How To Upgrade Wealthy Affiliate Membership Without Money?

Many people are asking how to upgrade Wealthy Affiliate membership without the money? Is it really possible? Yes and no! I know that a lot of people are struggling with the money, but I’m going to show you how to do that even if you are broke. Let’s start!

Starter membership is FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic platform for everyone who would like to start online business, earn extra income, or achieve financial freedom! Yes, it is possible! If you don’t know what the Wealthy Affiliate is, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review where you can find more information about the platform.

How to upgrade Wealthy affiliate membership without money, premium

How to upgrade Wealthy affiliate membership without money, premium Plus

Just to remind you, Wealthy Affiliate offers 4 tiers of membership:

  1. Starter – FREE membership, the basic, level 1 training is available, you can also have your own domain
  2. Premium – all levels of core trainings available, you can have your own .com domain for free if you will upgrade within 7 days. Premium live streamed classes available every Friday. It costs $49/month or $497/year (you save $91/year)
  3. Premium Plus – the same as above, 2 free .com domains available if you’ll upgrade within 7 days. Expert live streamed classes available every day. It costs $99/month or $697/year (you can save $491!)
  4. Premium Plus with dedicated server – the same as above, but it’s addressed to experienced users who wish to have more websites, that’s why the whole server is dedicated for you! It’s new in 2023! The monthly cost is $399 or $3990 per year (you can save $798!)

As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose, depending on your experience and obviously capital. However, WA is dedicated to both, beginners and advanced users. There is a lot of new people, who have no previous experience, and they joined the platform. Very often they ask about Premium, saying that they have no money to upgrade.

Don’t worry if you are in that group and would like to make money in affiliate marketing. I always repeat that there are no shortcuts, and if you want to build your online business, you MUST think long-term! If someone promises you quick and big money, it’s probably a scam, and I recommend you to avoid it.

Wealthy Affiliate is different. It’s focused on long-term work, and this is what I like. Remember that no one is born with knowledge and experience. Everyone has to learn, and sometimes it takes even few years, but I think that you’ll agree with me it’s better to spend that time on learning than waste it by doing useless things like watching Netflix or drinking beer in pub.

If you have decided to change your life and build your passive income, online business, or just make extra money, and you have no funds for Premium membership, you should start for free as a Starter. Yes! You are going to build your professional website anyway!

How to upgrade Wealthy affiliate membership without money, starter

You will build the foundations for your business within Starter membership. Follow Lv 1 core trainings, complete tasks, you have all the tools available, and you can always ask your questions by posting them on the main page or simply ask in the live chat. People are friendly and helpful! They started as beginners as well as you, and they will definitely help you!

So don’t worry! Stay where you are and do your best. You can upgrade whenever you are financially ready. There is no rush!

Still want to upgrade without spending even a single penny?

I told you, be patient! But if you are determined to get access to more tools and unlock full core trainings, I can show you how you can do that. Whether you are Starter or Premium member, you can use Wealthy Affiliate to make money. As I said, follow the Lv 1 core trainings and complete all the tasks.

You can start building your own website. Don’t worry about the domain. You can turn it into .com any time. WA offers its own affiliate program. And that’s the key! You are here to make money, to learn how to make money, aren’t you? How do you think? Do your friends want to make money online as well?

If so, why not to tell them about the chance they have in the front of them. Think about that! How many people around you are struggling with the money? Or maybe they have enough to upgrade their membership to Premium? That’s your target! Have a look:

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Affiliate program

Can you see that? You will earn $10 commission for each person who upgrades to Premium in the first month! Next months it’s $11.75! In this case all you need to do to get only 5 referrals who want to upgrade to Premium! In the first month you’ll get $50 and you can invest that money in your own Premium Membership! And you will still have some change!

But what if your referrals would like to upgrade to Premium Plus? You will make $20 commission for each person in the first month and $23.25 every next month for each referral you have!

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs in the world! Why? Because you get paid MONTHLY! Not like in many other affiliate programs, which pay the commission just one time, and after that you need to get more referrals! Wealthy Affiliate gives you a steady income every month, without having to leave the house.

==> If you are struggling with the money and looking for solution, check out my article Money Management, where I show how to manage your money wisely!

Other affiliate programs are also profitable!

If you are to start your online business based on affiliate marketing, you should definitely concentrate on other products or services that will bring you money. As a Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate you have access to the appropriate tools, so you should start building foundations of your business.

Take it time and focus on quality of your website and content. Think about your passion and choose the niche that suits you. That will help you to create your content easier, as you are going to promote products and services related to your passion.

Have a look around and find the best products. You should sign up for Amazon and eBay affiliate programs. You will get access to MILLIONS of products, including bestsellers! You can also find something to promote within Wealthy Affiliate. In main menu you will find the Promote section, so all you need to do is to type a phrase you are interested in.

You will see plenty of results, choose what you want to promote and follow the instructions, you’ll get your personal affiliate link to promote.

how to upgrade wealthy affiliate membership without money, MyLead

Not enough? There is another platform, which I can highly recommend, and what’s important for people who are just starting and have no money yet. MyLead is a perfect complement to the Wealthy Affiliate. MyLead is completely FREE! There are no memberships, you need to register and that’s it!

==> Read more about this platform in MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Have you read my review? No? Then you should click the link above and see the review, because there is a lot of information about MyLead and how to use it.

You will find there plenty of good and profitable affiliate programs, sorted in many categories. You will find some trainings, tutorials, and helpful tools, which I recommend using, such as Content Locker and more. You will learn how to avoid Facebook and other social media ban for affiliate links.

Interesting, isn’t it? Especially if it’s for 100% free! Yes! you don’t need to pay anything to use MyLead! As soon as you start making money you can upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership to Premium or even Premium Plus. Once you’ve got your first earnings, your income will be bigger and bigger. It works like a snowball!

Other ways to get money for your desired Premium membership

I realise that affiliate marketing is not the easiest way to make money online, especially if you are complete beginner. But don’t worry! You will learn how to build professional, lucrative online business. Yes! That takes time! But it’s really worth to invest your time in your education and tools, that can help you to make your dreams come true!

I’m sure that if you think about any kind of online business, you have some computer skills that you can use to make money. Why not to try as a freelancer and work whenever you want? What? You say that it’s difficult and you have no idea how to try? Oh, come on! How do you think? Was it easy for others who just started?

Let me tell you something: being a freelancer doesn’t mean that you have to do complicated tasks, like creating graphics or writing long articles about quantum physics! There are platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, where people are asking others to do very easy things like removing background form the pictures! It’s worth around $5 and can be easily done in 3 minutes!

And there is a challenge for you: find a legal job where you’ll get paid $5 pet 3 minutes of working!

You probably won’t find job like that! But you can make this money as a freelancer and spend it for your Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are looking for easy money, you can use few apps. You won’t make millions of dollars, but some pocket money that will help you to pay for your Premium membership.

  • Honeygain – is an app that will pay you for sharing your internet connection. Don’t worry, your data is safe as your internet connection is encrypted. I recommend using it in your computer, laptop or tablet as it works much faster than on mobile phones. Honeygain offers a tool Jump Task, which will give you 10% extra of your income! You need to gather at least $20 to withdraw. You will make money much faster if you’ll share your affiliate link with your friends, so they can also make money online! You can get $5 BONUS if you’ll register through my link here!
  • Stormgain – another app to make some pocket money. Stormgain will pay you for clicking the button every 4 hours! You need to gather at least $10 to withdraw, but you have to trade it. I wrote tutorial how to use Stormgain step by step in separate article. Click here to learn how to use Stormgain. There is $3 BONUS if you’ll register through my link here.
  • Freecash – this website will pay you for completing tasks, such as surveys, downloading app, playing games and many more! Every tasks pay you different amount of money. You will also get a random BONUS if you’ll register through my link here.
  • CryptoTab – it’s an internet browser, works like a cloud miner of Bitcoin. The same as Honeygain, I recommend using it on your computer, it doesn’t make any sense to download it on your mobile phone as it works very slow then. On computer or laptop is much faster! Very easy to use – the same as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

As you can see, I showed you few easy ways to earn some extra money. Upgrading to Premium or even Premium Plus membership at Wealthy Affiliate is possible even for people who have now money! But don’t focus only on one app! Use ALL of them, and you will make even more money than you need for your membership!

MLM Network Marketing Home Business, affiliate marketing scheme, My Money Force

All of these apps, apart Fiverr and Upwork, have affiliate programs. It will help you to make money much faster. I’m sure that you have friends or family members who will be interested to make some extra cash! You will help them and they will help you! Fair enough, isn’t it?

You can also take it as a training for affiliate marketer. Every experience is important!


I know that many people are struggling with the low income, and because of that, it’s hard for them to invest money in education and business. Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 platform, and thanks to WA I personally have learned a lot. I remember that short time ago I joined it as a complete beginner.

I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter – free membership. I began to build the foundation for my website and when I was ready I upgraded to Premium. Many lessons had been unlocked, and I started to learn more and more! Check out my last article Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? for more details.

If you really want to achieve the success, you need to work hard. I showed you how you can upgrade to Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, even if you don’t have enough money! Today we have many apps that help to make money online. I have presented some examples of them. You will also receive bonuses, so you can even make money faster!

Get started wealthy affiliate, my money force

It’s a real blessing! For example 20 years ago there was not many apps like that. People had to work really hard in their 9-5 jobs, doing overtimes. It was very often physical work. Today you have access to the internet where you can quickly make some money in the comfort of your sofa!

You can spend that money for Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate, where you’ll learn and build real, lucrative online business! You have an answer for your question: how to upgrade Wealthy Affiliate membership without the money?

Now I want to motivate you to take your action, and start earning money! Read this article Learn From The Professionals And Make Money Online!

You will find stories of few people, for example Kyle, founder of Wealthy Affiliate!

Let me know if you have any questions! And see you at Wealthy Affiliate!



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  1. The article provides some creative insights into upgrading a Wealthy Affiliate membership without money. It’s encouraging to see strategies like leveraging affiliate programs and freelancing platforms to generate income for the upgrade. However, it would be helpful to see more detailed examples or real-life experiences of individuals who successfully upgraded using these methods. The emphasis on patience and long-term thinking resonates well, reminding us that genuine success doesn’t come overnight. A deeper exploration of potential challenges and how to overcome them would enhance the article’s practicality. Overall, it’s a thought-provoking piece that could benefit from more tangible success stories.

  2. The article provides practical insights for individuals interested in upgrading their Wealthy Affiliate membership even if they’re facing financial constraints. The author offers a realistic approach by emphasizing the importance of patience and dedication to long-term success. The breakdown of different membership tiers along with the author’s advice on how to start with the free Starter membership and gradually work towards the Premium or Premium Plus options is sensible and well-informed. The inclusion of alternative ways to generate income, such as utilizing affiliate programs and online platforms, adds depth to the article’s strategies. The author’s personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate adds authenticity to their suggestions. Overall, this article serves as a helpful guide for those seeking to enhance their online business prospects while managing financial limitations.

  3. Hello! 

    I came across your article about upgrading Wealthy Affiliate membership without money, and it piqued my interest. I’m new to the idea of online businesses and affiliate marketing, so I’m trying to understand how this works. You mentioned that there are ways to upgrade your membership without spending money, and one of the methods you talked about is using affiliate programs to earn commissions. I’ve heard about affiliate marketing, but I’m not sure how it exactly works and how I can start earning through it. 

    Could you provide some more insights into how affiliate marketing works within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how beginners like me can get started? 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Hi there! I have started as a complete beginner. Wealthy Affiliate provides trainings and courses for people like you and I. They are going to walk you through the whole process. Shortly said: you build your website, put affiliate links, and when someone clicks your links and take an action, you earn commission. Come on and jump on Wealthy Affiliate and you will learn everything step by step.

      Kind regards,


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