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A lot of people are looking for a methods how to make money online. It’s not a secret that the rising costs of life, bills, rent etc make our life more difficult and people live from pay day to pay day, very often they need to do the overtimes. It motivates them to find a good method to earn money online and it is a good way if you know how to do that. What if I’d show you how you can achieve your goals and start to earn some money even without any costs? Sometimes it’s a long way but you can also start to make a pocket money even right now! So here we go…

Your first money earned online

Alright. If you are a complete beginner then you’ll probably be interested to make some money online for free, that means without any investments. There is a few methods how you can make your first cash in the internet. It won’t be a fortune obviously but it will motivate you to go forward. For example the online surveys – you will spend a few minutes and get pays for that. More time spent – more money earned.

Another method is to use a special apps. There are apps that will pay you just for using the internet and I will describe them later that you can choose the best option for yourself.

Freelance work is also a good idea. You can find many website where you can work as freelancer, starting with the simple tasks. Sometimes one task takes you 5-10 minutes and it’s pays $5 and more. Time is money, remember that. More time you’ll spend – more money will come to your wallet.

A lot of different methods I’ll try to describe and show you later step by step so bear with me…

When you’ll get your first money…

It’s important what will you do with your first money? Will you be excited and just go to spend it somewhere? No! Don’t do that! The next step is to find appropriate methods to invest it and get more money! Let your money work for you. Obviously it depends how much do you have. I want to show you how to manage your wallet as well. You can be a millionaire and loose your money very quickly and that would a big sin! You don’t want that. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself and get the knowledge what to do and do it properly.

You can invest your money in many different places even if your wallet is not fat. You know what I mean. One of the option is of course trading but you must have some knowledge about that. And I want to show you how to trade to get more.

You can also put some money in your own business. It will take you much longer but you don’t risk loosing your money. Yes your own business! It doesn’t have to be a big corporation, just look around. You go to shop – it’s someone’s busines. You buy his goods. If you buy online it’s someone’s business as well. You don’t have to sell. The limit is only your imagination. What I’ll do is to show you all the tools and how to use it and also a couple of examples what you can do. It’s a long term work, remember that. But it’s worth that time.


Definitely everyone heard about cryptocurrencies. You can find plenty of them but not every cryptocurrency is worth your money. The best one is of course Bitcoin. It’s price is going up when the other currencies may go down. They are so called Altcois. My advice is: never invest your money in Altcoins.

Bitcoin is the best. Why?

1) it’s value grows up all the time

2) it’s stable

3) it’s the first and the most popular crypto in the world, that means people choose Bitcoin rather than other tokens

4) it’s decentralised, that means it belongs to nobody and nobody controls it

5) it’s number is limited, the same as gold. You can not creat just more bitcoins like a government currency. That also means inflation does NOT touch bitcoin.

Keep your money safely!

If you’ll achieve your goals there is a time to think about safety of your money. I wrote above about inflation. Have a look what could you buy for example for $100 ten years ago and what can you buy now? It’s absolutely clear that government currency, called FIAT currency, is loosing its value. So what can we do to avoid inflation, governments and banks regulation and in effect loose our money? There is a few things you can do:

1) avoid banks as they just want to make more money using you. Bitcoin is much better. Its value is growing up when the FIAT currencies falling down. Remember to keep you bitcoins in a safe place, for example hardware wallet. No one will have an access to your money then and after few year it will be worth much more then now

2) buy investment gold. Gold is gold. Same as Bitcoin its value goes up. Remember to buy investment gold not just golden chain or stuff like that. I will show you later which gold is good to buy and where you can purchase it.

3) properties are always a good solution. Its value is going up all the time. Doesn’t matter price or rent. Year after year people have to pay more and more. If you’ll buy a house int the future it will worth much more and in that time you can let it. People will pay you rent every month so that’s good method for a passive profit.

Here we are…

In this short article I wanted to show you what you can do to start to earn money online and manage it properly. I presented the scheme. From the pocket quick money you can make for 100% free to big money where you have to invest some part of your assets and what you can do to keep it safe. In the next articles I’ll describe as much as I can, step by step, every method, every app, market places etc to show you how to make money online easy, not only easy money 🙂

My goal is to help you to become independent from the system. To be honest I don’t like the system. They are stealing our money and want to make us their slavers. I like freedom and I’m sure that you do as well. That’s why I want to share my knowledge with you.

Bear with me and you’ll learn all the process.

Until the next article

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