When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event?

Have you ever heard about Halving, and do you know why it’s so important? Does it bring us a chance to make good money or isn’t it worth of your attention? It happens every four years. So, when is the next Bitcoin Halving event? You will find it in this article!

A few words about Halving

Not everyone who is involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies heard about Halving. And to be honest, I was that person some time ago. When I first time heard the word “halving” I didn’t care about it. I was concentrating on trading and holding Bitcoin. But Halving has a great influence on your trading/holding results.

This event happens every four years and it is very important. As you surely know, you can get Bitcoin in two ways:

  1. Buying – I think I don’t need to explain what it is
  2. Mining – Bitcoin mining through various processes on the blockchain network, usually involves solving very complicated mathematical calculations. This requires an appropriate device, the so-called cryptocurrency miner, which works automatically, but consumes a lot of electricity.

You can mine Bitcoin using your desktop computer or laptop as well, but you need really good hardware with a strong graphics card. There is also possibility to do it on your mobile phone, using special app, so-called cloud miner. But in both cases you receive less money then by using crypto miner as a separate device.

Alright, but why am I talking about that? Well, you need to know that if you want to understand what the Halving is. Every four years, the miners get rewarded for their work in bitcoins. Every time the reward is given, the number of bitcoins the miners get is halved. That’s why it’s called Halving. All bitcoins mined by miners go to the network and can then be purchased.

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Bitcoin halved

You can say that it’s not fair that the miners rewards get halved every four years, but let’s take a closer look at the whole process.

Since the Bitcoin was discovered, it was 21 million Bitcoins that could be mined. That means the number of the digital coin is limited. It cannot be more than 21 millions BTC. If every four years, when the prizes are awarded and the bitcoins go into the network, the same amount would go there, then they could quickly run out and their price could fall.

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? History chart

This, in turn, would result in less interest from investors, i.e. investments in Bitcoin would be unprofitable. And look what happens now. Every four years, the amount of BTC that goes into the network is halved. It means the supply is down. In the market, this means that there is an increase in demand, which causes prices to rise.

Less product availability always means a higher price. Just like with gold. I hope this is understandable, because in the case of investments, this is extremely important!

When is the next Bitcoin Halving event?

Alright. We’ve just explained what the Bitcoin Halving is. Now it is important to choose the right strategy to earn money. In early 2020, 12.5 new bitcoins were added to the network every 10 minutes through mining. In May 2020 we had the last Halving, as a result of which, the number of BTC added to the network decreased to 6.25 BTC every 10 minutes.

And now take a look at the chart presenting the Bitcoin’s price that time:

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Chart

The red arrow points the last BTC Halving in May 2020, and the amber arrow shows the Bitcoin’s price after Halving. It was C-19 pandemic time, where many people were looking for an extra income. And the Halving caused the BTC price to rise. Of course, not overnight, in January 2021 BTC reached around $50 000 from $10 000 in the moment of Halving.

The next BTC Halving is on 25 April 2024!

(As Coinwarz.com says)

On that day, Bitcoin mining will drop from 6.25 BTC to around 3.125 BTC every 10 minutes. We expect that its price will grow up, as there will be smaller amount of the coin available. So, as the law of the market tells us: if there is less of something and it is less available, the price increases because the demand automatically goes up!

Our strategy for now is to buy as much BTC as we can, especially now, when its price dropped down and it’s cheap. Do NOT concentrate on short-term trading. If you really want to, allocate funds for this separately, but I highly recommend thinking long-term, watch the price every day, buy when it’s cheap and hold it.

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Future Bitcoin price in 2025

Many analysts say that Bitcoin will be worth around $100 000 in the end of this year, but I think it will happen after Halving next year. We will see.

We have a crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and therefore the costs of living is higher and higher. Oil and gas is more expensive, and that’s why we pay more for everything. Even food in your local store. Someone must deliver it, and if the fuel is more expensive, the price of everything else is going up!

That’s why people will be looking for extra money, the same as during C-19 pandemic. It is a great chance in the front of us to make good money! Make sure you will not waste it!

Why is it worth to invest in Bitcoin?

I know what you can say: “why are you talking about Bitcoin, if many people lost their money?“. Yes, unfortunately that’s true. But we have to ask first: “why these people lost their money?“. The answer is very simple: “they were not prepared, and educated enough to start investing in Bitcoin“. And that’s why I’m trying to explain everything step by step.

I’m want you to make money! Based on my own experience I’m showing you how, and when to enter the market, as it is not a game. It’s real money and there is always a risk. Proper risk assessment is crucial and that’s why I prepared the tutorial How To Trade Online Stocks.

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Risk assessment

You will learn what is fundamental and technical analysis and how to use it. I recommend you to read that tutorial if you are a beginner.

There is still many people who make a lot of money with Bitcoin. But the income is not the only one benefit of investing in Bitcoin. Thy is why it is worth to buy or/and hold the best currency in the world:

  1. Freedom – in my opinion it’s the most important. You can use Bitcoin as normal currency, you can buy stuff with it even in your local store, I’ll tell you later how to do it. The government has no access to your assets, it makes your transactions fully anonymous! It’s also a great alternative for the CBDC – digital form of your government’s currency, which will be fully tracked by politicians and tax officers.
  2. High availability – it’s very easy to invest in cryptocurrencies. What you need to do is to register on one of the crypto platforms, like Binance or ByBit, and that’s it! You can easily buy, sell, trade, and hold Bitcoin.
  3. High rates of return in a relatively short time – fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market are much higher than in other markets. Thanks to this, we have a chance to earn more money in a shorter time than, for example, trading stocks.
  4. Independence from central bank influence – legal regulations from central banks and other financial institutions do not apply to cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. This is one of the reasons why it is resistant to inflation.
  5. High market capitalization – Bitcoin is the first, most common and well-known cryptocurrency, which gives it much greater stability than other digital assets.

I’m sure that we can find more advantages of investing in Bitcoin, I just want to show you the most important ones. Is there a risk? Yes! There is always a risk, no matter what you are investing in. However, people make money by investing, and Bitcoin is not only a digital asset. It’s real money!

You can go to your local store and buy any goods with Bitcoin using a crypto debit card. If you want to get one, check out my article I’ve Got My ByBit Crypto Card, where I show step by step how you can apply for it.

Where to buy or invest in Bitcoin?

As the Bitcoin Halving is coming soon in 2024, it’s worth to buy some Bitcoin now, especially when it’s price went down. It makes a great chance in the front of you to multiply your own money! Today’s BTC price is $25 895. If the Bitcoin’s price will rise after the Halving, we can expect that Bitcoin will be worth even more than $60 000!

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Today’s Bitcoin price

That means you’ll get few times more than the amount you will invest in BTC!

But, did you know that you can get some Bitcoins for free? Yes! You can! What you need to do is to register on one of the biggest crypto platforms, which is ByBit. ByBit offers the best bonuses for new users. Even up to $30 000! Your first step is to click this link:

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This is my link. If you’ll register directly on ByBit website you will NOT get any bonus! That’s why I recommend using my link for registration. Once your account is open click the Rewards Hub in the main menu and simple complete the tasks.

If you need a help, please check out my review Earn Bitcoin Now! ByBit Exchange Review, where I show how to claim your bonus.

You can use this platform in many different ways. For example, you can buy Bitcoin, trade it, hold it in ByBit Earn section. If you hold BTC, you can earn interest rate every single day! You make money even while you sleep! Sounds good, isn’t it? Why not to copy experienced users tactics to make money?

Bybit bonus, when is the next Bitcoin halving event

Copy-Trading lets you to follow other users, who make money on ByBit all the time! If you are busy you can set up the ByBit bot which makes money for you automatically! It buys when BTC is cheap, and sells when the price is high!

Another platform where you can earn Bitcoin without investment is Stormgain, but you will not get as huge bonus there as on ByBit. However, money is money, and every single dollar for you means profit! Stormgain is a cloud miner combined with the trading platform. You can check how to use it here.

Final thoughts

The Bitcoin Halving is one of the most important events that a lot of people is waiting for. It happens every four years, and the next one is on 25 April 2024. Remember that day! In the history of Bitcoin, the price was always rising after every Halving. That’s why many people is going to buy BTC now.

I highly recommend gathering as much BTC as you can, as when its price will rise it will be too late, and you’ll regret not having prepared properly. Watch the price every day, and buy when it’s cheap. For example, good time to invest is literally right now!

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event? Time to invest

I’ve notice that a lot of people make the same mistake. They buy when the price is high and they are loosing their money! If you want to buy a car, and you have a choice between $7000 and $15 000 for the same car, which one are you going to choose? I think that would definitely the cheaper one for $7000. The same is with investing in Bitcoin!

Nothing complicated! Especially when you have a chance to get fantastic bonuses on ByBit! That means you don’t spend your own money! If you want to hold Bitcoin, thanks to Halving, you are sure that it’s inflation resistant! It’s because the number of Bitcoins is limited, and every four years less and less Bitcoins are mined.

Similar to the precious metals. That’s why we call Bitcoin the virtual gold.

Let me know in the comment below if you have any questions, and please share that article, so others can find a chance to make extra money!



4 Replies to “When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event?”

  1. This blog post is very informative and enlightening for me. I am not an expert on Bitcoin, but I know something about trading and mining cryptocurrencies. However, I was completely unaware of this Halving event that happens every four years. It is very interesting and intriguing to learn how it affects the supply and demand of Bitcoin, and how it impacts the price, profitability, and security of the network.

    I appreciate the clear and simple explanation of this complex process and the graphs and examples that illustrate it. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  2. I never knew there is a reward system for miners every four years. Although I am one of those who is always careful about investing cash outside the commercial bank. But I know there is something unique about bitcoin. As such I have always enquired and invested little cash in BTC. I have gone through your review of Bybit. It appears like a platform I can trust, I will give it a trial.

  3. Your article on ‘When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving Event?’ is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the world of cryptocurrency. It provides clear and concise information about a crucial event in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The well-researched content and informative explanations make it easy for readers to understand the significance of the halving event and its potential impact on the market. Thanks for shedding light on this important topic!

  4. Very interesting to know that the next Bitcoin halving will occur in April 2024. It’s a shame that I sold my Bitcoin; I’ll buy a little bit again just to be prepared for my next Bitcoin rise. I’ve also been interested in Bitcoin mining but I heard that it was extremely unethical and anti-environmental because it costed lots of electricity. If I can be paid in Bitcoins every time I mine, that would be super interesting!

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