How to make money online without investment?

I want to share my results in Stormgain. This article won’t be long, but I’m going to show you how to make Money without investment step by step.


Let me remind you, Stormgain cloud miner is an app where you can extract Bitcoin from the cloud completely for FREE! What you need is a mobile phone or computer connected to the internet and press the button responsible for mining every 4 hours.

Obviously nothing happens if you’re late and press the button for example after 5 hours, but try to do it regularly to get more Bitcoins in the shorter time.

Stormgain offers not only mining but also trading so you can leverage your earnings and I will show you how I did it.

I published another article where I show Stormgain app with details.

—> Click here to read more about Stormgain

Mine to trade

First thing you have to do is extract Bitcoin in value of $10 – that’s the minimum to withdraw to the apps wallet. Remember that all the money you have mined from Stormgain is a bonus that you can use only for trading. That’s the main function of this app. You don’t have to invest your anything and thus you don’t risk loosing your money.

During the first 100 hours after opening account, Stormgain works faster and you can get your first $10 within the week! After it takes a little bit longer, but anyway you can mine $20 within a month if you press the button regularly.

Stormgain wallet

I have withdrawn the first $10 and it’s in the apps wallet. I have used that money to trade.

I bought my Bitcoin, using the mined $10, when its price was $18 951.48. Today Bitcoin price is $28 715.40, what gives me $24.7063 profit for FREE!

Stormgain graph My Money Force

I’ve done the screenshot to show you. You can see how the graph looks like. The white is opening price, grey – current price and the yellow one is liquidation price, that means when the Bitcoin price would go down and reach the liquidation price, then my transaction will finish and I’ll loose the mined $10.

But Bitcoin is going up now, so I don’t expect any loose.

What next?

I’m going to keep this transaction open as I expect that the price will go up! I have opened another mining where I have $11.29 already. So I’m going to keep mining until the Bitcoin price goes down.

Stormgain miner Mymoneyforce

We buy only when it’s cheap. The same as in real life.

Bitcoin price, the same as the other assets, is going up and down, that’s why I’m waiting for a correction in currently growing up trend. When the Bitcoin price will be between $20 000 – $22 500 I’m going to withdraw my mined money and start another transaction and another mining.

I will be repeating that process all the time to earn really good money from $0! Sounds good, isn’t it? Yes, if we think long term we can build something nice from nothing. Obviously you can always withdraw the money after transaction and spend it whenever you want, but in my opinion it’s worth to be patient and earn much more.

In the next months I will publish my results to show you my strategy is working.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the strongest currency in the world. It’s resistant to inflation, I can say that inflation even make Bitcoin stronger. When the governments currencies, so called FIAT going down, Bitcoin’s price growing up.

Two years ago it reached almost $70 000. Some people can say: “can you see? Bitcoin is much cheaper now, plenty of people lost the money“. Yes it’s true, but who lost the money? People who bought their Bitcoins when it was expensive. And the most of beginners unfortunately make this mistake.

Be patient and wait for a good time to buy! Investors who bought it 4, 5 and more years ago still have a profit! And NOW is again good time for purchase.

Bitcoin history My money Force Stormgain Binance

The price drop, we all have noticed in 2022, was a one big correction and now we are witnessing that the value is going up again. They say that Bitcoin can reach even $100 000 in the end of this year. Can you imagine? That’s why it’s worth to invest your money in Bitcoin.

Next reason is that Bitcoin in 100% independent. Traditional money are based on the government’s promise, which is worth nothing. Politicians are lying all the time, they don’t care about you.

Bitcoin is different. It’s like a gold. It’s decentralised, it’s amount is limited and has no owners.


Stormgain is a cloud miner which helps to get Bitcoin for 100% free. You don’t risk at all when trade and even if you loose you can always try again. There are also other apps where you can mine Bitcoin, like Honeygain or CryptoTab, but based on my own experience Stormgain is the fastest one.

It doesn’t matter that we use mobile phone or computer, it work the same fast. I the case of Honeygain and CryptoTab I recommend to use them in your computer otherwise it may take ages to earn a little penny.

The main task is trading, but the creators of Stormgain thought about the beginners who have no experience that they can try and make some money.

Trading signals provided are also worth mentioning. Especially for the beginners it’s a good support.

Thanks to this app I made already over $46!

If you ask how to make money online without investment, Stormgain is an answer. And now I have BONUS for you!

Click the link below and open your account now and you’ll receive $3 to your mining so you’ll get the first $10 faster!

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Let me know in the comment about your experience, or if you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to help you!


4 Replies to “How to make money online without investment?”

  1. So clever. These days everyone is searching for methods to mine and trade. There are some apps that you can start your activity easily. As you mentioned Stormgain is one of these apps and it is so easy to use. here’s my question, Does this app harm the hardware of our systems or not?
    This information helps me a lot, Thaks so much.

    • Hi Liam and thanks for your comment. No Stormgain doesn’t harm your hardware because it’s a cloud miner. That means it doesn’t use your computer or mobile phone or tablet. Wherever you use it, it works the same

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights on how to make money online without investment through Stormgain. It is always helpful to learn about new and innovative ways to earn money online, especially when it involves little to no risk. Your step-by-step guide and explanation of your strategy is very clear and easy to understand, making it accessible for beginners who may not have much experience in trading or mining. It is also interesting to hear about your thoughts on Bitcoin and its potential as a strong and independent currency. However, it is important to remember that all investments come with some level of risk, so it is always wise to approach any investment opportunity with caution and do your own research before making any decisions. 

    • Hi again Anoth! Yes that’s true. It’s always a risk. But with Stormgain it’s a different story as we do not put anything in there. We can but I recommend to concentrate on mining first and then trade. Kind regards

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