Protest Of Truck Drivers On The Polish-Ukrainian border. What This Is About?

Polish drivers have been protesting on the Polish-Ukrainian border for few weeks. Large queues of Ukrainian drivers wanting to enter Ukraine are forming, even several kilometers long.
What’s going on? Why are Poles on strike? What are the consequences of this protest?

Why are Polish drivers protesting?

The protest of Polish truck drivers has been going on for several weeks. This is not hindered by bad weather conditions. Winter has already come, it’s snowing and the temperatures are, to put it mildly, unfavorable. Despite everything, the protest continues and, as drivers announce, it will continue until the protesters’ expectations are met.

Polish truck drivers protesting, my money force

Polish carriers want, above all, to restore normal economic relations, i.e. to restore entry permits for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army. I would like to remind you that Ukraine is currently at war with the Russian Federation, therefore the transport of supplies, whether humanitarian or military, continues without any disruptions.

Polish truck drivers protest, European Union, my money force

Polish drivers are not demanding anything extraordinary, only the restoration of permits for Ukrainians to enter Poland, which is a member state of the European Union. Ukraine, on the other hand, is not a member state and, therefore, does not participate in the common European market, and the citizens of this country need a visa to enter Poland and the entire European Union, with the exception of entry for tourist purposes, and the transport of goods I’m not one of those people.

Before the war Ukrainians could make 160,000 trips a year, and today they have made about a million of them. A huge difference that has very serious financial consequences, which is why I want to discuss this situation. The European Union’s obligation is to take care of the citizens and employees of the Member States first, and the transport industry is of unimaginable importance.

Polish truck drivers protest, European Union parliament, my money force

Unfortunately, in this case Brussels forgot about its obligations and concluded an agreement with Ukraine under which it abolishes entry permits for Ukrainians. Everything happened without the consent of the Member States, which unfortunately suffer from it. The question is: “do Brussels politicians not know that they are acting to the detriment of EU citizens, or is this a deliberate action?“.

Let us not forget that aid to Ukraine, only part of which is de facto affected by hostilities, is being provided all the time, without any obstacles.

Financial consequences of bad European Union policy

Sometimes I have the impression that the European Union is only acting to the detriment of citizens of member states, especially such as Poland, the Baltic countries, and other countries that joined the community in 2004. In fact, it is clear that the main beneficiaries of the EU are Germany and France.

Polish truck drivers protest, Brexit, my money force

It’s talked about in the UK, especially among ordinary people. It’s no wonder that the British voted for Brexit and I personally think it was a step in the right direction. How Great Britain will cope next depends solely on the country’s politicians. One thing is certain: the UK is now an independent country, and the dictates from Brussels no longer apply to London.

The UK paid huge costs each year in EU membership fees and received nothing in return. Dear reader, if you come from America or other continents, I would like you to know the realities that prevail on the Old Continent. And these realities are as follows: if you are a good friend and obediently do everything that the gentlemen from Brussels say, then you are OK, but if you want to decide for yourself, you are a dictator, you lack the rule of law and you must be punished in some way.

I don’t know about you, but this reminds me of the Soviet Union. This is exactly the situation Poland is currently in.

Polish truck drivers protest, eu is Soviet Union, my money force

Okay, now let’s get back to specifics related to the strike of Polish carriers.

The agreement that the European Union concluded with Ukraine over our heads directly affects the wallets of people who are on strike on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Commercial journeys, because that’s all we’re talking about here, were mostly taken over by Ukrainians who work for much lower rates than Poles.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force

This means that our neighbors from across the eastern border have actually taken over the market, and our carriers are unable to compete with them. Polish businesses are threatened with bankruptcy in favor of Ukrainian businesses, who will take the money they earn home and will not invest in Poland or other EU countries. It is a fight for survival.

The problem is further intensified by the scandalous policy of the Ukrainian authorities, which introduced an electronic system of registering in the queue to cross the border. And here there is no solidarity towards each other or simple gratitude for the help received from Poland, because Ukrainian drivers are automatically first in the queue, Poles returning from Ukraine with an empty truck have to wait at the border on the Ukrainian side for up to two weeks!

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force

This is a scandalous and reprehensible action directed by the Ukrainian government against Polish carriers. While Ukrainians can make several trips a month, Polish drivers can only make two trips. What company can survive like this?

Unfortunately, there are also disgusting incidents of Ukrainian citizens attacking Polish drivers waiting in the cold to cross the border and return home. Recently, a Polish truck was burned and the driver beaten.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force

It is quite possible that this Polish carrier was delivering aid to war-torn Ukraine. We are clearly dealing here with an attack on the Polish transport industry, which is extremely important for the country’s economy!

This is not the first problematic situation with Ukraine in the main role!

As in the heading above. The problem with the transport industry is not the first in Polish-Ukrainian relations. Just recently, in the summer of this year, there was a lot of talk about the grain crisis, again with Ukraine in the main role! Once again, the European Union was involved in this by concluding an agreement with Ukraine, ignoring the voice of the member states, in this case Poland, whose eastern border is the external border of the European Union and NATO.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Polish farmers protest

As part of this agreement, the EU opened its market to grain imports from Ukraine. Due to the fact that Poland unfortunately borders with Ukraine, it is known that the Polish market will accept the most of this grain. Ok, now let’s note two problems that arise from this:

1) A blow to Polish agriculture

Grain from Ukraine is, first of all, much cheaper due to the very cheap labor and purchasing power in this country. Therefore, in accordance with market law, every buyer will always choose what is cheaper. If grain from Ukraine reaches Poland in huge quantities, even flooding the Polish market, there is no chance for a Polish farmer to sell his grain at a favorable price.

Our Polish grain is wasted in warehouses only because much cheaper grain from Ukraine was imported and sold first. Nobody takes Polish farmers into account, whose work also generates costs. Selling Polish grain simply became unprofitable!

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, polish farmers protest

Farmers also started protesting all over the country in the summer, but fortunately the Polish government saw through and ended this scandalous practice.

Of course, the Ukrainian side didn’t like it very much. They started accusing Poland, and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zalensky, during his speech at the UN, accused Poles of collaborating with Russia! This impudent statement by this comedian caused great hostility among many Poles towards Ukrainians.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, volodymyr Zelensky in UN

Ukrainians began to use false arguments that Poland is allegedly blocking the transit of Ukrainian goods, which is why the country is suffering losses, and yet it is “heroically fighting against evil Russia.” Another perfidious lie from the Ukrainians! The transit of grain was and is possible all the time. Poles only want to be able to sell their agricultural products at normal, favorable prices, in addition, Poland is a self-sufficient country and does not need food imports from Ukraine. Oh, I guess it’s normal, isn’t it?

2) Poor quality grain and Ukrainian oligarchs

Due to the fact that the grain crisis has become a controversial topic, we decided to examine grain imported from Ukraine. It turned out that it was not suitable for consumption! It is a technical crop, and the profits from its sale do not go to the average Ukrainian farmer, but to the pockets of oligarchs who have a huge influence on the politics of this country.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Ihor Kolomoysky

Ukraine is one of the countries with the highest corruption rates in the world, and the oligarchs still rule as they once ruled. President Zelensky is a puppet of the oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who owns the Privat Bank chain of banks and the 1+1 television station, where Zelensky appeared as a comedian. It was this TV station that promoted him to become a resident. Interesting, isn’t it?

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Ihor Kolomoysky, privat bank

Do the Ukrainian oligarchs want to make money at the expense of Polish farmers and the health of Polish citizens by selling them grain that is not suitable for eating? I think this is a rhetorical question…

There are also rumors that Ukraine is still trading arms with Russia, with which it is at war! Well, these are just rumors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Dear reader, if you live in the USA, Canada or Western Europe, you do not know the realities of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Everything is possible there, and private interests are always put before the national good.

Now we have a crisis related to the transport industry, and this has a huge impact on the Polish and not only Polish economy. Everything indicates that Ukraine is waging a hybrid war against Poland, the country that has helped Ukraine the most since the Russian invasion.

Why is this happening? Why is Ukraine attacking Poland? Bear with me!

Polish-Ukrainian relations over the years

Poles have been linked with Ukrainians in international relations for many years. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish such neighbors on anyone, and I’ll tell you why. If you are Ukrainian and reading this article, do not feel offended in any way, because I am only presenting facts and truth. But know, my friend, that your own government, headed by the president, is manipulating you, deceiving you and using you for its own purposes, and neither Russia nor Poland are your enemies, but those who sit in your Verhovna Rada in Kiev.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Kievan Rus

Ukrainians claim, like Russians, that they are descendants of Kievan Rus’, which collapsed in the Middle Ages after the invasion of the Golden Horde. After the fall of this country, the Tartar-Mongols ruled the areas of today’s Ukraine. They enslaved the local population, mixed with them, and generally the barbaric rule of the Tatar-Mongol Khans prevailed. After some time, Lithuania defeated the Golden Horde and took over the lands of today’s Ukraine.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Kievan Rus, Golden Horde

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania entered into a union with the Polish Crown (former name of Poland), creating the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to the fact that Poland was stronger and wealthier than Lithuania, it decided to give the lands of today’s Ukraine into the hands of Poles. These were great times for the Republic of Poland. We are talking about the 16th century here.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Tolerance reigned in the country, the economy was flourishing, parliamentarism, science, culture and art were developing. When the rulers of Western European countries were hunting witches and heretics, in Poland everyone could find an asylum where they could live freely, in freedom, away from persecution. It was Poland that became a refuge and home for Jews fleeing from persecution.

Historical sources talk about it, but Ukrainians have their own version of history. They claim that Poles persecuted them, which is a blatant lie, because if it were not for Lithuania, and later Poland, instead of “Ukrainian” cities, we would still have wild steppes inhabited by people who are a mixture of Slavs and Tatar-Mongolian peoples.

Let’s be honest and look at historical maps, I will give you half of my savings if you ever find an independent Ukrainian state in the pages of history. It never existed. Just please, don’t talk about Kievan Rus, because that’s something else! The population of Rus was exterminated and those who remained mixed with the Golden Horde, only some of them escaped to the north, giving rise to Russia.

By comparison, it’s like saying that today’s Syrians or Iraqis are descendants of the ancient Babylonian Empire. And the truth is that Babylon no longer exists, just as Kievan Rus does not.

The Tatar-Mongols were exceptionally dissolute and refined people, and many of today’s Ukrainians have unfortunately adopted these traits. Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful Ukrainians who are really good people, but now we are talking about generalities.

Then we have the Cossacks and their uprisings. Who were the Cossacks? Ukrainians also consider themselves their descendants, even their national anthem says that they are of “Cossack race”.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Cossacks

Cossacks are another mixture of many nations, interestingly also Poles themselves, who were mostly criminals fleeing from justice. This is how the Cossacks were created.

Okay, what happened later in the 20th century? When World War I was ending, many nations were fighting for independence. The old 19th century system was collapsing and a new one was emerging in its place. At that time, Poland was fighting to regain the lands taken by the invaders. Poles heroically defended Lwów (today known as Lviv), even children.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Polish cemetery of the Lviv defenders in Lwów

To this day, there is the Cemetery of the Lwów Eaglets, which you can visit. The defenders of the city of Lwów are buried there, including, as I mentioned, children and youth who died defending the city against Ukrainian attackers! Today Ukraine is still occupying eastern Poland!

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Stepan Bandera - Ukrainian nazi
Stepan Bandera – Ukrainian Nazi

During World War II, Ukrainians, led by Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi, allied with Nazi Germany against the Poles. In the famous Volhynia massacre, Ukrainians murdered at least 120,000 Poles in Volhynia and other regions of Poland in a truly brutal and barbaric manner. There was a war, men served in the Polish Army at that time, so who were murdered by the Ukrainian Nazis? Women, children and the elderly fell victim to them.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, volhynia massacre

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, volhynia massacre
Volhynia Massacre

Read more about Volhynia Massacre at Wikipedia

The current Ukrainian state has been glorifying war criminals such as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych as national heroes since 2014, when there was a coup and Petro Poroshenko took power! This is a scandal! It’s as if the Germans were proud of Hitler, or the Italians of Caligula or Nero!

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Ukrainians glorifying criminals
Ukrainians glorifying nazi criminals

As you can see, Polish-Ukrainian relations have never been good, and the hatred of Ukrainians towards Poles has been visible for hundreds of years. To this day, the Ukrainian government does not allow the exhumation of bodies murdered by UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) gangs, because it would destroy the myth of the heroism of these bandits.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Presidents Duda and Zelensky

Currently, Poland has provided the greatest humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine due to the war with Russia, but there is absolutely no gratitude from the country’s authorities. They even accuse Poland of collaborating with Russia! Extremely! Ordinary Poles opened their homes, organized collections, donated food and clothing to help them, but Ukrainians, in gratitude, organized a protest in front of the Polish embassy in Lutsk, where they collected a plane ticket to Smolensk for striking Polish drivers.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, Polish help for ukraine

This is an allusion to the plane crash with the Polish president in 2010. Many Ukrainian “refugees” commit crimes in Poland, for example, a group of Poles was beaten in Warsaw by a larger group of drunk Ukrainian nationalists. The Ukrainian sportswoman Vlada Nikolchenko confessed in the media that she hates Poland with all her heart!

I had to raise this topic here so that, dear reader, you could understand the realities in Poland and Ukraine. I also brought up this topic so that you remember that you have to be careful who you help, because they might stab you in the back!


I know this is a long text, you may be thinking: “what does this have to do with money?“. However, this is an important topic. The transport industry is an extremely important sector of the economy, not only of one country, but also of international importance.

Everything depends on the transport, whether you will be able to eat bread in the store tomorrow morning, and how much it will cost. In previous articles, I wrote that we need to prepare for a financial crisis, and the situation I have now described is of great importance for the economies of the Central and Eastern European region, as well as for international relations.

Polish truck drivers protest, my money force, crisis ahead

I don’t know what exactly the media in your countries say, whether they even mention anything about the truck drivers’ protest, but I want to draw attention to the fact that this whole situation is the result of the European Union’s erroneous policy. It may be similar in other parts of the world, especially since both the EU and other Western countries, including the USA, maintain the same narrative, which is so harmful to ordinary people!

That’s why it’s worth thinking seriously about your future: what kind of life will you prepare for your children? Money is essential to life, and as we see, politicians only create more crises, prices grow, and inflation is raging! If you trade on the stock exchange, you can certainly recognise a trend, and the same is in geopolitics. The trend we currently have, which world leaders have chosen, is extremely dangerous, which we clearly see when we observe what is happening.

The time we live in is not a time of consumption and thinking about pleasures, but rather a time of stocking up and thinking about securing your financial future!

Kind regards,


6 Replies to “Protest Of Truck Drivers On The Polish-Ukrainian border. What This Is About?”

  1. Hey thank you for this post!
    It was very insightful indeed. I had heard of the protest going on which had effected numerous businesses however wasn’t quite sure what it was about, though knowing is important! In the UK the effect could be felt in some industry with limited supplies of products for a little while. It was quite frustrating, the situation was.

    Anyways thank you for bringing to light this economical situation!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Sariya!

      Thank for your comment, I know about UK already as I live here. Membership in EU has more cons than pros, I realise that the Brexit could be frustrating so some businesses BUT UK is still a member of the EEA, and I believe that British economy will grow up faster than many people think. UK is independent from the EU dictatorship now.

      Kind regards, and all the best for you!

  2. I found your article on the protest of truck drivers at the Polish-Ukrainian border very informative. It’s concerning to see the impact on trade and the delays in delivering essential goods. Have you observed similar situations affecting other borders or industries due to protests or logistical issues?

    I haven’t experienced a border protest personally, but I’ve encountered delays in shipping goods during certain strikes. The repercussions can be far-reaching, affecting not only businesses but also consumers relying on timely deliveries. What measures do you think could alleviate such situations without compromising the rights of protesters to voice their concerns? It’s a delicate balance between addressing grievances and minimizing disruptions. Thank you for shedding light on this issue!

    • Hello Passindu!

      Thank you for your comment. First of all, the problem results from the erroneous policy imposed by the European Union, so it would be necessary to return to the regulations from before the changes introduced by the EU. I have not personally encountered a similar situation at other borders, but every protest in the transport industry has serious consequences for both individuals and companies.

  3. I was not aware of the extent of the strike action on the Polish / Ukrainian border, so it was very informative to read this viewpoint on the strike. Strikes always lead to delays of deliveries, which is frustrating with customers. 

    It does seem to be unfair that Brussels can make agreements with the Ukraine, without involving their member state, namely Poland. Does Poland not have representation in Brussels that can lobby the EU parliament? I would have thought that all the member states would be included in voting for the EU parliament to make decisions.

    • Hello Line!

      Poland, like every other member state, has its representatives in the European Parliament. The problem, however, is that if you do not agree with the top-down EU narrative, you are the worse one, which actually denies the democracy that Eurocrats are supposedly fighting so hard for. Therefore, Poland had to be “punished”, just as the UK does not receive any subsidies from the EU, but only pays money from the pockets of Polish taxpayers.

      The European Union is heading towards a dictatorship in which only Germany and France are the beneficiaries, with the citizens of the other countries working for them. That’s why I compared the European Union with the former Soviet Union, where the entire Eastern Bloc worked to support Moscow.

      Kind regards 

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