ByBit Is No Longer Available In UK!

Very bad news for everyone who is the Bitcoin fan in United Kingdom! ByBit is no longer available in the UK! What happened? How can we avoid the ban? What’s the alternative?

ByBit is not working in UK

ByBit is one of the biggest, the best, and the safest cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world! Unfortunately, I have received a notification from the platform that it is no longer available after 8 October 2023. New users cannot join it from 1 October 2023.

All the applications made after that date will face the rejection. If you are existing ByBit customer, you will no longer make any deposits, no matter what method you would like to use. You can’t deposit your money via debit card or bank transfer the same as via blockchain transfer, for example from your crypto wallet.

This is what happens when I want to copy my wallet address from ByBit to paste it in other platforms to complete the transaction:

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force

“Service Restricted” – this is what we can see. The situation is even worse than for the Binance users as the can deposit money via blockchain transfer. As we know Binance is very limited in UK. For example, you can’t deposit money via debit card or bank transfer, you can’t apply for Crypto Card, but you can still trade and use other services.

This is the information I have received:

ByBit banned in the uk, notification, my money force

At the moment I have one position opened, but it will be automatically closed in January 2024, and the only one thing I can do after that date is withdrawing my money or spending it using my ByBit Crypto Card.

What happened?

ByBit doesn’t clearly explain why it’s suspended in the UK. The notification I have received says that they had to make a difficult and necessary decision. That’s it. I realise that Britain is not the best country for cryptocurrencies market. As I mentioned, Binance, which is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange is very limited. The same as many other platforms.

I began digging in the Google to find more information about this and I found that ByBit is not registered in the FCA, that means Financial Conduct Authority. It’s exactly about the new rules of the UK’s FCA. The new regulations about the crypto market in the country, which ByBit doesn’t want to follow.

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force

In the effect of that the platform has no choice but to stop its activities in Britain. You can find more information about ByBit UK ban here: Bybit To Suspend UK Services From October 1

At the moment we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Once the Binance had been limited, many people moved to ByBit or other platforms. Now the ByBit is banned, and the only one thing you can do is to withdraw your money! After 8 January 2024 even ByBit Earn will stop working.

That means the platform is going to be completely useless in UK! That’s very bad new, because there is plenty of benefits by being an active user. ByBit offers a lot of rewards and bonuses, and very soon they will be no longer available.

How to avoid the ban?

Alright, many of you will ask now: “I still want to use ByBit. How can I avoid the ban?” Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do if you want to keep your ByBit account open. The reason for this is that each account registered in UK is facing the restrictions, even if you live outside the UK. But it also works the other way around.

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, solution

So, is there really nothing you can do if you want to keep using ByBit and have access to all the benefits of this platform? No! Obviously, you can’t use your existing account to trade, earn, deposit money and use other services apart withdrawals, but you can always open new account abroad!

Yes! ByBit still works perfectly in the rest of the countries in Europe! What I’m going to do is to open a bank account in my country, Poland. I’m going to have a proof of address thanks to that, and then I can open new ByBit account even if I’m British resident!

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, Ireland

A lot of people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have a family members or friends abroad, especially in Republic of Ireland, which is a part of EU. They can ask them for help with opening a bank account to obtain the proof of address required to have full access to all the ByBit services!

As soon as you’ll get it done you can come back to ByBit!

What’s the alternative?

I realise that not everyone has a chance to open new ByBit account abroad, and that’s why I want to show you some legit, alternative platforms. ByBit provides a Crypto Debit Card, which is very useful for you if your want to pay with Bitcoin directly, for example in your local store. Let’s have a look what is the other platform offering the Crypto Card.

1) is one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. It’s 100% legit and safe. I’ve done my research and I have found is working in UK without any issues. As the says it’s 100% legal.

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, provides Crypto Cards the same as ByBit, they even started issuing them long time before ByBit. You can also make money by using that card, for example cash back.

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, crypto debit card

What I’m going to do is to open my own account, and transfer my money from ByBit as well as apply for my new Card. I’ll be able to create my review of this platform so you will know everything you need about it.

2) Coinbase is another great crypto exchange platform which is a good alternative to ByBit. As soon as your account is opened, you’ll get a chance to earn some extra money by solving the quiz. As I remember it’s around $16. And that’s it. Coinbase doesn’t offer many bonuses, but it is a very safe platform, your money will be in good place!

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, Coinbase crypto debit card

Coinbase offers Crypto Cards like Binance, ByBit and You can also deposit and withdraw your Pounds directly via Debit Card issued by your local bank! And that’s the main reason for using Coinbase! Not many platforms offer withdrawals directly to your bank account, and Coinbase is one of them!

3) Stormgain works everywhere in the world and it’s very easy to open your account there. It doesn’t require the KYC verification (Know Your Customer). You don’t have to send your ID, proof of address and other documents to start using Stormgain. Why do I recommend it?

Stormgain mymoneyforce

Because you can make money without investment! Stormgain is a crypto trading platform but also a cloud miner. You can earn money by clicking the button every four hours, and you’ll get the USDT for that. Once you gather crypto in the value of $10 you can start trading it to multiple your money. All the money you have made by trading is yours!

Unfortunately you can’t withdraw your money to your bank account. Stormgain doesn’t provide a physical debit card as well. That’s why it’s worth to use more then one platform, in this case you can combine Stormgain with Coinbase or There is also a $3 welcome bonus if you join through my link:

==> Join Stormgain to Claim Your Welcome Bonus!

4) Bitget – the same as Stormgain you don’t have to verify yourself due to the KYC, but it’s required to withdraw the FIAT currency. Opening account takes few minutes and you are ready to go! I’ve just started testing this platform, and I’m going to write my review of it. It works well so far, but Bitget doesn’t offer a physical Crypto Card.

ByBit is no longer available in the UK, my money force, Bitget

However, my first impression is good. The mobile app works fast, it’s clear and easy to navigate.


ByBit is the next crypto platform that has stopped working in United Kingdom due to the local law regulations. The first one was Binance, which is very limited. Many services don’t work now. But Bybit seems like completely banned platform in the country.

At the moment we cannot deposit our money in any way. Very soon, exactly after 8 January 2024 all opened positions will be closed and all the rest of services will be no longer available. The only one thing that is going to be available is money withdrawal. We still have no information about the affiliate program.

However, some people can open new ByBit accounts abroad and keep using this platform. Unfortunately not everyone has a chance to do that. That’s why I have prepared four alternatives for ByBit. looks like the best one, as it offers a physical Card as well as many bonuses.

Coinbase allows its users to deposit and withdraw their money directly via debit cards issued by their local banks. Not many crypto exchanges offer this kind of service. All the new members of Coinbase have a chance to earn some extra money by solving easy quiz. However, it’s not big money as it’s around $16.

The other platforms, that means Stormgain and Bitget seem like a good, stable, well-working crypto platforms. Especially Stormgain, which allows you to make money without any investments. The built-in cloud miner is a great tool. I personally have multiplied my money, so I know it works 100%! There is also a welcome bonus $3!

What is going to happen in the future? We don’t know. At the moment two major crypto exchanges, Binance and ByBit do not work in UK. Both of them offer a lot of benefits, and many users will have no chance to even try these platforms. I hope that it won’t happen to other platforms, if so, UK will become a very unfriendly country to cryptocurrencies.

If you have any questions, or you would like to know more about cryptocurrencies, please let me know in the comment below or send me an email directly.



10 Replies to “ByBit Is No Longer Available In UK!”

  1. hey blazej,

    thanks for the article, it was a real eye-opener! i had no idea bybit was saying goodbye to the UK. 🙁

    i had some funds there, and now i’m scratching my head trying to figure out what to do with them. this whole crypto thing in the UK is becoming a real puzzle. binance had its limitations, and now this happens with bybit.

    I appreciate you sharing the alternatives. i’m considering giving them a try, and the fact that they have a physical card sounds pretty COOL 🙂

    it’s just a shame that we have to jump through so many hoops to keep using these platforms. hopefully, the situation improves in the future.

    cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Matias! Thanks for your comment! The situation in UK is really bad. Two major crypto platforms are limited or banned. What you can do with your funds is to transfer them to another platform which works in the Country. That’s really weird because in the EU there is no problem, just in UK.

      Kind regards!

  2. I find it disconcerting that ByBit is no longer available for users in the UK. And it is not only new users that cannot join the network, but also existing customers can no longer make deposits into their accounts.

    The fact that ByBit is not registered by the Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA, is not a good sign for investors, as it could mean that ByBit does not fulfill the requirements for safe trading and investing. 

    How sure are you that you will be able to withdraw the cryptocurrency that your currently have in your ByBit account? 

    It is good to see that there are alternatives, but I would certainly makes sure that any financial platform that I join, conforms to the FCA requirements. 

    • Hi Line!

      ByBit is one of the most safe crypto platform in the world. I’m using it for a long time and I am 100% sure that I can withdraw my money. ByBit does not leave its customers without their funds. The problem is on the UK government side.

      It is not registered under the FCA only in UK, but in the rest of the countries it works perfect and meet all the regulations. It’s not the first time when British government makes it more difficult for both: the platform and its users to work normally.

      This is why I’m going to open new ByBit account abroad and till that time I will use other platforms.

      Kind regards,


  3. I appreciate your update on Bybit’s unavailability in the UK and the alternative options you’ve provided. It’s crucial to stay informed about changes in the financial landscape. Have you personally tried any of the suggested alternatives? I’m curious if you have a particular platform you recommend based on user experience or features.

    I also believe it’s a good opportunity to emphasize the importance of thorough research and due diligence before choosing a trading platform. Security and regulatory compliance are paramount. Additionally, diversification of investments across different asset classes and platforms can help mitigate risks. Thank you for shedding light on this topic and offering viable alternatives for those affected by Bybit’s absence in the UK.

    • Hi Pasindu!

      Yes, I tried all the alternative platforms apart Yesterday I withdrew my money from Bitget directly to my bank account, and that means it really works! I’ve published few tutorials about Stormgain, and I’m still using Coinbase.

      I’m going to open new account on and then I will be able to say something more about it. As I know is 100% legit platform, I personally know people who use it!

      Kind regards,


  4. It’s extremely disappointing to see ByBit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally, cease its operations in the UK. In my opinion, the other options mentioned are okay, but they might not be as good as ByBit. However, we cannot do anything about it so it’s better to adapt and use the other options.

    • Hi Leila!

      Exactly as you said! ByBit in my opinion is better, but what can we do if we have no choice? We can only be hopeful that it will change in the future.

      Kind regards,


  5. Blazej, I think the topic is informative and organized. I learned just in time if I decide to use ByBit, it is unavailable because they are not willing to follow the regulation change in the UK. Well, if you don’t follow the communal country rules, you have no job there. Still, if they don’t want to do business others will. I found the suggested crypto to be the best fit for me.

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