CBDC – an opportunity or a danger

Last time, many people talk about the introduction of digital money that will replace cash. Many see it as an opportunity, while others see it as a threat. In this article, we will explain what CBDC is and answer bothering questions.


People started to use the money in the ancient times when the Phoenicians invented them. It was much easier to pay with the gold coins then to trade other goods. People found that gold is precious, permanent and its brilliance tempted many that everyone wanted to have it.

history of money

That’s why gold became a currency everywhere in the world. And that was good because it was made the trade much easier. They were using gold as a currency for ages till the time when the banknotes began to appear in circulation.

But gold was still very important as it covered all the money in the world. The country’s wealth depended on the resources of that precious metal. The government couldn’t just print more banknotes like they do today.

Not only gold but other precious metals, like silver and other resources, for example oil, carbon contributed to the wealth of the country.

In the 1970’s everything has changed. That time was a turning point in the world’s financial history. The global elites decided to change the system and from that time money in no longer covered by gold but every currency is just the government’s promise of its value!

It was a great tool to start robbing us. They can manipulate the currencies as they wish. It’s so called FIAT currency and it is worth literally nothing.

Yes we can still use the gold to buy and sell but it’s much harder to buy gold as it’s very expensive. Its value is growing up all the time because its amount is limited.

Before 1970’s people could just save the money and buy or build their own house. Today you have to get a mortgage from bank and pay monthly instalments for next 20-30 years and the property is yours after you pay it off.

FIAT money is also sensitive to inflation. Before money had a fixed value based on gold but today its value is based on the governments regulations and that’s the reason of inflation. Ukraine is a good example. Before 2014 their currency – hryvnia (UAH) was around 10UAH for $1 and in 2015 around 35UAH for $1. You can just imagine how it complicated the people life in Ukraine?

uah pln graph

Now we are one step before another transformation of money, which will be CBDC…

What is CBDC?

CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency. It’s digital form of a country’s currency. Central Bank is still responsible for issuing the money. It completely replaces FIAT money, that means cash will be no longer available.

how cbdc works

How it works? Nobody knows yet as it has not yet been commonly entered. But we can turn our imagination and think about digital money, that everyone will have to be in the system. Bank account will be necessary to buy, sell and keep the money.

It looks like it won’t work on the classic blockchain system like Bitcoin does. Bitcoin is fully independent, but they will control CBDC, that means they will probably create some new system.

klaus schwab wef

One of the supporters of the idea is Klaus Schwab, creator and chairman of the World Economic Forum. He said:

“This consortium has built on our long history of public-private cooperation to accelerate necessary and timely conversations for responsible digital currency deployment. It has convened the world’s leading policy-makers, payment providers, banks, civil society organizations and start-ups to identify and address critical gaps in research and policy guidance.”


Klaus Schwab is very controversial person. Few years ago nobody heard about his until the Covid-19 pandemic. He’s a founder of the Great Reset idea and he described it in his book, and there can not be any reset without new financial system. They say he’s mother maidens name was Rothschild.

I’m going to tell you more about Schwab, Rothschilds family, Great Reset etc in other articles as now we need to know everything about the CBDC.

rotschild family

The dangers of CBDC

Not every new idea is good. In my personal opinion CBDC is the next and great step to carry out the plan of the Agenda 2030 and Great Reset. The global elites own literally everything, but they don’t like that we are free at least to some extent.

They are very greedy and want to take literally everything from us. It’s not the conspiracy theory but a fact.

Every transaction will be recorded in their database. That means they will know everything about you. What do you buy, where and when. Thanks to that their system can calculate your “credit score”, what already happens in China.

carbon footprint

Climate change is another agenda. Did you hear about the carbon footprint? If you travel or tank your car too often the system will read your carbon footprint and you’ll be banned from buying for anything that, according to them, causes carbon dioxide emissions.

The same situation is when you have a different beliefs then they have. In China their system is working well.

“You’ll own nothing and be happy” – that’s the slogan of World Economic Forum managed by Klaus Schwab. They try to force new low where the private property does NOT exist! Everything for hire/rent. Without the introduction of digital money this would not be possible.

Thanks for caring Mr Schwab, but… I’m not interested.

And what about the local shop owners? Today if we pay for something by card, the shop owner has to pay a fee. Using cash is much better for them and it stays anonymous for you.

What to do?

There is still something that you can do to circumvent the system and secure yourself financially for the future.

Manage your money wisely, that’s on the first place! I wrote a tutorial about money management. Just click the link below to read it:

==> Learn how to manage your own money <==

Now it is the best time to think about the future, because it’s going to be to late soon! In my article I wrote about the alternative to CBDC. It’s good to gather capital and invest it in thing that you may need in the coming years. It’s worth to think about the property with some peace of ground to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

use cash!

At the moment use the cash if it’s possible. When your are in local store why not to pay by cash? Your bank would like to know everything about your spending. Don’t even think that it stays a secret.

For example in Poland the government forced new low and can get all the information about your balance and spendings form bank. It used to be a secret, but has changed. Why Polish government need all the details of the citizens?

Using cash is more safety! What I do is withdraw my money as soon as I get paid and use the cash after paying my bills online. Yes online transactions are good as well, they are comfortable. But unfortunately not only you and bank has access to check them. Privacy is precious!


I’m aware that many will not like my opinion and that’s alright and I respect others beliefs.

We have said a few words about the digital currency that the government and international organisations like World Economic Forum are planning to force to replace our traditional FIAT money which are not perfect but we can still keep our transactions private.

Privacy is very important not only for me but for many and I try to share everything what I know to help other make a good decision.

Yes, it’s true. We can’t stop some thing are going to happen but we can do our best for us and our children. This website is about the money. Financial system and its coming soon changes are so important that I couldn’t miss this topic.

I believe that it’s nothing wrong with preparing. It’s better to be prepared than unpleasantly surprised if something bad happens.

And what do you think about that? Let me know in the comments!

Kind regards!

3 Replies to “CBDC – an opportunity or a danger”

  1. Very thorough article on the evolution of currency and where we are today with it in 2023. Going back to when the dollar was actually backed by gold and Fort Knox. Today, the cash dollar is backed by nothing. It is back by a promise, which is why the dollar today is just a promissory note. I feel crypto will not last the duration of being digital and not tangible. Thanks for your article.

  2. Very thorough article on the evolution of currency and where we are today with it in 2023. Going back to when the dollar was actually backed by gold and Fort Knox. Today, the cash dollar is backed by nothing. It is back by a promise, which is why the dollar today is just a promissory note. I feel crypto will not last the duration of being digital and not tangible. Thanks for your article.

    • Thanks for your comment Timo! We will see what’s going to happen with crypto. At the moment only Bitcoin and Ethereum has a value. Other cryptocurrencies, so called altcoins are rubbish. CBDC is something completely different as it’s 100% controlled by the government

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