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Everyone would like to have a passive income, nice and easy life and lame the dreams come true. Todays world is not offering anything good for us. Spend a lot of years to finish your education, find the job and very often live in a rented room. It doesn’t sound good. What if I’ll tell you that you have a chance to change it, get out of the system and enjoy your life? In this article I’m going to present you one of the best ways to make good money online.

So bear with me…

Website building

Website buildingDon’t worry if you are a complete beginner. I was as well. If you are thinking seriously about good money, not just pocket money, then building your own website is very helpful. All the serious businesses have their own website. And that is understandable. The first thing the people who are looking for an offer or product do is searching for that in Google. If you’ll have a good website then it’s very possible they’ll be your visitors and in effect your customers.

What do you need to create a good looking website? If you have an experience then you’ll know but a lot of people had nothing to do with Webmastering and this is the place where you can learn about that.

  1.  Good training – not even for a complete beginners, we learn something new all the time. Training is necessary to avoid the mistakes and become a real pro.
  2. Hosting – you’ll need a space to place your website. If you don’t have your own server then hosting is essential.
  3. Your own domain – your website will be higher in the Google ranking if you’ll have your own website. Of course you can start with a free domain as for example domain.wordpress.com but for the future your own one is much better and more professional, for example domain.com.
  4. Tools – you can do it without the tools but you must have a knowledge about HTML, Java etc and it takes much more time. It’s better to use professional tools and build your website in literally few minutes, isn’t it?
  5. Money – it’s not a secret that you need to invest some money, for example in hosting or domain. Every serious business requires an investments.

These are the basic things you need. I highly recommend to educate yourself about all the process to avoid mistakes and step by step build your own business even as a beginner. Unfortunately a good course is expensive and sometimes it costs even few thousands of dollars.

But don’t worry. You can get it for much cheaper if you know where to find it. In my personal opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for you. You’ll find there literally EVERYTHING listed above that you need for much much cheaper. Full training provided even for a complete beginners like I was.

Hosting, entrepreneur programs, all the tools and your own domain, but also a huge community – over 2 millions of users and support 24/7. If you’ll need ANY help, someone will help you.

Wealthy Affiliate start to earn online

Register as a Starter member for 100% FREE and try it, but I recommend to upgrade to premium membership what costs only $49/month! It’s almost nothing for all the tools, hosting, your own domain, professional trainings and classes and support 24/7. If you’ll chose another place you’ll pay more just for one thing, for example hosting. I thing Wealthy Affiliate is worth that $49/month with everything you need to build beautiful website.

BONUS! – first month is just $19 that means you save $30 for first month. Isn’t it nice?

To join one of the best and cheapest platform offering everything simply just click here

Search Engine Optimization

Seo keywordsKnown as a SEO. It is the practice of growing a website’s traffic from organic search results. It involves things like keyword research, content creation, link building, and technical audits.

Let’s make it simple. You want a lot of visitors on your website. SEO will help you to get the traffic. But you have to take an action. What you need is:

  1. Keywords – that means to use the phrases that people are looking for. There is also a nice tool Jaaxy which is very helpful to find appropriate keyword and I’ll explain you how it works.
  2. Content – try to create a nice rich content that is interesting to read. Make sure you use minimum 1000 words in a post but it’s even better to use more, for example 3000 words. Remember to keep the topic you write about and think aboud the reader. Use the keywords.
  3. Links – make sure that you put some links in your post, remember that you can use an affiliate links that help you to earn money online, putting the links to your other pages/posts is also a good idea.
  4. Images – nice looking website must include some pictures. At Wealthy Affiliate you’ll find plenty of free pictures ready to use!
  5. Videos – you can upload a videos to the articles on your website, it’s a great idea and will help you to get the traffic.

Everything above you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate where you’ll have an access to appropriate tools.

What the Jaaxy is?

Jaaxy website building Ok, so let me explain to you what the Jaaxy is. As you want to learn how to make money online now, I need to show you how to choose a good keywords – they are the way to achieve your goals.

To get a traffic on your website you have to use a good keywords. Jaaxy will help you. It is a tool whe you can check the average amount of researches of the keywords, what traffic it will bring to you and how many website in the whole internet includes the keyword.

Jaaxy researches results

  • Avg. – average number of monthly researches
  • Traffic – visits to your website when you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines
  • QSR – quoted search results, simply means how many websites with the keywords are existing in the internet.

What you need to do is to find the keywords with high Avg and traffic and low QSR. Then you’ll get more chance to get the traffic and your website will be ranked higher in the Search Engines.

You can use Jaaxy in two methods. The first one is to register there directly here. The second method to use the Jaaxy is Wealthy Affiliate as it’s one of the most used tools there. If you prefer to use Jaaxy directly it costs $49/month what is the same as Wealthy Affiliate where the research option of Jaaxy is included in premium membership for the same price and first month is only $19. To start using Wealthy Affiliate just click here

Website marketing

Website marketing money force

Alright! If you have decided to build your website, you have to find an idea which is the foundation of your business. Website marketing offers you a freedom of decisions. What do you want to promote on your website? In on of the previous articles I wrote about the niche.

Niche is the group of people looking for the same thing. For example healthy food, music, sport, travels or literally everything. In every niche there are customers and sellers.

Use the affiliate links for product that you are using, describing them that the visitor will see your review and after can make a decision to buy it. If you for example play guitar you can use the affiliate link to the online store which sells guitars, telling few words that’s your opinion. Sounds good, isn’t it?

People will see your review and probably will take an action. When they will see your link it will be easy for them to just click it and buy the product they are looking for.

Remember that the only one limit is your imagination 🙂

Take your action now!

200 złotych banknot money force

If you want to make money online home you can just follow the steps I have presented in this article. Your own website is the first and sometimes the most important step to build your own business online. The internet gives us a lot of opportunities and one of them is a chance to earn money online without working the shifts for other companies.

You have to remember that it’s a long term work and if you’ll do everything step by step I’m 100% sure that you’ll achieve your goals, financial freedom and you’ll become a boss for yourself or who knows, maybe for someone else in the future?

With Wealthy Affiliate you have chance to earn good money online like thousands others already done.

If you have any questions, please leave the comment or email me directly, I’ll be happy to help you.


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