TOP 5 The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

The foundation of the affiliate marketing is a good program that will pay you for promoting it. Let’s check which ones are the most profitable affiliate programs? Which one is the best? You’ll find here my TOP, relevant affiliate programs. Let’s not bore you, let’s get started!

The purpose of the affiliate marketing

You are here to learn how to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a great choice. I try to talk about different ways of making money, but some methods, such as investments are risky, and others will give you just pocket money. I also try to warn people about scam, such as MLM “businesses”, where 80% of people are losing their money.

The most profitable affiliate programs, magic doors

Affiliate marketing opens the door to the exciting journey, which offers many opportunities to get rich. But it is a long journey, and that’s why not everyone is going to achieve the success. Very often people are looking for instant results, they think they can change their lives overnight, ubut it is a great mistake. You can only lose your money overnight. That’s the truth!

Affiliate marketing is not related with risk, but it requires a consistent and regular work, the same as every serious business. You need a time to see your first fruits of your work, but trust me, as soon as you will notice the first money in your bank account, you will be very happy and I’m sure that you would like to continue that journey. That’s why I said it’s exciting trip.

The most profitable affiliate programs, choose your niche

The first step is choosing your niche. The best one is related with your passion. Why? Because you already have some knowledge about the subject you like. The second step is to choose appropriate affiliate programs you would like to promote. The third step is to create a source of traffic, and the best one is your own website or blog.

You can open the YouTube channel, or use other social media. However, portals like Facebook usually block affiliate links, and that’s why it’s really important to have your own website – foundation for your business. You can post links to your website, where you can describe an offer with details.

MLM Network Marketing Home Business, affiliate marketing scheme, My Money Force

If someone is going to click your affiliate links and buy something, you’ll get the commission. There is plenty of people who already make good money using affiliate marketing. Take a look at your favourite YouTube channels, I’m sure that you’ll find someone promoting something.

You have to help people, that’s why it’s very important to be honest, people want to see the product you promote is really good and they need it. Otherwise, nobody will buy it. It is not easy, but if you will learn the basics, you are going to have a passive income, that means you will earn the money automatically, even while you sleep! And that’s the purpose!

Alright, I want to make it easier for you, and that’s why I want to show you now, the best affiliate programs in making money niche. Why making money niche? Because people are always looking for extra income, and they will be always looking for that. Especially today, when everything is more expensive and our life is harder year after year.

You can also help others and make money, having an exciting journey, even if you are a complete beginner!

#1. Wealthy Affiliate

Once again, Wealthy Affiliate takes first place in my ranking. It’s a great platform founded in 2005, it’s addressed to everyone who would like to learn affiliate marketing and not only. WA provides literally everything you need to open your own profitable business.

How can I work at home and make money, join Wealthy Affiliate

If you don’t know this platform, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review, where you will find more information. You can join WA completely for free, registration takes literally few minutes, you don’t need to wait for acceptance. Once you’re registered, you have access to the affiliate program.

Let me show you now how WA’s affiliate program works. If you are a new member of the platform, you have access to your affiliate link instantly. Click the $ icon in the top menu, and just copy your personal affiliate link. You can paste it wherever you want! And this is what you’ll get if someone is going to join Wealthy Affiliate through your link:

  • $1 straight away for Starters
  • $11.75/month for Premium members
  • $23.25/month for Premium Plus members
  • $30/month for Premium Plus with dedicated server members

As you notice you’ll get paid MONTHLY for each member who decided to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus! Trust me, there is not many affiliate programs offering a monthly income for each sale. This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate program!

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? Affiliate program

But that’s not enough! All the rates I’ve listed above are for Starters, which means those who joined the WA for free. You do NOT risk, as you don’t have to pay anything. But if you would like to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus you will make even more money for each sale:

  • $1 for Starters – it’s the same as above
  • $23.50/month for Premium members
  • $46.50/month for Premium Plus members
  • $60/month for Premium Plus with dedicated server members

As you can see you can double your earnings as soon as you upgrade to Premium at least. Wealthy Affiliates offers really good and profitable passive income. Imagine that you have 50 referrals who upgraded to Premium.

Simple calculation: 50 x $23.50 = $1175 – this is how much you’ll get paid EVERY MONTH! But what happens if someone would like to pay for one year in advance? You’ll get paid one time commission, take a look:

  • $117.50/year for Premium Member or $235/year if you are Premium
  • $160/year for Premium Plus Member or $320/year if you are Premium
  • $360/year for Premium Plus with dedicated server or $720/year if you are Premium

There is also another benefit for the best affiliate marketers. If you’ll get 300 referrals in the calendar year, you will win a trip to Las Vegas where you can personally meet founders of Wealthy Affiliate!

WA also provides a comprehensive training, so you have a chance to achieve a life changing income even if you are a complete beginner!

#2. ByBit Affiliate Program

ByBit is one of the best crypto platforms in the world. You can buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, you can trade, mine them, and make money by saving. There is plenty of features offered by ByBit. You can read more about this platform in my ByBit exchange review.

ByBit exchange review, bybit logo

And now we are going to concentrate on what ByBit offers to affiliate marketers. You need to join ByBit first. Once your account is created, open ByBit in your browser. ByBit app does not include affiliate program features. Where you use your mobile phone or computer, click main menu button -> Promotions -> Affiliate Program.

You need to register to affiliate program as well. After registration, you need to wait for acceptance. It shouldn’t take long. Sometimes you are accepted even the same day! As soon as you received and email welcoming you to the ByBit Affiliate Program, you are ready to promote one of the best and safest crypto platform in the world!

The most profitable affiliate programs, ByBit affiliate program

And this is what you will get:

  • 33% commission from your referral trades
  • Up to 10% commission from your sub-affiliates’ earnings
  • Many different rewards, such as new IPhone 15 and $200
  • Extra income for promoting different ByBit campaigns (check it regularly)

The most profitable affiliate programs, ByBit affiliate program

ByBit offers many rewards for new users. Therefore, it’s worth to promote that platform. Remember, the get the rewards every new user must register through affiliate link. If you would like to join ByBit directly, you won’t get anything! Your referrals have a chance to get up to $30,000 of Bonus if they will join through your link!

Another helpful feature is ByBit Crypto Card and the benefits of using it. You can learn more about that in my article I’ve Got My ByBit Crypto Card.

In conclusion: ByBit has very profitable affiliate program with many additional features and profits for both, affiliate marketers and their referrals. That’s why it’s my #2 affiliate program.

#3. MyLead

MyLead is a Polish affiliate network, it’s different from Wealthy Affiliate. However, MyLead has a comprehensive training section, very useful tools, and helpful community. The advantage of MyLead is that the platform is complete free. There is no premium membership. You just need to register and that’s it.

how to upgrade wealthy affiliate membership without money, MyLead

–> Check out my MyLead Review to learn more!

That makes it easier for you to promote MyLead. Especially when it offers everything that people need to start making money within affiliate marketing. Users have access to hundreds or even thousands of ready affiliate programs with descriptions and instructions.

MyLead works worldwide, so everyone can start making money, no matter what part of the world he lives in. The popularity of affiliate marketing is growing up, because it’s relevant and honest way of earning extra income. Alright, what we are interested in is how to make money by promoting MyLead.

What you’ll get is 5% commission from your referrals income.

Not much? Really? Maybe, but it’s easy to promote this platform. Your referrals don’t need to pay ANYTHING! They do not risk! The same as you. That’s why it’s more possible to get referrals. People like when something is for free. You will start making money, when they will start making many. And there is plenty of profitable affiliate programs.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review, making money scheme, my money force

If someone makes for example $5000, you’ll get 5%, that means $250. Four referrals making $5000 – $1000 commission for you!

The same as Wealthy Affiliate and ByBit, you have to be a member of MyLead to have access to the affiliate program. Click the link below to join MyLead and start making money:

==> Join MyLead now to have access to the Affiliate Program

Don’t forget that you can also make money by using ready affiliate programs provided by MyLead. There are many categories, so finding appropriate programs is very easy. MyLead works in few languages, even non English speakers can use this platform!

#4. Jaaxy – Keywords Research Tool

If we are talking about affiliate marketing, we cannot avoid keywords, they are one of the most important part of this business model. Appropriate keywords are crucial to get the traffic, and traffic leads to making money! A lot of beginners don’t understand how important keywords are.

Jaaxy, my money force. The most important SEO factor for search rank

It really doesn’t matter that someone is looking for something in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Facebook, Twitter or other social media, keywords help people to find the content they are looking for. You must use keywords, otherwise you will be struggling with making money all through the time!

Fortunately there is a great tool where we can find the best keywords for us! That’s tool is Jaaxy! And what’s important for us – it has its own affiliate program! And this program is very similar to Wealthy Affiliate. This is what you’ll get:

  • $20/month for Pro members
  • $40/month for Enterprise members

As you can see Jaaxy pays monthly commission, the same as Wealthy Affiliate. But if your referral would like to pay for one year in advance, you’ll get:

  • $200/year for Pro members
  • $400/year for Enterprise members

The most profitable affiliate programs, Jaaxy affiliate program

Jaaxy is not only the keywords research tool, it shows a lot of information, such as competition, traffic, SEO and more. You can check your website’s rankings as well. Everyone who thinks about affiliate marketing, and not only, should use it to increase the traffic, and consequently earnings.

You need to be registered member of Jaaxy to promote it. You can join it by clicking the link below:

==> Join Jaaxy Now And Start Making Money By Promoting It

#5. Fiverr Affiliates

Sometimes we need someone else to help us, for example if you are a beginner and would like to create a really good content, or some graphics, or interesting video. You can ask professionals to help you. And there is a place in the internet where you can choose the person who can do the job for you.

The most profitable affiliate programs, Fiverr affiliate program

This place is Fiverr – the freelancers platform, where people promote themselves and get paid for well done job. You can find appropriate people in any category. Everyone has his rating, so freelancers really do their best to complete their tasks and make their customers happy!

Fiverr is very well-known platform for freelancers and their customers. You, as an affiliate marketer, will be interested in the second group, that means people who are looking for someone who will solve their problems, or do the job for them. Even webmaster are asking freelancers to help them to build their websites.

The most profitable affiliate programs, Fiverr affiliate program

OK, what about Fiverr’s affiliate program? How does it work, and how much will you get paid for promoting it? Let’s take a look.

The basic commission rate is 10%, but you can get much more as there are two commission plans that you can choose:

  • CPA commission (Cost-per-action) ranges from $15-$150 depending on the service categories
  • Hybrid commission – $10 CPA and 10% revenue share for a year

You can also get an additional income for promoting other products. You’ll get the commission from:

  • Fiverr Business – $100 CPA commission and 10% revenue share for a year
  • Fiverr Affiliates – 10% from each referred affiliate’s income lifetime commission
  • Fiverr Learn – 30% from Fiverr’s online training subscription
  • Fiverr Workspace – 50% commission if your referral purchases the unlimited plan

The most profitable affiliate programs, Fiverr affiliate program

Fiverr’s affiliate program looks really profitable. There are many ways to get paid so you can seriously increase your income. It’s my Number 5 affiliate programs, why I give 5th to Fiverr Affiliates? Just because competition, it could be a little bit more difficult to promote it if you are beginner. However, you can always try.

Day after day, you will have more experience, and getting sales from Fiverr Affiliates will be easier for you. Click the link below to join the program and start making money!

==> Join Fiverr Affiliates And Start Making Money NOW!

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is one the most popular ways of making money online. Usually you don’t have to invest anything. Everything depends on the time you spend on working and good idea. Even if you haven’t been involved in this business model, you can learn everything from the scratch.

Everyone learns all the time, even professionals. Affiliate marketing is like very exciting journey full of successes and failures, it’s a long-term work and the final prize is passive income, financial freedom, which leads to the time and location freedom. That’s our goal and we need money to achieve it.

The most profitable affiliate programs, financial freedom

If you want to achieve the success you need a good affiliate programs, that is helpful for the people. And this is what makes affiliate marketing one of the best business models. It’s honest and you really must offer something useful and helpful that people are interested in.

I have shown you my TOP 5 the most profitable affiliate programs in making money niche to help you with getting started. My favourite Number 1 is Wealthy Affiliate, as it’s very profitable, you earn commission every month for each referral. It’s also a fantastic platform for everyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing and website development.

Other programs are also profitable, that’s why I have mentioned them. There is obviously more affiliate programs, but it will be confusing to share plenty of ideas. I think that 5 the best affiliate programs are definitely enough, whether you are a beginner or you have some experience.

However, if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions please let me know. I’m open for any discussion.

If you like this article, please click one of the buttons below and share it in the social media, so others can also learn about affiliate marketing.


As I said, that Wealthy Affiliate is my Number 1, you can increase your earnings within WA by upgrading to Premium! I have prepared another article where I show step by step how to upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership without spending even a single penny! Click the link below and check it out! That’s my gift for you!

—> Learn How To Upgrade Wealthy Affiliate Membership Without Money



12 Replies to “TOP 5 The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs”

  1. This article provides valuable insight into the world of affiliate marketing and the potential it holds for individuals seeking to make money online. It’s refreshing to see the author’s emphasis on honesty and integrity in this field, where trust is paramount.

    The article wisely advises readers to choose a niche they are passionate about, highlighting the importance of having prior knowledge and enthusiasm for the products or services they promote. This approach not only makes the affiliate marketing journey more enjoyable but also increases the likelihood of success.

  2. Thanks for this very detailed article on the top 5 most profitable affiliate programs to earn money as an affiliate. You raise some salient and positive points and I most certainly agree that all these can be lucrative and worth promoting. They are well-positioned in their niches and have a successful track record behind them.

    For me, the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can pursue commissions while doing other things with your business. For instance, you may be selling digital products that support one or more of the niche platforms or opportunities mentioned, and you can earn from both your sales and the affiliate commissions. 

    Just as you have mentioned the 5 most profitable programs, you can easily do the same with other affiliate programs no matter your niche. I have done this over the past 8 years with success. Taking it one step further, you can combine affiliate promotions with your own digital product offers, and further develop your own affiliate program. This way you can earn money from affiliate sales, but as a vendor!  Yet another potential income stream…

    Having said that, your advice to stick to a few offerings makes sense, especially when starting out. At that point, simplicity is good and it also keeps things easily manageable.  Having 5 strong programs to focus on and promote, as you suggest, is a good path to follow starting out. As you gain more experience, you can add to your program and business as I have done over the years.      

    • Hi Dave!

      8 years is really a lot of experience! To be honest I have started not long time ago, because I’ve been doing other things to make money.

      I like your idea of combining affiliate marketing with other businesses. We call that diversification. Affiliate marketing offers real passive income, and if you also do something else, you have two sources of revenue!

      Kind regards,


      • Hi, Błażej!

        Based on the manner in which you put this article together, it seems to me that you are on the right path! I think you will do well with affiliate marketing.

        There are so many opportunities these days with the internet and now AI leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs.

        I am continuously amazed at how people are earning online and just what the potential is ahead. You are getting into affiliate marketing at a good time!

        Take care and best of luck!


        Dave : )

        • Hi Dave!

          Yes I agree with you. There is a lot of opportunities in the internet, I think there is still plenty of them to be discovered by me.

          I’m very sceptical about AI, I know that it’s recommended, by I do the content and other stuff by myself. It may take more time obviously, but I’m happy that is only my work 🙂

          I believe there is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing and I’m really excited seeing that money comes to me automatically. That’s a great way to get the passive income!

          Kind regards,


  3. Hey Blazej,

    Thanks for this article.

    Very detailed and useful I appreciate that you give an overview of affiliate marketing first and then get into providing an overview of the top 5 affiliate programs and explain in great detail each one, with many visuals.

    Very informative and detailed.

    Thanks for taking the time to produce this article and insights.

    Cherie :o)

    • Hi Cherie!

      It’s nice to hear from you! Thanks for your kind comment:)

      As my website is addressed to the beginners as well, I do my best to provide as much details as I can.

      Kind regards,


  4. hey blazej

    thanks for the article 🙂 it was very informative and gave me a good overview of profitable affiliate programs. i totally agree that affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online, but it’s important to choose the right programs and put in the work.

    i’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months now, and it’s been a game-changer. The training and community support are fantastic. But I’m also considering ByBit’s affiliate program, especially since it’s in the crypto space, which is booming. The potential commissions from referrals are appealing.

    Thanks for sharing these insights! 🙂

    • Hi Matias and thanks a lot for your message.

      Wealthy Affiliate and ByBit are my favourite ones. However ByBit is banned in UK where I live, and I’m going to see that affiliate program of this platform is still working.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hey Blazej!

    Solid breakdown of the top 5 affiliate programs for the money-making niche. Your no-nonsense approach is refreshing, and you’ve laid out the facts in a way even my grandma could understand.

    I like how you cut through the hype and remind folks that affiliate marketing ain’t a magic trick. It’s a journey, not a sprint. Your emphasis on patience is like telling someone to chill while waiting for a pizza delivery – good things take time!

    Wealthy Affiliate taking the top spot makes sense. Monthly commissions, a potential trip to Vegas, and a platform that’s practically throwing goodies at you—sign me up for that party!

    ByBit’s got its crypto game strong, and the potential for a fat bonus for referrals is like finding extra fries at the bottom of your takeout bag. Nice surprise!

    MyLead keeping it free and easy is a winner. No premium membership hoopla – just register and roll. It’s like getting a free sample at the grocery store; you’re more likely to try it.

    Jaaxy and its keyword magic seem like the sidekick everyone needs. Monthly commissions and a yearly jackpot for those going all-in – it’s like a rewards program for nerds (the good kind).

    Fiverr Affiliates, the marketplace for getting things done, has a commission plan that’s like choosing between getting cash or cash and more stuff. It’s like picking a combo meal at a fast-food joint.

    Your bonus tip on upgrading Wealthy Affiliate without spending a dime is like sneaking into a movie theater without paying – cheeky but effective!

    In a world full of complicated jargon and marketing fluff, your breakdown is a breath of fresh air. Keep it real, Blazej!

    Pen name TBD 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy!

      I’m happy that you like my article. It’s really nice to read your comment. I’ve tried my best to show people everything I know to help them achieve the success and financial independence.

      Kind regards!


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