I’ve Got My ByBit Crypto Card!

Are you interested to buy with Bitcoin in any store? Now it’s possible! More and more platforms offer their debit cards! I’ve just received and tested my ByBit crypto card. Check out and get your one now!

Crypto Debit Cards

Binance was the first Crypto Platform offering their debit cards for customers. It was a turning point, as we’ve got the possibility to make a payment with our crypto assets first time in the history. Using the crypto card is also related to many benefits like cash back, that means you can earn money while shopping!

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The next platform offering a card was Crypto.com. They have many cards to offer, but you have to pay for using them. On the other hand, you get a lot of benefits by using them. There is also the basic card for free, but without any good bonuses.

OK, now the Bybit started offering their crypto cards, so is a great alternative for Binance, especially if you live in UK, where Binance is banned due to the local law. You can still open your Binance account, but you can’t even deposit money from your bank account!

ByBit works in UK without any problems! They just started issuing cards in last month, so it’s very new and at this moment only UK and EEA (European Economic Area) residents can apply for a card. ByBit is probably planning to expand its service to the rest of the world, but for now we don’t know when it will happen.

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The platform is cooperating with Master Card, which is issuing debit cards for ByBit, that means you don’t have to worry about that some store doesn’t accept your card. As you know, Master Card, Visa and Maestro are the world leaders of card issuers, so you can use their products almost everywhere!

The physical card is not the only one, you can get a virtual crypto card in ByBit. Both cards are using the same assets.

Benefits of using ByBit Crypto Card

Crypto Card payments have many benefits. They are not only comfortable, but you can make use of the cryptocurrency rate to save your money. Let’s have a look… You can send $100 to your ByBit account and buy Bitcoin when its price is low and wait till the price rises. In effect, you have more than $100 that you can spend on whatever you want!

bybit crypto card rewards, my money force

The next benefit is definitely ByBit bonus. You can get $30.50 from the platform. To claim the bonus, you need to:

  • Apply for card – you’ll get $0.50 welcome bonus
  • Make first transaction with at least 20 EUR/GBP – you’ll get $2
  • Make 5 transactions – you’ll get $8
  • Spend 500 EUR/GBP – you’ll get $20

You have 30 days to complete the tasks and 14 days to make first transaction worth £20 or €20.

bybit card reward my money force

I have notice that there are loyalty points to earn on purchases, unique offers and more rewards that you can check regularly in Rewards Hub. You’ll get a point for every £1 or €1 spent with your card with a cap of 12 500 points each month. ByBit has just introduced the card, that means we can expect more bonuses and rewards in the future.

You can read more on ByBit official website.

How to get ByBit Card?

At the moment the card is available for UK and EEA residents except Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein and Romania. If you live in one of the country where the ByBit Card is available you can apply to get one for yourself.

Step #1.

You need a ByBit account. If you don’t have one, click here and join ByBit now and get up to $30 000 of Bonus! Once you account is open, you’ll need to verify yourself, as ByBit is a financial institution and it’s required by law. Prepare your ID or passport and proof of address, for example your bank statement. Remember that ByBit doesn’t accept screenshot of your bank statement, get the PDF version.

In your mobile app click your profile icon in the left upper corner and Identity Verification. There are Lv 1 – ID and selfie, and Lv 2 – proof of address. You need to complete both levels of verification by uploading your documents and selfie. Verification shouldn’t take long. In my case it was few hours.

Step #2.

bybit main menu my money force

Once the verification process is complete, in main menu in your app click More button, slide down to the Finance section and press ByBit Card and Apply. Now you have to provide your mobile phone number, email address and 2FA, that means the password generated by Google Authenticator app connected to your email address provided in the ByBit app.

bybit main menu my money force

Press Submit, make sure that all your details are correct and click Next button.

Step #3.

Time for the security settings. You have to choose three questions from the list and answer them. Make sure that you note the answers and keep them in a safe place. This is important, in the case of any issue ByBit will ask you these questions and you will have to answer correctly.

This is how the platform is verifying that you are reporting the issue, not someone else.

Step #4.

Your application status will be shown. ByBit will review it within 7 working days, but usually it’s faster. I received a decision in the same day. Once the application is approved will get an email with confirmation. Now you can see the ByBit Card Dashboard with all the information about your virtual card.

Bybit card dashboard my money force

All the steps above were about applying for a virtual card. Now it’s time to apply for physical, plastic card.

Step #5.

Go to the Finance section in main menu and than press ByBit Card, the same as in the Step #2. Open the Card Dashboard and click the ByBit Card Application to receive the physical card.

Step #6.

Provide your name and check that your address is correct – it must be the same as in your proof of address. You have to set the PIN code for your card, verify it and pay £5 or €5 fee for issuing your card.

Step #7.

When everything is ready and you’ve checked that all your details are correct, click Apply button. You will have to wait for reviewing your application, once it’s approved, ByBit will send the physical card to you within 30 days. I was waiting around one week.

Activate your card

Once you received your card go back to the ByBit Card in Finance section, and click Card to open Card manager. You’ll see both cards: virtual one, which is active automatically once the application is approved, and physical card.

Click Activate button on your physical card and you’ll have to provide verification code sent to your email and second code, generated in Google Authenticator app. ByBit will ask you now to enter 3-digit CVV code on the back of your card. Sorted!

bybit crypto card active my money force

Now you will see in the Card Manager that your card is ready to use, but when I went to the local store to buy the goods, transaction was declined. The shopkeeper said that if it’s new card I should go to the ATM first. I went to the nearest cash machine just to check my balance, and everything was fine.

Don’t worry if you’ll see only 0.00 in your balance. Cash machines show only local FIAT currency, GBP in my case in Sainsbury’s Bank ATM. Now card is really active. I think ByBit should write in their instructions to activate the card in ATM as well. I have made my first transaction in the local store, so the ByBit Card is working!


ByBit Card is really new product. There are other platforms offering their cards, but the ByBit’s one is really good. The platform is offering the best bonuses and now the benefits of using debit card are also available. At the moment you can get over $30 for using your card, and get ByBit points which you can exchange for other rewards, just because of paying by card!

On the official website we read that ByBit will prepare more bonuses for card users but they didn’t mention any details yet. As I’m based on my own experience with ByBit, I can say that they are going to prepare something really good.

At the moment only UK and EEA residents can apply for ByBit card, what is great alternative for Binance, which is banned in UK, and obviously to traditional bank cards payments. Probably in the future the card will be available for the rest of the world, at the moment there is no information about that, but we can speculate that will happen.

If you are watching the Bitcoins or other tokens exchange rate, you will know when to use your card for a payment to save money. Buy crypto when it’s cheap and use your card when its price rises.

Application process is easy. It may take up to 30 days to receive your physical card, but usually it’s much faster. I’ve got my one within around one week. It cost just £5, or €5 if you live in other country than UK, but you can get the bonus up to $30.50 just for applying and using your card, so anyway you’ll benefit from that.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment or send me an email directly. You can also find My Money Force page on Facebook and message me directly over there. I’ll be happy to help you!

Kind regards,



10 Replies to “I’ve Got My ByBit Crypto Card!”

  1. I had not heard of a card like this until reading your article.  I have been buying and selling crypto coins on a small scale for quite a few years.  I have been able to make a some money.  However, lately, because of the volatility, I have slowed down.  A crypto debit card seems like a natural thing to acquire if someone is used to the concept of crypto coin.  I am not sure if this is available in the U.S.  Thanks for the information.  I am going to do some research about availability in the U.S.

    • Hi there! Unfortunately ByBit crypto card is not available in USA. Only UK/EEA residents can apply for one, but you can get the Binance crypto card. Binance works in US without any problems

  2. This is a very interesting post on ByBit Crypto card, something that I have not heard of before. I live in Italy, and you mention that it is available in the United Kingdom, and also the EEA, but why is there a charge of £5 or 5 euro if you are outside the UK? What is the justification for having a charge for the card?

    I would be interested in the card, but am not prepared to pay for it just because I am outside the UK, so would appreciate you feedback on it.

    • Hi Line! The £5 or €5 fee is for everyone. I’m in UK and I paid £5 to get my card. I really don’t know why do they charge for issuing the card, maybe because it’s very new offer? However, you can get $30.50 bonus for using this card so anyway you’ll benefit. I have received my card and I can confirm that every is alright:)
      If you live in Italy, you can also apply for Binance card – this one is for free
      Kind regards,

  3. The article provides an informative and interesting overview of the Bybit Crypto Card, a payment card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrency at traditional merchants worldwide. You share their personal experience of using the Bybit Crypto Card and provide an overview of its features and benefits.

    You highlight the convenience of being able to spend cryptocurrency at traditional merchants, as well as the security features of the card, such as real-time fraud monitoring and zero liability protection. You also explain how the card can be easily managed through the Bybit app, making it a user-friendly option for those looking to spend their cryptocurrency.

    Overall, “I’ve Got My Bybit Crypto Card!” is a helpful resource for anyone interested in using cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. Your personal experience of using the card adds credibility to the article, and their detailed explanation of the card’s features and benefits makes it an informative read.

    I appreciate the author’s enthusiasm for the Bybit Crypto Card and their willingness to share their experience with others. This article is a valuable guide for anyone looking to explore the world of cryptocurrency and find new ways to use it in their daily lives. I would highly recommend this article to anyone interested in the Bybit Crypto Card or using cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

    • Hi Pasindu and thank you very much for your comment! I appreciate your kind feedback!
      Kind regards,

  4. I find the whole idea of crypto to be both fascinating and terrifying.  But reading your article has assuaged my fears a lot. 

    Debit cards?!  Seriously?!  That is awesome!

    It means the whole thing is getting easier and more user friendly.  I’m guessing that by the time I’m ready to start buying crypto, there won’t be anything left to be afraid of.  Can’t wait!

    Thank you so much for this!!!


    • Hi Anna! Thanks for your comment! There is nothing to be afraid of, if you know how to manage your money and have a basic knowledge. In my articles I try to explain everything step by step, as Bitcoin is a great way to make money online. Check out my previous articles about online trading and money management as well.
      Kind regards,

  5. “I’ve Got My Bybit Crypto Card!”  is an exciting article that delves into the world of crypto cards and highlights the advantages of the Bybit Crypto Card. The author shares their personal experience of obtaining and using the card, emphasizing its convenience and practicality for managing cryptocurrency assets. If you’re interested in exploring new ways to access and utilize your crypto holdings, this article provides valuable insights and guidance. Discover the benefits of the Bybit Crypto Card and take your cryptocurrency journey to the next level!

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