How to get free money now online apps

Today we are going to concentrate on a different methods of making money online. The most of them will let you earn a quick but not big amounts and I want to show you which apps are good and tested by me personally.

Yes, you also can make money without any investments and what I’m going to do is show your how you can also make money even right now!


Honeygain moneyforce

It’s the easiest way to earn free money on the internet. All you need to do is keep the app open and watch how your money is growing up!

Honeygain pays for sharing the internet connection. Don’t worry, your won’t loose your data 🙂 You can use the Honeygain app on any device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer and you can log in to your account on two devices what let you earn money faster!

The great thing is that Honeygain has prepared a rewards for active users.

Ok, now I’ll tell you how it works. There are a credits you earn in the Honeygain, 1000 credits is $1. You’ll simply get more credits when you’ll keep the app running all the time, even when your are sleeping! If you are using Honeygain actively then
every day you can open the “Lucky Pot” which gives you a free credits!

Lucky pot moneyforceHow much will you get by opening the “Lucky Pot”? It depends how much do you earn. More money you earn – more money in rewards you’ll get!

It’s better to use the app on the computer as it simply shares more datas then mobile phone and that means your earnings will be higher. But if you’ll decide to use it on your mobile phone then it depends what mobile phone do your have.

  • Android – it’s the best option if you are an active user of your mobile phone. If you are watching videos, talking by WhatsApp, Messenger, browsing the internet websites etc then just keep the Honeygain running in the background
  • IOS – Honeygain is also available for iPhone users, but it works differently. It must NOT be running in the background. So if you are an iPhone user, like me, just keep it open and press the “Power saving mode” when you are not using your phone for example while you are sleeping.

Honeygain is 100% legit and free app. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to use it.

Honeygain desktop mymoneyforce

How to withdraw your money?

It’s very simple. To withdraw your money you must have minimum $20 earned. You have two ways how to get paid from the Honeygain.

  1. Bitcoin which I recommend as there is no fee and it’s the best currency in the world. Its value I growing up when the government currencies are going down. Honeygain is good option to get a free Bitcoins. To withdraw your money you need to copy and paste your wallet address. If your don’t have one your can quickly open it in one of the best and safest apps in the world which is BINANCE
  2. PayPal – if you’ll decide to get pay by traditional way, that means with the government currency then you can use the PayPal quick transfer. You need just your email address which is registered to your PayPal account and that’s it! But this way requires a little fee, so if you want to withdraw $20 you’ll get a little bet less.

As you can see, the Honeygain is an awesome app where you’ll get your money online for 100% free. It has an excellent review on Trust Pilot that means it’s safe to use!

Get the app and start to make money right now!

Download Honeygain mymoneyforce

As soon as you will take an action then you’ll get your first money! But it’s not everything. You can get a $5 BONUS that will be added to your balance if you’ll register now! Get the Honeygain NOW and you’ll need to earn just $15 dollars to withdraw $20!

Honeygain also has an affiliate program which help you to earn even more money! Just send your affiliate link to your friends and tell them about this app and you’ll get better results!


I wrote a separate article about this app but I want to remind your how does it work. Stormgain has a cloud miner which will help you to get Bitcoins. Simply said it’s a free bitcoin generator.

Stormgain cloud miner mymoneyforceAll you need to do is to click the button every 4 hours and acne you’ll reach $10 your can withdraw it to the wallet in the app. You can use that Bitcoins for trading to get more.

When the price is low then just buy, when the price is high then sell. Easy method. You can withdraw $55 to your BINANCE account and then you can do with it whatever you want.

This free money making site has a great reviews on Trust Pilot, that means people have tested it and they are happy. It’s legit, save and you don’t have to invest anything to start making money.

Referral program

Stormgain also has its own referral program that will help you to make more money. You’ll get 15% for each of your referrals earnings what is really good!

Your referral will get a $3 BONUS which will be added to his balance in cloud miner.

How to start?

Stormgain start to make money online

To start earning free money with the Stormgain just click here to download and register.


CryptoTab browser mymoneyforce
CryptoTab works similar to Honeygain and Stormgain. It’s using your internet connection and mining the Bitcoins from the cloud. It’s a internet browser with the function of cloud mining which let your to earn free bitcoins every hour you spend on the internet!

How does it work?

If your are regularly browsing the internet then this app is for you. You’ll forget about the Chrome or Firefox. The same as Honeygain it brings the best results when you are using it on your computer or laptop as the data transfer is much higher then on your mobile phone.

CryptoTab dashboard mymoneyforce

You can watch videos on YouTube, read the news, interesting articles or just doing your researches on Google and make money in the same time!

How to withdraw your money?

You’ll need to reach 0.00001 BTC what is $0.23 to withdraw. That’s the minimum. Of course it’s better to wait and withdraw more then some peanuts. To withdraw your need to copy and paste your crypto wallet address. The same as on Honeygain. On the screenshots below I just want to present you how does it look on the mobile phone but I highly recommend to use it on the computer as you can make money much much faster then on the mobile device especially phone.

You just need to press the WITHDRAW BTC button and provide your wallet address. I my case a want to show you what’s the minimum amount to withdraw.


Affiliate program

The same as apps above CryptoTab has its own affiliate program which will help your to increase your earnings. There is your affiliate link which your need to copy and send to your friends and your’ll get much more money!

Your friends also will be happy!

How to start making money?

CryptoTab money banner mymoneyforce

You just need to download and launch the CryptoTab app. Click here  or the banner above to download the CryptoTab and start to earn right now!


Coinbase Bitcoins mymoneyforce

Coinbase  is a cryptocurrencies exchange place, where your can buy, sell, transfer or trade not only the Bitcoin but plenty of cryptocurrencies. It has 43 millions of users and $90 billions in assets that means it’s a safe place tested by people.

How to make money on Coinbase?

Coinbase offers a Learning rewards where your can earn money in several cryptocurrencies after your’ll ask the questions.

Coinbase learning rewards mymoneyforce

In the main menu click the Learning rewards and choose the one of the lessons your want. You’ll see the slides where they teach your about cryptocurrencies. You learn and earn.

Don’t worry if your answer is wrong. You can repeat the lesson as many time as your need to answer correctly. On the screenshot below I’ve earned $4 in GRT currency and $3 in AMP currency.

Coinbase earnings mymoneyforce

I recommend to finish all the lessons to earn more money. It’s really easy way to make money online!

When your’ve finished all the lessons it’s up to your what your are going to do with your money. It’s good to convert them into one currency, for example Bitcoin as it’s the best in the world or into USDT and trade it to make more money!

How to withdraw your money?

It’s very easy as your can withdraw your money from Coinbase directly to your bank account. You can also deposit money from your bank directly. What your have to do is to verify your identity. It’s because the Coinbase is a financial institution and the same as in your local bank your need to show your ID when your open a bank account, here your need to upload the picture of your ID.

Verification process is very short. You should verify quickly after your ID is uploaded.

Coinbase banner mymoneyforce

You can start to test it and make your own opinion just by clicking here

What is the best way to earn money?

Which way? Mymoneyforce

All the apps above are helpful to make free money online. All of them are 100% free. Registration takes literally few minutes and they are ready to go!

But these apps won’t make your millionaire. To make a really good money almost always your need to invest something, money or time and as your know time is money 🙂 There is no free making money site that will make your a millionaire in the short time! Remember that as there is a lot of scum in the internet.

You’ll ask then, which of these apps is the best and which one should I use? My answer is: all of them!

If your’ll start using all of them your will get much more money then just concentrating on one of them. Especially when they are easy to use and your don’t need to have a big knowledge about the economy and business.

Think about that and let me know what’s your opinion or maybe your know about more free making money apps?

If your have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.

Till the next article!

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  1. I’d like to express my gratitude for this insightful and detailed post on how to acquire free money via web apps. This is actually a really significant post. I am familiar with honeygain and cryptotab, which are included on your list. I have read praise for them in several places. I will most certainly give these a shot. Keep publishing like this. I most certainly will share this.

    • Thank you very much for your opinion! Yes this website will describe the methods, apps and companies where people can make money online. I want to describe also another platforms for more advanced users where they can invest their money or trade. So… bear with me 🙂

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