Fueled – Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

In last days I have received a job offer from the company named Fueled. To be honest, I had no idea that the company is existing at all. I decided to try, and now I’m going to tell you more about Fueled. How do you think? Is it legit or another scam?

About Fueled

Fueled.com was established in 2009 in USA. The company is creating digital products, such as mobile apps and more. The head office is placed in 13 Crosby Street, Floor 3 in New York, post code is 10013. There is not much information about the company in the internet.

Fueled scam trust pilot, my money force

Fueled has only 6 reviews on Trust Pilot and they are not the best. That’s interesting, the company established in 2009, producing mobile apps, as they say, they are a team of strategists, designers and developers, and they have only 6 reviews on the most known platform, which is Trust Pilot. Isn’t it interesting?

I’ve never heard about this company before, and I was really surprised that they offer an online job! I was wondering, what some unknown company from America is doing in UK, where I live? And they are offering a job. As there is not much interesting facts about Fueled.com, I’m going to tell you about my own experience.

How did it start?

There was a one, nice and beautiful day, when I received a message on WhatsApp. It was one lady, she introduced herself as a Chloe from Blue Arrow Recruitment. Blue Arrow is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in England. Years ago, when I was working in warehouse, there were people from Blue Arrow.

Fueled scam conversation, mymoneyforce

That’s why her offer seemed reliable. She has explained some basic things and asked me that I’m interested in. I said “yes”, and she said that someone from the company will contact me soon via WhatsApp, and explain more details about the job, and duties.

Fueled scam conversation, mymoneyforce

One person, who introduced himself as a Louis has contacted me and obviously told me everything. The salary was really nice. It turned out that the job is to click the button, and I would earn £3100 in 30 days except the commission.

Fueled scam conversation, mymoneyforce

Sounds really good. I decided to risk and try.

How does it work?

As I said above, the work was about clicking the button. I’ve been told that every click is responsible for good review or rating of various apps in Google Play or AppStore. I have received $10 welcome bonus, and that guy, Louis provided the training via WhatsApp, he showed me everything.

It was very easy, but he wanted to show me something extra, so called combined tasks to earn more money. He sent me a link to register. Registration was very easy, you need just a nickname, and mobile phone number. When registration is complete I’ve received $10 welcome bonus.

Fueled scam registration, my money force

He also added me to the group on WhatsApp, where I’ve started conversation to one woman to ask her is that app reliable. She said that she is just observing, and I offered that I’ll let her know. Remember that as I’m going to come back to that woman later in this article.

Fueled scam conversation, my money force

Louis asked me to logout and he sent me another details to login. He said that’s account for training purpose, and he recharged it for $1200. I was doing the tasks on that training account and I’ve noticed that I’ve made over $140. Just for clicking the button.

I’ve been told to logout and login to my account. My account had been recharged for $60. I started doing the tasks on my own account. Process was very easy, click Starting button, next click Start and finally Submit. I had to repeat that till 40 tasks is complete. There are three sets of tasks each day.

I was positively surprised, in the first day I’ve made some money that I could withdraw straight away. To withdraw the money you need to have a crypto wallet working with TRC20 network, as they send you USDT – token worth the same as US Dollar.

Fueled scam, my money force

OK that was the first set of tasks. Louis said that I can start another two sets. To do that I have to deposit minimum 101 USDT. I did it. Every was alright. I’ve done next set and finally the third one. I withdrew my money, and it took less than 10 minutes when they appeared in my wallet.

Fueled scam, my money force

The app simply gives you commission based on your deposit. More money you deposit, more you will get. I earned almost $130 just by clicking the button! OK now I’m going to tell you what happened next…

Easy money doesn’t exist

What a fantastic day! I earned $130 very easily and it took me less the 1 hour including training! After I completed the tasks, that guy, Louis started friendly conversation with me. He wanted to introduce himself. He said that he’s from Singapore, he lives in UK in Leeds, and asked me the same questions. He was asking for some personal information, like do I have a family etc.

I didn’t trust him, so I didn’t tell him the truth. I do not recommend giving your personal details and information about your private life to anyone you don’t know in the internet. Especially today when it’s a lot of scams!

As you’ve seen the header, you may guess that something went wrong. Next day, I wanted to make more money, so I sent that minimum required, that means 101 USDT. I left the rest in my crypto wallet. Deposit was confirmed so I could start doing the tasks as day before.

I’ve done literally few tasks, and I’ve noticed that I can’t continue. I refreshed the website in my browser and looking at my balance. It was -105 USDT!!!

Fueled scam, my money force

I asked the customer service and that guy, Louis. They both said that it’s combined task and it is normal. I can continue after I’ll send the another deposit. OK, so when the balance was -105 USDT, I would have to send $105 and $101 to continue! I would lose $206!

I haven’t sent anything obviously. I realised that it’s a scam! When I wrote to customer service that it was a scam, they started threatening me with the consequences. It is not normal.

Fueled scam conversation, my money force

Do you remember that woman from WhatsApp group? I said that I’ll let her know how the work is going. I tried to warn her, but it looked like she was one of the Fueled team, playing the role of someone who is doing the same work as I do. She said that her friend work in Fueled long time and it is everything alright.

Fueled scam conversation, my money force

She said that I should say anything against the company if I don’t understand how it works. Yeah, right… I understand, very well…


Fueled is definitely and 100% a scam! I do not recommend getting involved in any “company” like this. The first impression is good, but that is a trap. This is how the scam works. The people from Fueled try to build a trust to steal your money. My personal experience with them is bad. However, I have earned over $20.

It is not much, but I’m happy that I haven’t lost any money. You can imagine how many people can be deceived by thieves? They definitely make money thanks to people who have no idea about the danger of the internet.

The conclusion is like that: you can’t make big and easy money online. Yes, there are legit and reliable apps, where you can make easy money, for example Stormgain, or Honeygain. One of the good app is freecash.com. But to be honest, you won’t make a big money there, but some pocket money.

If you want to make really good money online, you need to work consistently, be patient and wait, sometimes even few months or more for first income. But it’s worth to wait. Think long-term. One of the best, and what’s important, reliable, 100% legit platform is Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn literally everything.

Get started wealthy affiliate, my money force

I felt responsible to describe my short story here to warn you dear Readers. Do NOT be stupid and always check that given app or platform is reliable. Trust Pilot is one of the best places, where you can make sure that you can trust someone or not.

I hope so, the article was helpful for you, and you will learn from this lesson.

Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,


8 Replies to “Fueled – Is It Legit Or Another Scam?”

  1. Although you came out unscathed, it’s possible that others have lost a fortune in similar schemes. It’s incredible how much effort and trouble fraudsters expend on these scams. They’re well-prepared and the entity you spoke with probably wasn’t from a bona fide temp agency. Your investigation serves as a cautionary tale to deter others from falling prey to these traps. Kudos to you for shouldering the risk to prevent others from being ensnared.

    • Hi Chris! Yes they are prepared and very well organised to make you trust them. Unfortunately many people believe in that scams and they lose their money in effect

      • i am glad I read this article. I was in the process of doing this scam gig when the red flag for me was set a bitcoin account. plus the job was too easy. Thanks for posting this story.

  2. Dear Blazej,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Fueled and shedding light on your encounter with the company. It’s unfortunate to hear about the negative outcome you faced. Your cautionary tale serves as a valuable lesson for others who may come across similar opportunities online.

    It is indeed concerning that Fueled has such a limited presence and positive reviews on trusted platforms like Trust Pilot, despite being established since 2009. This raises questions about their legitimacy and transparency as a company. Your experience further reinforces the importance of thorough research and due diligence before engaging with any unfamiliar organization or job offer.

    Your decision to exercise caution when asked for personal information was a wise one. In the digital age, it’s crucial to prioritize online safety and protect sensitive details from potential scammers.

    I appreciate your mention of legitimate platforms like Stormgain, Honeygain, and Freecash, which provide opportunities to earn some extra income online. However, as you rightly pointed out, it’s important to manage expectations and recognize that significant financial gains typically require consistent effort and long-term commitment.

    I completely agree with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as a reliable and legitimate platform for individuals looking to build a sustainable online business. Their comprehensive training and support can help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of the online world and avoid falling victim to scams.

    Overall, your article serves as a cautionary tale, reminding readers to exercise skepticism, conduct thorough research, and rely on trusted platforms like Trust Pilot to assess the legitimacy of opportunities presented to them. Thank you for sharing your story and spreading awareness about potential scams. It’s through open discussions like this that we can collectively protect ourselves and others from falling into similar traps.

    Wishing you all the best in your online endeavors and thank you again for sharing your valuable experience.


    M.T. Wolf

    • Hi M.T. Wolf! Thank you very much for your comment and I’m glad that you are happy after reading my article. I think that they have some positive opinions, because they write them, or they pay someone else to do that.
      Kind regards!

  3. Hello Savvy investors! coming across this article regarding Fueled, a new investment platform, about whether it’s legitimate or a scam I have some discussions to raise here!

    In my experience, it’s important to exercise caution when investing your money, especially in new unfamiliar platforms. Its essential to do thorough research and understand the risk involved before making any financial decisions.

    However, I have a few questions: What sets Fueled apart from other investment platforms, and what are the safeguards in place to protect investors’ funds?

    I believe that discussing this topic can help us all stay informed and make informed investment decisions. So, what are your thoughts on Fueled, and have you had any experiences with this platform or others like it?

    In my opinion, whether Fueled is legitimate or a scam will depend on how well it performs and whether it meets the investor’s expectations. While it’s always important to practice due diligence, there’s also a risk-reward component to investing that we must consider.

    Overall, the article provides a thought-provoking discussion on Fueled and its legitimacy. As with any investment platform, its important to do your due diligence, weigh the risk against the potential rewards, and make informed decisions. So, let’s keep the conversation going and share our thoughts and experience to help each other make wise investment decisions.

    • Hello! thank you for your commentary and I fully agree that before any investment you should assess the risk and be careful. Every investment carries a greater or lesser risk. However, Fueled’s practices are very dishonest, as I have experienced. Any self-respecting and honest investment platform does not use this type of practice

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