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Sometimes we need to take a break, especially when it’s summertime and we need to recharge our biological batteries. I want to share something with you, something more important than just making money. Where is the point of everything? Why do we need the money, and why money makes people powerful?

Money flows like a river

Sometimes we need to be a little bit controversial. Today I’m not going to show you, how to make money online. I’m not going to write the review of an app. Very often people do something, just because they do, and they don’t think about the point. Why do we need money? Why do we want to be rich?

Yes, we need money, otherwise we have no chance for normal life. That’s obvious! But money is not everything! It is our tool to achieve the goal. Look at the nature! Watch the water. What do you see? Water flows all the time, even if it’s just a small lake. If you’ll look at the lake 5 minutes later, you’ll see that it’s not the same water.

Follow the money, money flows like river, mymoneyforce

Water is necessary in our world. The life cannot exist without the water, we know that from primary school. Water includes energy. If you’ll think about that, you can notice that money is very similar. If you buy something, you pay the money, that someone else receives, and pays for something that he needs.

A certain amount of money goes to someone who passes it on. You can notice that in micro scale, but also in macro scale. Have you noticed that every river has its own source somewhere in the earth? Do you know that the same thing is with the money?

What’s your favourite clothes brand? Is it Adidas? Maybe Reebok, or Nike? Where do you buy it? Look at the big corporations. Did you know that you can buy their shares and thus become their co-owner? And what if there is someone, who is rich enough to buy the shares of all the huge corporations?

Follow the money, corporations scheme

There are two companies who own the other corporations. We are talking about Black Rock and Vanguard. No matter it’s Nestle, Pepsico, Ford, etc, all of them have their owners. Black Rock and Vanguard are powerful, financial companies, and they belong to very rich family. The richest people in the world, who were building their financial empire several centuries.

Follow the money, Blackrock, black rock scheme

In the article CBDC – An Opportunity Or A Danger I mentioned about that family, and I said that I’m going to talk about them later. Now it is a good time to say something more about these people. That will be a key to understand many things that are happening in the world today and in our history.

What you need to understand is that Rothschild family is the source of money circulation in the macro scale in our world. They own literally everything, including your government, scientists, and entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at them…

The Rothschild family and their path to immense wealth

Have you noticed that, when someone is talking about the richest people in the world, we can hear names, such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Elon Musk, and others, but we cannot hear about Rockefeller, and Rothschild. Why? The activities of these two families are closely related, but it is the Rothschild family who lead the way.

Follow the money, Mayer Amschel Bauer, Rothschild

We have to go back to 1760, when Mayer Amschel Bauer is coming back to Frankfurt in Germany to take over all the business and loans from his deceased father, and before he died, he placed a coat of arms in the front of the door to his accounting office to honor his family. The coat of arms featured a red shield and a hexagram.

Follow the money, red shield, hexagram

As Wikipedia says, Mayer Amschel Bauer was born in 23 February 1744, and he died in 19 September 1812 in Frankfurt. He was a German-Jewish banker, and founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Due to the coat of arms, he changed his surname from Bauer to Rothschild, and from that time he was known as Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

“Rot” in German means “red”, and “schild” is “shield”. The Red Shield, and the hexagram, which is a kabbalistic symbol known in many cultures as a “magic” and occult symbol, and it has nothing to do with the ancient Israel.

Mayer had five sons:

  • Nathan Mayer de Rothschild
  • Amschel Mayer de Rothschild
  • Salomon Mayer de Rothschild
  • Kalman Mayer de Rothschild
  • Jacob Mayer de Rothschild

He sent his sons to other countries to expand the business. Mayer Rothschild found out that lending to governments is more profitable than lending to individuals or even businesses. This is what he asked his sons to do in countries they had been sent to.

Before his death, Mayer Amschel Rothschild created the rules for his sons, and the whole dynasty:

  1. Only males will enter the business
  2. Intermarry to preserve fortune
  3. The eldest son of the eldest son is to become the head of the family.

After his death, Mayer’s sons left Frankfurt and established banks in all the major European cities. Nathan Rothschild moved to London, where he established a Banking House. During the Napoleonic Wars, five Rothschild brothers supplied gold to both, Wellington’s army through Nathan in England, and Napoleon’s army through Jacob in France.

Follow the money, Nathan Rothschild

Thus, they established a formula that will be maintained until present day. Exactly this: Fund both sides of each war, and get rich in the aftermath. The Napoleonic War forced England and many other countries in Europe to borrow huge sums from the Rothschild banks, at interest rates they could never repay.

Moreover, they manipulated the stock market. During the war, speculators could watch the value of Nathan Rothschild’s war bonds, trying to predict who would win the war. Not long after the fight was over, and long before anyone knew who had won, Rothschild began selling bonds.

Everyone assumed it meant Napoleon had won and Europe had lost. A panic sale ensued, and as prices plummeted, Nathan bought most of these bonds. Holding securities of this value meant that the Rothschild literally owned the Bank of England. From that moment on, the interests of the British crown and the Rothschild became so intertwined that they were bestowed with titles of nobility.

Follow the money, Rothschild family emblem

Nathan famously said: “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule an empire where the sun never sets. The man who controls England’s money supplies controls the British Empire and I control England’s money supplies”.

The Rothschild used their control of the Bank of England to change the method of transporting gold from country to country, using instead the European network of banks to establish a system of unsecured checks and credits – the same system we use today. At the end of this period, the Rothschild family controlled half of the world’s wealth.

Have a look at the picture below. Boris Johnson was the prime minister of Britain during C-19 pandemic. He visited Jacob de Rothschild in his house – Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire in England. The second person in the country is visiting a private banker, not the other way around.

Follow the money, jacob Rothschild and Boris Johnson

Now look at the residence of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Can you see the difference?

Follow the money, 10 Downing Street

History is written by the winners

Who has the money, has a power as well. Money is not an end in itself, but it’s a tool to achieve other goals, it’s an energy. I mentioned that two big companies own other corporations, and that means they decide how other companies are to prosper. Rothschild family is the richest, but not the only one powerful group of people.

Follow the money, Rothschild and Rockefeller

We have more, for example Rockefeller family, who took over the medical science and education system in the whole world with the help of many foundations and international organizations, such as United Nations, World Helth Organisation, World Economic Forum, and many others.

Follow the money, new world order organisations, my money force

Imagine that you are going back to the school. The system is teaching you how to become a good and obedient worker, but any form of independent thinking, and in particular criticism of the official narrative, is associated with rejection and sometimes even ridicule of you.

Check the article Why The Most People Are Poor?

The end of the 18th century and the 19th century are very turbulent periods in our history. Science began to flourish, and in the aftermath, the Industrial Revolution began and our world changed for the better… We’ve been told…

What happened before? Does the official narrative provide us with sufficient explanations of what happened before, and why did humanity have to wait so long for the technological developments that took place in the late 18th and 19th centuries? What about the World’s Fairs in the end of 19th and beginning of 20th centuries?

Follow the money, world fairs New York

If you want to study and deeply examine the history you will find more and more questions. Unfortunately, in the current education system there is no place for logical thinking and asking questions, but blindly following the guidelines of the curriculum created by the government obedient to large corporations and the United Nations.

Follow the money, magnificent architecture

What if I’ll tell you that humanity was more advanced in the past, then we are told? Look at the old buildings, castles, cathedrals, temples, irrigation systems. When you are on holiday and visit the old town in one of the famous, old city, you watch the sights. You can think: “How did they build it?”. Without the electric tools, using horses and cars? Yeah, right!

Follow the money, old architecture

Follow the money, granite stones

What about the magnificent, huge ancient buildings, done with a such precision, maintaining perfect geometry and symmetry? Have you seen ancient giant stones perfectly cut so that they fit together like puzzles, and what’s more, they have survived thousands of years, earthquakes and other catastrophes? Who built the star cities? Look:

Follow the money, star city

Follow the money, old technology

We cannot build something like that today using current technology, even if we would try, but the corrupted education system tells us, these people were not advanced! The history is a lie! There was a very advanced civilisation before our funny industrial revolution, and they had access to the free, electric energy.

Follow the money, tartaria

During the World’s Fairs they showed us the achievements of the previous civilisation, and destroyed them. Look at the illumination of the cities during the World’s Fairs, how did they achieve that in late 19th, and beginning of 20th century? Many cities, such as Paris, Chicago looked completely different than now!

Follow the money, worlds fairs cities

There is a lot of old pictures from 1860s, that present empty cities of Europe, Russia, and the rest of the world, where we can see beautiful, magnificent architecture… and roads covered by mud.

Follow the money, empty Moscow

Follow the money, empty City

Follow the money, muddy city
Poland is another example. Józef Piłsudski, we are told, was a national hero. But if we have a closer look at that person, we can clearly say he wasn’t. In May 1926 he launched a coup d’état, as a result of which the Polish government was murdered and many political opponents were imprisoned.

Follow the money, józef piłsudski

The power was taken over by the so-called Sanacja, which was led by Piłsudski (real surname Salman). The sanction imposed a harsh regime in the country, the Polish Army was destroyed, many veterans and military commanders were dismissed, reforms were halted, and as a result Poland lost the September Campaign when Nazi Germany attacked the country.

Who wanted to hide this information and exalt Piłsudski as a hero? Who sponsored that?

Our history is fabricated, and deeply rewritten, but what’s worse, our true history is LOST! Why do they do that? Why do they lie to us? We’ll try to find the answer, but before I want to show you another example, so fasten your seat belts, as Houston, we’ve had a big problem!

Stranger than fiction

National Aeronautic and Space Administration, known as NASA, was founded in 29 July 1958 in USA. By design, the agency aims to explore and exploit space, but is that really the case? Or is there a completely different purpose behind it?

Follow the money, Werner von braun

Werner von Braun was a German-born aerospace engineer and so-called space architect. He worked on the rocket development program of Nazi Germany. In 1960, he and the others were hired by NASA, where he became director of the newly established Marshall Space Flight Center.

Follow the money, Werner von braun, my money force

He was also the chief architect of the technology that supposedly landed the Apollo space craft on the moon. What many didn’t realise was that the Roswell crash and the 1947 UFO narrative were a carefully crafted and insidious form of false flag that could be classified as PSY-OP.

PSY-OP is a psychological operation specifically designed to convey selected information and cues to the audience to influence their emotions, motives and objective reasoning. PSY-OPs drop ideas into people’s minds in secret ways. This is the best way to create intrigue and buzz around a given message.

PSY-OPs are highly manipulative and can act in the opposite psychological way, where the recipient feels that the information must be true because it was secret.

The people are more and more hungry of new information about aliens, so the media sometimes show them new “facts”, to keep the agenda rolling. In 7 December 1972, we are told, the first picture of Earth had been taken by the Apollo 17 crew.

There would be nothing suspicious about it, if not for the keen eyes of inquisitive people who noticed that the clouds were simply copied and pasted in other places around the globe. Then we have more officially published photos that flatten out the different sizes of the continents, as if they were growing and shrinking. Look:

Follow the money, nasa lies

Follow the money, nasa lies

Follow the money, nasa lies, fake earth picture

We can also notice that the picture of the moon from space is not original:

Follow the money, nasa lies, fake moon

And what about astronauts in ISS? Did they use the harness to show us that they can fly inside the space ship, as there is no gravity there?

Follow the money, nasa lies

Isn’t it weird? The biggest space agency in the world cannot proof their work in space! Instead of that they are showing techniques used to record science fiction movies, and computer graphics such as purported photos of the Earth from space. We can also see air bubbles in photos and videos from space, as if they were being filmed underwater.

Follow the money, nasa lies

The masses are happy seeing new stuff from “space heroes”, but what is the real purpose of NASA activities?

  1. Gathering money from people who pay the taxes. Every NASA project costs huge amounts of money. They must have the money from somewhere – your pocket! NASA and US government is getting rich thanks to the lies that people believe in! Follow the money, and you’ll find the truth!
  2. They use the money that people pay them for something what is hidden from the public, completely different projects!

Follow the money, fishbowl logo

Starfish Prime was the American high altitude thermonuclear bomb test conducted on July 9, 1962, as part of Operation Fishbowl. A thermonuclear warhead (made by the Los Alamos National Laboratory) carried by a Thor rocket exploded at an altitude of 250 miles [400 km], 19 miles [31 km] southwest of Johnston Island.

Follow the money, fishbowl nuke

Follow the money, fishbowl nuke

Why did they launch rockets and nuclear bombs far into the Earth’s atmosphere? Then there were similar tests with nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. Why? We probably won’t find out soon, but the evidence is clear that we’ve been lied to on an unimaginably large scale.


I know that this article is controversial and questions many messages from the official narrative. I have spent a lot of time gathering all this information to present it to you, dear reader, and I know some of you may not agree with this. But all of this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is much, much more facts hidden from us.

Follow the money, iceberg tip

I want you to realise how money can be used by people. Money flows like a river, and it is the driving force behind many events and undertakings, but it is not an end in itself. Money is an energy to achieve other goals! If you want to find the truth you need to follow the money, follow the bloodlines, follow the symbols!

Everything that’s not clear is hidden in the background. The government and rich people who have a power don’t want you to have the money. That’s why many of you are forced to work hard in 9-5 jobs, you need to pay more and more taxes, and freedom is slowly being taken away from us, also with the money that their agenda is sponsored by.

The elites own the media so that they can tell people to even beat themselves over the head with hammers for their own good, and people will believe it. We are being lied to such an extent that even our history is falsified. There was more advanced civilisation, with access to free energy, and Nicola Tesla rediscovered it, but they stopped him, by cutting off funds for further work.

Follow the money, nikola Tesla, free energy, mymoneyforce

The Rothschild family is a great example of how money can influence events on a global scale. They have manipulated the stock markets, and thanks to that they became more rich. Everything is connected to each other. The charts on the stock market are showing the situation in the world and vice versa. You can take it as a fundamental analysis lesson if you trade.

While learning, at some point I started to notice that something was wrong, so I started looking for information, just the ones I mentioned in this article and in the previous ones as well. There was much more information I have found, but we have no time to discuss all of them.

I have created this website to help you with making money. They want you to be their slaves, and I want you to be free, as I disagree with them, gently said. I hope so, thanks to this post you will know me and my way of thinking better. The time flies, and our break is almost over. We’ve had some interesting conversations, but now it’s time to get back to work.

We need to concentrate on making money methods. Till the next article!

Kind regards,


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  1. Hey thanks you for this post!
    This was a great read and certainly quite different to the usual ones I often read when it comes to money making. You have a lot of important information here which followed some history.

    Your post on why some people are poor sounds interesting so I definitely going to check that one out too!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    • Hi Sariyah and welcome on my website! I’m very glad that you like my article. Yes, it’s different than others, but I think, that sometimes we need to take a break from the stuff we usually do. I decided to share some information with my audience,


  2. It is amazing how much we do not know about the global economy and how a handful of people control it in expense of everyone else. Unfortunately us the normal people always get the short end of the stick and we are somewhat helpless when it comes to the decisions these great powers take.

    • Exactly! Not many people really know what is happening behind the curtain. What we can do is to share this knowledge with others.
      All the best for you!

  3. Hey there!

    I just had to drop a comment here because your blog post really struck a chord with me! It’s so refreshing to read something that goes beyond the typical money-making tips and dives into more profound questions about life and purpose.

    The analogy of money flowing like a river is just beautiful. It made me think about how money isn’t everything, but rather a means to achieve our dreams and help others along the way. Just like water sustains life, money can also be a force for good in the world.

    And wow, your historical analysis of the Rothschild family’s influence was mind-blowing! It’s like a real-life mystery unraveling before my eyes. It’s incredible how intertwined power, money, and history can be.

    Your exploration of hidden truths and potential cover-ups really got me thinking. It’s essential to question what we’re told and dig deeper into the facts. We need to be more aware and make informed decisions in this complex world we live in.

    I loved how you brought up the ancient civilizations and space explorations. It’s like you’re taking us on a journey through history and inspiring us to see things from a different perspective. It’s like a thrilling adventure, trying to unravel the mysteries of our past.

    Your dedication to sharing knowledge and sparking curiosity is commendable. I can tell you’ve put in a lot of effort and passion into this post, and it definitely shows. You’re doing an amazing job of making people think critically and question the status quo.

    Thanks for this eye-opening read! I’m definitely sharing this with my friends because I know they’ll find it just as captivating as I did. Keep up the fantastic work, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Cheers!

    • Hi Sandro! I’m very happy that you are impressed with my article. I tried to share as much as I could, but it’s still just a small piece of all the information. I tried to show the clue what we should do to find the truth, and hitch is hidden from us. I really appreciate you are sharing this article to others! Thank you very much! And all the best for you my friend!

  4. Hi there, Blaze,

    Thank you for sharing the amazing information regarding money and the people who have lots of it such as the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. It is very interested that there are companies that own a lot of the other entities. Your article is very unique. I was not expecting to get such a treasure trove of invaluable information related to the topic of money.

    I am curious about what other kinds of information and tips you have regarding money. Could you share more on the subject? I would be very interested to learn more, especially from someone who’s done so much research in this area.

    Thanks again for your article and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Hi there! I’m happy that you like my article! Yes, in the foreseeable future I want to publish more posts like this one. I need to do the deep research first.
      Kind regards,

  5. Hi there, Blaze,

    Thank you for sharing the amazing information regarding money and the people who have lots of it such as the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. It is very interested that there are companies that own a lot of the other entities. Your article is very unique. I was not expecting to get such a treasure trove of invaluable information related to the topic of money.

    I am curious about what other kinds of information and tips you have regarding money. Could you share more on the subject? I would be very interested to learn more, especially from someone who’s done so much research in this area.

    Thanks again for your article and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  6. It is interesting how the richest people in the world, control a large percentage of companies. Reading more of the history of the Rothschilds and how the name came about, was fascinating. And although the rich people often bribe and fund politicians, I do not think that it is only the Rockefellers and Rothschilds than own everything. 

    You mention that history is fabricated. So do you believe in a conspiracy theory? Did money influence historians? Thank you for your view.

    • Hello again Line!

      I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I’m based on the facts, that everyone can check.

      In the official historical narrative there are many things that do not make any sense. I love history, and I found that it’s very very probable that humanity had access to the advanced technology in the past.

      Money rules everything! Imagine if we would use a free and pure energy today, all that huge corporations would be bankrupt, and that means they would loose their power.

      All the best to you!

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