced himself as a “expert trader” and said that I have to pay another $100 dollars to withdraw my money! Unbelievable! I realised that I became a victim of a scammer and obviously lost my money.

That “Mr Robert” said that it was some problem and to fix it I must pay more money. Yeah, right…

Imagine how many people believe in that and loose much more then I lost? It’s plenty of them!

Fake payment proofs


I had another experience with scam when I joined one of the Facebook groups about making money online. Someone published the post that he can help to make money and promised a fortune. But I was not so stupid as before!

That person put the link to the Telegram group “Investments in Bitcoin Options” where I joined to do my own research. I’m originally from Poland and that group was in my native Polish language.

The thing is that everything looked like translated in Google and there was a lot of people that don’t look Polish, they had an old names that no one is using today and when I started conversation with them they were doing a huge language mistakes.

I don’t know who believed them, but they published a pictures with payment proofs. For example one of them showed that he “made” $40000 in 24 hours! I think it was a photoshop to make you trust them!

No one can earn such a money in 24 hours investing just $100!! That’s impossible! You have to be careful if you’ll join a similar group and they will show you how they changed their life.

My recommendation: get out of it as soon as possible!

Avoid the Scam!

I described two examples of the scams that I have personally experienced. As you can see their method is to offer something nice to you and then you’ll probably loose your money.

There is another thing that they are hunting for. Your personal details, that means:

  • Name, surname, date and place of birth 
  • Bank details 
  • Address 
  • Phone number
  • Documents details
  • email address

You have to be careful where you put your details. Never give it to someone if you are not sure who the receiver is.

Scam detector

There are few places where you can check the company or website that is legit or a scam. For example one them is Scam Detector where you can do your researches.

Remember that your details are worth more then your money. If the thief will get it then for example you can loose access to your bank account and get into a trouble.

Scammer faceLast time dating scam is very popular. It’s plenty of fake dating websites where you have to provide your name and bank or debit card details and be charged for every single move like sending a message. You think that you talk to nice girl but there is another man! I know it’s disgusting but unfortunately they do that!

Use only legit services. If you trade bitcoins avoid unknown websites like for example CryptoFinex which I have described in this article. Use Binance, ByBit, etc instead.

You can check any company, website or service at Trust Pilot. It works worldwide and people write their reviews.

Action Fraud

If you are a victim of scam already you should report it immediately! If you live in UK then Action Fraud is the best place where you can report it and check the progress of the case. If you live in another country you can check in Google typing for example Action Fraud USA if live in US or call the police.


Safety is the most important thing! Internet has changed. It offers a lot of opportunities but unfortunately there is a plenty of traps as well. That’s why we have to be careful what we do as it’s really very easy to loose the money and personal or bank details.

I just want to share it with you. I was a victim of scam and anyway I was lucky that the only one thing I lost was $100. Many people lost much more than me. I want to warn others about the danger.

But let’s answer the question: Why are so many people being deceived? It’s because they want to have more money and to get it quickly. What the global system offers is working shifts and live from payday to payday.

Everyone is looking for an extra cash, thieves and honest people. That is the reason. But it’s better to stay honest and work hard to achieve the goals. That’s why I want to show the honest ways to earn more money and who knows, maybe in the future to be 100% independent from the system. I wish that to all of you.

Every app or website described in my articles are tested by me personally. If you have any suggestions or just want to ask anything, please fell free to put your comment below!

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  1. One thing I have learnt as an internet marketer is to avoid a shining object. Avoid schemes that look too good to be true. They appear as if they will turn your fortune around over night. I have learnt to identify and avoid such schemes, that way I have avoided scams. It is painful when you lose your money to schemes that are not true. But you can avoid it by carefully selecting products and reading reviews.

    • Exactly! They want to show that you can make “millions” quickly but in effect you’ll loose your money! Unfortunately there is more and more schemes like that.
      Kind Regards,

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