AFFILIATE MARKETING – easy way to make money online!

In this article we will concentrate on one of the best methods of making money online. I believe that when you were surfing the internet you’ve noticed websites giving an advices and link to a product they recommend. The same for the YouTube. People are talking about what they are interested in and out the links below their videos. Every time Someone clicks that links they earn money. Sounds good, isn’t it? That’s so called affiliate marketing. Simply said: copying-pasting links.

Alright so here we go…

What do you need to make money online

In affiliate marketing the most important is your idea. How do you want to promote the links? Where? You must know what you are going to do. If you have a hobby you can share it with others online and start to make money. You have to find a niche. Let’s explain what the niche is?

Niche simply means the group of people who are interested in the same thing, for example music. If you are a fan of music, you can promote affiliate links with guitars, drums, vinyl records, playing lessons etc. If you like cars you can promote for example car parts or car dealers. It’s literally everything you can do, but remember to focus on one thing.

Ok, so you know about niches, but you need some tools as well. It’s not complicated. You need a device such as mobile phone, laptop/computer, tablet connected to the internet. That’s it. Everything else is your own idea where and how to promote other’s products to get the traffic and start to earn money in the internet.

But there is one more thing. You need a time. Especially if you are a beginner. Time is money and affiliate marketing require to put some work in it. It is a long term work that will bring you earning in the future. You need a time to create something, to create a space where you will paste your affiliate links and you’ll agree with me that it’s important to create a good content that everyone will be interested to click your link.

Where to put your affiliate links?

Affiliate marketing is awesome as it gives you a freedom. The only one limit is your imagination. You are creator and you work for yourself. That means it depends from you where you will promote affiliate links. Our goal is thiat part of internet where is a lot of people from your niche. Social media is one of the best places for you to make money online and there is a lot of platforms.

  1. YouTube – it’s a great place as you can easy earn money online for free in a couple ways, not just by copy – paste links. If you’ll get a lot of views then YouTube will pay you money. You can also turn the commercials and you’ll get paid for it. But let’s concentrate on affiliate marketing. If you like for example a healthy food and generally lifestyle you can make a videos about that and put your affiliate link below the video. Masses of people are looking for a good advice of healthy diet. Everyone who clicks your link and take an action will bring you money
  2. Facebook – very good place as well as many people are using this platform and sharing literally everything there. But it’s a little bit complicated as Facebook generally blocks affiliate links. Don’t worry if you like this platform as there is a method to avoid Facebook’s system and I’ll tell you how to do that in another article. Let me tell you now what is the way to make money online on Facebook. Find appropriate group to your niche or create one. There you can write a post and share the link with others. It’s easy to do that on Facebook as sometimes people are asking questions like “what is the best car parts shop online?” And you can just paste the links in the comments
  3. Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms in the whole world. That’s great because you’ll always find a people from your niche. As on Facebook – create a nice post with affiliate link targeting your niche and just wait for a results
  4. Instagram/TikTok – next good tools to promote your affiliate links. Both them let you create a short post with picture or a video where you can promote your links.

As you can see the social media are an awesome place where you can start sharing your links with others. Just remember to create a nice content and try to make people trust you. There is always one the most important rule – your niche. Remember that.

Your own website or blog

One of the best methods to achieve your goals in affiliate marketing is to create your own website or blog. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. Everyone was, me too. If I can do it you can do it. You don’t need to have any experience and knowledge about the HTML or Java to build a really nice website/blog. We have currently a lot of tools that help you to build your first website easy. Some of them are providing a training how to do it step by step so that’s convenient even for a complete beginners. You may learn something about the affiliate marketing as well.

One of the best platforms providing all the tools for webmasters and trainings for affiliate marketers is Wealthy Affiliate where you can start to build your first website for 100% free. They have a hosting as well. You can register for free even right now here.

When you’ll build your blog or website you have to create a content. Simply describe everything about your hobby, sharing the links with others. Try to do your best. Be natural and concentrate how can you help people of your niche.

Affiliate platforms

Another interesting tools are affiliate platforms. They are a website very often providing complete trainings even for a beginners and affiliate programs. They are very helpful, you can find a lot of stuff you need to make money online in one place. Thanks to them your work will be much easier. Obviously you can choose to stay away from them and look for affiliate programs and tools by your own but I highly recommend to start your journey with them.

One of the best is Wealthy Affiliate, where you’ll get not only the webmaster’s tools to build your website but also complete training for affiliate marketers. There is a nice community, almost 2 millions of users and very good rating on Trust Pilot. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for a people who think seriously about their online business. You can start for 100% free or buy a premium membership with access to all the classes and trainings and also full support from the founders or their users. Premium membership costs $49 monthly but if you’ll decide to pay annually then you’ll pay less. You can get a bonus where the first month is only $19. If you’ll upgrade to premium in the first 7 days then you’ll get your own domain for free! You can register and get the bonus here.

The next good affiliate platform is My Lead. They also provide a trainings and courses including webmaster’s tools. Interesting is that they offer over 4300 of ready affiliate programs that you can join everywhere in the world. All the programs are sorted in 20 categories what makes easy to find that one you are looking for. The platform works in 9 languages so if your English is not the best then you can switch to your language. Access to any support and nice community that will always help you whenever you need it. You can join MyLead for 100% free here.

I’ve presented two, in my opinion, the best affiliate platform I highly recommend, especially if are a complete beginner. Both of them are providing trainings and nice bonuses. Which one to choose? The best way is to use both of them. Wealthy Affiliate will help you with literally everything, they have EVERYTHING you need to build your own website which is foundation of your online business. MyLead has a plenty of ready affiliate programs and they also provide a good quality training.

Your turn…

Alright, based on what you read above you can start to build your business online. Remember that your niche is the most important. You can create a beautiful website but if you’ll choose a wrong nich you can forget about good earnings. Affiliate marketing is an awesome idea to earn easy money online and it’s literally everywhere. Everything you need is your own plan, good chosen niche and some tools and I can guarantee you’ll achieve your goals. Remember also that if you are starting from scratch you can’t expect that you’ll get a lot of money after few days. A I wrote above it’s a long term job and trust me – it’s worth your time spent on it.

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