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I want to show you some examples of people who have achieved the success. All of them are normal guys like you and I. I want you to see that everyone has a chance to change his life. Learn from the professionals and start making money right now!

Kyle Loudon and his path to freedom

I have mentioned about Kyle Loudon in my Wealthy Affiliate review. He is co-founder of the platform, originally from Canada. His platform gathers over 2 600 000 users, it’s over 18 years in business, and helped plenty of people to build their own online business.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Kyle Loudon

Kyle is an expert at what he does. And yes, it brings him a lot of money. But his life was not so easy, he had to work very hard to get what he has now. And now he has a happy life with his wife and two daughters, and obviously nice passive income. But before 2005, when he founded Wealthy Affiliate platform, his life looked completely different.

Stop struggling to make money online, wealthy affiliate, mymoneyforce

Kyle was struggling with the money. When he was in college, he started thinking about building his own business. It was very hard for him, especially with very limited budget, he had that time. Kyle was forced to sell his car to be able to buy his own domain, and rest of the money he spent on education. He had to borrow his mom’s vehicle to travel.

Kyle was working very hard to earn some extra money. Kyle was digging clams, picking oysters, and cleaning rust out of bilges on old ships. Can you imagine how determined he was to undertake such a hard and horrible job? And he traveled there around 3 hours every day!

But thanks to that, Kyle had the money to build his own business. He spent a lot of time and money to educate himself, and invested his money and knowledge in business. Wealthy Affiliate is that business. Kyle offers training, classes, courses, all the necessary tools, and a lot of people join his platform every year!

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Kyle Loudon

He combined his passion with business model based on affiliate marketing, education, website building and more. Thanks to that he achieved a great passive income, financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom, as he can live and work in any place in the world.

Kyle’s story is very fascinating and motivating. He is an example, who is showing us how consistent work leads to the success. Kyle has created plenty of training and he still provides live classes within Wealthy Affiliate, so you can learn from him how to build your own online business, no matter what!

I am also member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from Kyle and thanks to his platform! And I was complete beginner!

Roope Kiuttu and the journey to the Crypto World

I’m sure that you have noticed my articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Well… I was very sceptical about the digital assets. I heard that many people earned a lot of money, thanks to the Bitcoin, which is the strongest currency in the world. I didn’t believe that, and that was the time when I could buy Bitcoin for very little money compared to the current price.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Roope Kiuttu

I missed a great opportunity to make a lot of money. What a mistake!

One day YouTube displayed one video, which I decided to watch. It was Roope’s video about Bitcoin and method of making money with crypto platforms. I’ve watched that video to the end. I was fascinated!

Roope Kiuttu is a young, intelligent man from Finland, who introduced me to the world of cryptocurrencies. I have learned a lot from his video, step by step tutorials. Thanks to him I started making money by trading, holding, mining, and even spending Bitcoin!

He also worked in 9-5 jobs, but he spent a lot of time to learn everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and affiliate marketing as well. Many of his videos are very motivating. He explained in very simple way, how the process of making money online works.

He showed me how to use several apps and platforms, how to multiply my earnings using affiliate marketing, and the most important: to think long-term! We had some conversations, so we could exchange our experience, I told him that I have learned a lot from his online lessons.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Roope Kiuttu

We were even talking about our common passion which is travelling. Kyle was excited when I told him that I’m from Poland, he said that he knows about Zakopane (a little town placed in the south of Poland in mountains), and famous Adam Małysz – world champion in ski jumping. I was fascinated that he knows something about my country!

Roope long time worked consistently to achieve the success, he was talking about that in his videos. Kyle was closed to giving up, but after some time he had seen the results of his hard work, and now he doesn’t have to work in 9-5 jobs.

What I can say: Thank you very much Roope! Thanks to you for all your lessons!

Tomasz Micherda – a great man of the success

I’m really proud that there is person from my country – Poland – who achieved the success and I can tell few words about. Tomasz is a founder of “From Waiter to Millionaire” (pl: Od Kelnera do Milionera) brand and YouTube channel with the same name. He is a young man from small town in south of Poland, Oświęcim, where is the famous German ex concentration camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Tomasz Micherda

Tomasz moved from there to Kraków, one of the biggest and oldest Polish cities. He’s life was not easy. He started working for a little money in one of the restaurants in the centre of Kraków. Tomasz was a delivery driver, waiter, and finally a manager of that restaurant.

Can you imagine how hard he had to work? If you work in the restaurant, especially in the city centre, you can forget about weekends off. Usually you have to work more then 8 hours per day. It is not easy, but you have to pay rent, bills, buy some food, meet your friends and have some time for your family as well. That’s why you have to work.

Tomasz didn’t give up! He wanted to change his life, he loves freedom! As he says in one of his video, it started one day, when he read a book about the business. He decided to follow the instructions from that book. His business is based on publishing books on Amazon KDP. That’s completely free platform!

One of his first publications, quickly became a bestseller, but Tomasz kept publishing more and more. The most of there were no-content, or low-content books, like notebooks, colouring books for kids, calendars, etc. It wasn’t easy for Tomasz to build his business. It’s because of work in the restaurant, which requires spending there a lot of time.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Tomasz Micherda

He kept learning and publishing new books, he learned the basics of SEO, which was very helpful for his business on Amazon KDP. If you use appropriate keywords, someone will see your books and maybe will buy it! As he said, the knowledge of SEO was essential, and even helpful in the restaurant where he worked.

He helped his boss to promote the restaurant, and thanks to Tomasz, the restaurant’s profits have increased significantly! Tomasz opened his YouTube channel “From Waiter to Millionaire”, where he explains the process of making money, conducts interviews, and tells many interesting facts from his life.

He also created his own website, where you can buy his courses. I have bought some of them. It’s really valuable stuff! I’ve learned a lot and started publishing my own books on Amazon KDP!

Tomasz created also another sources of passive income, such as holding Bitcoin and Ethereum, and as I mentioned above, selling his own courses.

Can you see how you can monetise your knowledge and passion? Thanks a lot to Tomasz Micherda! I learned a lot from his courses!

Jay Neill is monetising his passion!

Jay Neill is also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Jay’s passion is website development, gardening, and films. He’s founder of few websites, which he has successfully monetised. Jay presents a full professionalism, he has a big knowledge and exactly knows how to make money online.

Learn from the professionals and make money online, Jay neill magistudios

As I said Jay has a passion for films, and you can check his website: iFilmThings, where you can find plenty of interesting facts about films, where they’ve been filmed, and many more. He shows how you can use your passion to build your own online business and make money without leaving your sofa!

Another website is Mens Gardening, where Jay shares his passion for gardening. Jay is a professional webmaster, he was working long time to get appropriate knowledge about website building, and now he’s teaching others how to create good-looking websites on YouTube and within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, then you can listen to Jay every Friday night as he provides live classes. It’s worth to listen to him, Jay is real professional who is in the business for years and he has a lot of experience.


As you can see all these people, I have mentioned above, had not easy life. Yes, they achieved the success. Yes, they have financial freedom, but they had to work consistently for all that they have today. They started from the scratch, and had to learn a lot. They had a desire to be free!

I can clearly say they are professionals! I was learning from all of them, that’s why I wanted to show you how the long-term work looks like, based on examples above. It really doesn’t matter where are you from, Canada, Finland, Poland, or other countries, if you really want to change something in your life, don’t waste your time, and take your action!

You are the one who can change something. Look, all of these people above have a different passion, but they were working hard to monetise it. You can achieve your goals in literally ANY niche! Thanks to these people we can learn a lot of precious skills, we have a perfect tools that we can use.

If you have an idea, passion, and you want to change your life, quit 9-5 job and work for yourself with a big smile on your mouth, you need to do something, learn from the professionals and start making money online now! If not today, then when? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it.

As I said, I started as a complete beginner, without any knowledge. And this website, My Money Force is another example that you can create something that you like, and sooner or later it will bring you the passive income you are looking for.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you, just let me know.



7 Replies to “Learn From The Professionals And Make Money Online!”

  1. Many valuable takeaways from this article, the most important is that all success comes from hard work and dedication. You see tons of people on the web looking for and selling get rich quick schemes, and this article dispels all those lies. It reminds of the iceberg diagram, where most people only see what is above the surface, never realizing the enormous amount of work and effort it took to get there, or stay afloat. The fact that Kyle was making money anyway he possible could just to turn around and pour it right back into his dream, proves that success comes at a very high price and that one must never give up on your dream.

    Excellent read, thank you. 

  2. It’s inspiring to read about individuals who’ve turned their passions into online success stories. However, I’m curious about the challenges they faced along the way. Were there moments of doubt or setbacks that they had to overcome? Understanding how they navigated through difficulties could provide valuable insights for those of us considering a similar journey. It’s encouraging to see their achievements, but learning about the obstacles they conquered would make their stories even more relatable and motivating.

  3. Hi Blazej,

    Work hard, play hard with your passion and intelligence. A freedom of life for me is that. But you need money to start, learn, educate, and establish your business. 

    Where is that “seed money” coming from? You find work somewhere and work on anything that can earn you something to thrive. This can be your start.

     It is never easy to work outside of your comfort zone. However, it is easier to accept if you have a purpose that this work can propel your mind to greater freedom and accomplishment to help your life.

    Your post carries relevant examples of passive income earners building businesses for them and helping others over time.

    Anyone can do that. I don’t want to sound like it is easy. No, it is not. 

    It needs commitment, dedication, and perseverence.

    I am penniless to start my life, but I have the freedom now to live well. I have learned and keep learning about trading. It helps me in my day-to-day living and more. I worked extremely hard with my passion throughout. I feel my caveat in understanding the online business and using this opportunity. And keep moving forward is my current goal.

    My new excitement is learning AI-prompt Engineering. I love the training at Wealthy Affiliate. There can never be a better time to start your online business.

    • Hi Anusuya!

      I agree with you! Exactly as you said. Only hard work leads to the success. If someone says that there is an easy way to become rich – it’s probably a scam. Thanks a lot for your comment! I wish you all the best!

      Kind regards,


    • Perfect! That’s great that you have translated Tomek’s blog! I’m really proud that my countrymen are doing a great job! That’s why I mentioned Tomek as an example of how you can succeed. I learned a lot from him and I recommend his courses 100%! The Pole can! Keep it up, my friends!

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