Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Some people who read my content ask: Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Maybe it’s another scam? I know, people are tired of being a victim of scam. And it’s good that they ask. I am going to dispel your doubts in this article. Bear with me…

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Before I’ll answer the question placed in the title of this article, I’m going to show you how Wealthy Affiliate works. If you are new on my website, and you have no idea what we are talking about, I recommend you to read my Wealthy Affiliate review. If you have read my review, take this post as an update.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform addressed to everyone who thinks about making money online. If you want to build your own business WA is exactly for you. Wealthy Affiliate provides trainings, live classes, and tutorials. You have two core trainings, and if you follow them, step by step, completing tasks, you’ll learn a lot.

There is a huge community of people who are actually members of the platform. You can communicate with them whenever you want if few different methods:

  1. Via private message
  2. Using live chat
  3. Answering or asking questions below the posts within Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Creating your own posts, where you can ask some questions.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Communication

Creators of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, put the pressure on education, which is of a very high standard. I say very often, that public education system is wrong, you will never learn how to make money. You will learn how to obey and be a good worker instead.

That’s why we have look after someone who can show us the way to make money. One of that places, where you’ll find a good teacher, is Wealthy Affiliate. There is a lot of professionals who started from scratch and have achieved success, by working hard and consistently.

Look at my last article: Learn From The Professionals And Make Money Online!

Wealthy Affiliate provides theory and practice trainings for everyone, even complete beginners, who have no idea about making money online. I was one of them until I started my education within WA!

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Training

Following two core trainings is crucial! It is basic knowledge that you MUST learn before you start. Each training has levels, and each level includes several lessons. As I said, make sure you follow all the instructions and DO the tasks (there are few tasks in the end of each lesson).

In addition to this, you can take a part of the live classes, and it depends on your membership. If you’re Premium Member, then live classes are available every Friday night time (depends on what part of the world you live in), and don’t worry if it’s too late, you are tired, and the only one thing you want is to go to sleep. You will find all the lessons in Classes section.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Classes

Look below at one of examples:

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Classes

The mission of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is to turn complete beginners to experts who will make money online easily by proper, high standard education! It works like Online Business University!

Knowledge is important but it’s not enough

What is the use of having knowledge if you have no tools? I think you’ll agree with that! Look above, I wrote about trainings, to follow the instructions, do the tasks. Wealthy Affiliate is giving you access to everything you need to build a good, lucrative business based on your own website. Not only affiliate marketing, you can use learned skills for literally everything!

Siterubix provides one of the best hosting services in the world! That’s very important. If you want to make money, you need a traffic, and to have a traffic you have to be ranked well in search engines, and one of the factors that search engines take into account is hosting!

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? SiteRubix hosting

Good hosting will give you speed, security and stability. Additionally, your website is protected from spam, and has the https prefix (SSL certification), that means your visitors data is kept safe! It is favoured by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Plugins and features

The most important plugins, such as SEO Framework and Kraken are responsible for images optimisation and positioning. That makes your website work faster, and more visible for search engines.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? SiteContent

SiteContent is a perfect tool to write your content, it includes many ready templates, even Affiliate Disclosure, or Privacy Policy, which is important to put in your website if you want to use affiliate links in your website. Otherwise, you may have problems with law.

Creating new, good content is much easier if you know which keywords should be used. Jaaxy is one of the best keywords research tools in the world! You have access to that tool within Wealthy Affiliate! Jaaxy Brainstorm will show you the top trends in the world. It will help you to promote the most desired products or services!

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Niche Finder

If you don’t know what to promote, Wealthy Affiliate will help you find the best niche for you. Simply type in the Niche Research tool what’s your passion, and choose what you are interested in!

Don’t forget about great community! People help each other, and thanks to that you can solve any problem. SiteComment and SiteFeedback are very helpful. It’s important to get comments under your articles on your website. Google will see that, and take your website as a valuable. The same for feedback. The more, the better.

Uncle Google and his algorithms will definitely notice that someone leaves a comment or feedback. You will obtain a backlink as well. And all that factors are very important. Read my article The Most Important SEO Factor For Search Rank where I describe it with details.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate has a very lucrative affiliate program. If you still don’t know what is the best niche for you, what products you can promote, then share Wealthy Affiliate with others and help people to make money online! It’s very profitable for you and your friends, so they can have a chance to make good money.

All of these tools are included in your membership! You don’t have to pay extra for any of them!

No fiction! No lies! Truth ONLY!

OK, you can ask: “Can you show me that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam? Can you show me that it really works?” Yes! Of course, I can! I joined the platform short time ago, as a complete beginner. I was making money in many different ways before. That’s why you can find my other articles about Bitcoin, stock market etc.

I decided to try affiliate marketing. My first platform was MyLead, also very recommended! But now we are talking about Wealthy Affiliate.

I had no idea how to create a website, and there is one rule in affiliate marketing: No website – no success! Even MyLead recommended having your own website. And you can use it not only for affiliate marketing but for more business models. For example, you can create your own tutorials and sell it, you can promote your stationary services etc.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you some tactics how to get ranked well, and that’s the foundation for all of online businesses!

I’m going to show how my traffic increases. It’s about this website – My Money Force. In the beginning I had no traffic. I was learning, creating content based on my own experience, choosing the theme and working with layout. Yes, I’ve changed my theme few times.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Bing traffic results
My results in Bing Webmaster Tool

As I said, I had no organic traffic from search engines. But I focused on the trainings provided by Wealthy Affiliate and reminded that it is the LONG-TERM work! After some time I noticed that my website is shown in search engines results. I can clearly see that the impressions in Bing are going up!

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? GSc results
My results in Google Search Console

Alright, but what does the Google Search Console say? As you can see, I have more impressions and some clicks as well… Sorry? Say what? You don’t understand? Aaaahhhh! Alright, I have just set up my Google account in Polish language, my language. OK, no worries.

I’m going to help you to understand my screenshot. The blue ones are clicks and purple ones are impressions. Got it? OK so let’s go!

What about my Wealthy Affiliate results? Here we go! The graph below shows my traffic in last 30 days.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Graph

What you can notice, I have 2 referrals already! That means two people joined Wealthy Affiliate through my link, and I try to help them if they have any questions.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Referrals

I can see that I have more traffic than before, that means I can expect better results in the future if I’ll be working consistently. There is a lot of people who are members of the platform for years, and they earn really good money, even few thousand dollars monthly! Nice! OK I’ve just joined WA this year, I’m patient, and I’m very happy of being there so far.

Let’s just take a look what Ahrefs says:

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Ahrefs traffic results

Do you know what? You can also join Wealthy Affiliate, even for FREE! Just click the link below, register and you’ll receive a private message directly from me! I’ll help you!

==> Click Here To Join WEALTHY AFFILIATE For Free! No Credit Card Needed!

What’s new in WA in 2023?

It really doesn’t matter what tier of membership you want to choose, whether it’s Starter (FREE), Premium, or Premium Plus, Wealthy Affiliate is growing all the time and introduces new solutions. One of them is new tier of membership – Premium Plus With Dedicated Server!

However, if you are a new member, and you have no previous experience, I do NOT recommend it! It’s dedicated to the people who already have built their businesses, and their businesses are doing really well, and they would like to develop them further, or set up some new, extensive websites.

If you are not in that group, I can suggest you to start with Premium or Starter, if you want to check how the platform works.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter, you have a chance to get your .com domain for free! What you need to do is to upgrade to Premium within seven first days. That’s it! You’ll get your own professional .com domain, which all the search engines prefer. Without spending ANY money! If you’ll upgrade to Premium Plus you’ll get 2 free domains!

The Niche Founder is a brand new tool provided by Wealthy Affiliate in 2023! Thanks to that, you can easily find the best niche for you. And it is very important, as you will work with the niche that you like and feel comfortable! For example, if you like cars, you can find appropriate niche related to cars, and monetise your own passion!

Live streamed expert classes, around one hour long each, every day! I highly recommend these classes! You can watch and ask live questions to the experts! Live classes are perfect complement to the core training. What’s worth mentioning, even the core trainings include video tutorials. The most of us are visual learners, and videos will help you to understand many things.

I’m sure that it will be more new features in the future. I noticed that every year Wealthy Affiliate is offering something new, and the price is still the same! That means you are getting more and more for the same money!


Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 platform for making money online! I have learned a lot since I joined it, and I’m very sure that I will learn much more in the future! I’ve started as a complete beginner, and my website, you are reading now, is a proof that Wealthy Affiliate works 100%!

I showed you my personal screenshots, that my traffic is going up, and I expect that it will be even better soon. I am going to update this article with new screenshots presenting more results to reassure you that Wealthy Affiliate is a safety, powerful platform, not another scam, like many others.

There is plenty of people who already achieved the success thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, and you can check it out by your own by clicking this link: Success is Happening at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also check my previous article Learn From The Professionals And Make Money Online! And read the short stories of people who made a lot of money using WA.

Remember one thing, success is not coming within one, two, three days or even one week. It requires you to work consistently. And I can guarantee, if you’ll follow the trainings step by step, completing the tasks, focusing on your goals, you’ll achieve your goals, whether it is passive income or additional earnings.

Get started wealthy affiliate, my money force

You have a great opportunity in the front of you! There is no time for waiting! Take your action now and Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! Check out how it works and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Once you register, you’ll get a private message directly from me, and I’ll do my best to walk you through the platform and help you to get rolling!



12 Replies to “Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?”

  1. As someone who has just started building websites, I find your breakdown of how Wealthy Affiliate works to be extremely helpful. The emphasis on theory and practice, along with the tools provided like SiteRubix hosting, plugins, and Jaaxy for keyword research, seems like a comprehensive approach to building a successful online presence.

    I’m curious about one thing though: since I’m new to website building, how user-friendly is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners? Is the platform easy to navigate, especially for someone who might not be tech-savvy?

    Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s refreshing to hear a real success story and to know that there are legitimate platforms out there.

    • Hi there! Wealthy Affiliate is addressed to everyone, especially beginners! I was beginning who had completely no idea about the affiliate marketing and website building. The platform is easier to navigate than Facebook, however, if you have any problems, or questions, there is fantastic community, and everyone will be happy to help you!

      Kind regards,


  2. As someone who’s been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year, I can vouch for its effectiveness. The structured training, supportive community, and hands-on tools make a real difference. I started as a complete newbie and now have a successful niche website. However, it’s important to note that success requires consistent effort and dedication. It’s not a quick-fix solution but a genuine platform for learning and growth. If you’re willing to put in the work, Wealthy Affiliate can certainly help you build a solid foundation for an online business.

    • Hey Liam! It’s nice to hear that you are the Wealthy Affiliate member! Congratulations to you for your hard work! Your short story is motivating as well! Take care bro!

  3. In this comprehensive article, the author thoroughly addresses the question of whether Wealthy Affiliate really works. Through a detailed exploration of the platform’s features, including its trainings, community, hosting services, plugins, and tools, the author convincingly presents Wealthy Affiliate as a legitimate opportunity for online success. The inclusion of personal experiences, traffic data, and screenshots adds credibility to the claims, highlighting the author’s own progress and the potential for growth. The article’s emphasis on the importance of consistent effort, coupled with a range of membership options and new features, further underscores the platform’s value. Overall, the article provides a well-researched and transparent perspective on the effectiveness of Wealthy Affiliate for individuals seeking to make money online.

    • Hello again Ashley! It’s nice to read your comment. I’m very happy that you have found it valuable!

      Kind regards,


  4. As someone who has recently become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate website I can vouch for this. The training is set out so anyone, and I mean anyone, can progress making their own website to earn some side income. Within my first month using the training resources I had created my website with its own domain and had articles indexed in google. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Ebony! You will learn a lot at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure if you follow the training and complete the tasks you will build good and profitable business!

  5. I believe that WA works but you need to take advantage of all the tools that it proposes. First, you need the best training, and once you are a Premium Plus member, this is easier because the training is constant. Second, you need to apply the training. If you never apply what you learn, it’s worth nothing. You can’t have results when you don’t take the necessary steps to succeed in affiliate marketing!

  6. My Money Force is on point about the WA. Is as if you were ready from in WA after jointed. It encourages, and motivates, not to forget it’s the truth. It tells the people (readers) exactly what they are going to get if they join and their benefits from joining. 

    It also motivates someone that is already in to review, and better understand, to study more for maybe something they may have gone too fast and over. 

    As sometimes we can go too fast and not get the true meaning of something we ready. For example, we can read over something and not understand it, because we may overlook something or didn’t understand it, or didn’t get the right meaning. The more we review eventually we see it.

    My Money Force tells me to keep pushing forward my goal and no matter who what get in my way or delay me keep going. I will eventually get there. 

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