5 TOP Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Today I am going to show you 5 TOP online business ideas for beginners. How to start, grow it up and eventually make money. All you need is your laptop, computer or mobile phone.

online business ideas beginners
my money force#1. YouTube channel

Difficulty level – VERY EASY
Contribution – NONE
Passive income – YES

If you are using internet then you have watched the videos on YouTube. Everyone does. I have subscribed my favourite channels so I can watch interesting stuff any time when the new video is published.

YouTube is a great place to learn something, watch the news or share interesting ideas to other people. Thanks to that platform I have learned a lot in many areas.

I have noticed that creators of the videos have a lot of subscribers and views and YouTube pay them money! That’s fantastic idea to start business online! If you have an idea for your videos that will interest others you can get a lot of views and subscribers and your channel will become popular.

That could be literally anything! You can share your hobby, knowledge, create a courses online, reviewing something, anything what you love! Do it with passion and it will result.

Have a look which channels have the most subscribers and views and you’ll find what people like to watch.

I the beginning you don’t need your own contribution. Smartphone or laptop is enough. After you make some money you can invest it in a better microphone for example.

Ok, I know… some people value their privacy and don’t want to show their face. No problem! There is a lot of methods how not to show your face on YouTube. For example if you want to create a tutorial, there is many free apps where you can record your screen and show how you do something.

Only sky is the limit!

YouTube can become a source of passive income. That means once the work is done, you get paid regularly.

online business ideas beginners freelance mmf#2. Freelance

Difficulty level – MEDIUM
Contribution – NONE
Passive income – NO

In the last years when the most popular virus caused closing of many work places people started to find out about possibility of making money online.

Many had no choice as it was the only one option to earn normal money. Freelance work is one of the best methods of online business if you know how to do the job. Almost every business is based on selling something and freelancers are selling their own products.

You need to have some basic knowledge about the computers to start.

Examples what can you do as a freelancer:

  • Creating graphics – you don’t need to have an advanced knowledge. If you do that’s great – professional graphics are very expensive, but the most of people are a beginners. You can start creating a simple things like a logo or book covers in Canva, which is very easy and even complete beginners can do something. Canva is for free!
  • Writing – all you need is your laptop or even mobile phone with a good app like MS Word. You can write for example articles, reviews or anything that the customer asks to do. It could be even an original idea for birthday wishes.
  • Translations – if you can speak other language then it’s great idea to make use of it and make money! You’ll find a lot of people who want to translate something to other language.
  • Creating websites – requires some knowledge obviously but if others can do that then you can do that as well. Especially if today there is no need to be a programmer. WordPress offers a tools that even the beginner can create a nice looking website and get paid for that!

There are a lot of different methods to work as a freelancer. I mentioned just four of them. If you have a different ideas it’s no problem to use them.

Ok, but how to find a customers? Fiverr is the best market place for freelancers! Registration is 100% FREE and you’ll get an access to your customer immediately!

online business ideas beginners fiverr mmf

If you know what you like to do try it now. You are your own boss and you can work whenever you want!

Working as a freelancer requires time. We need to work regularly and that means it is not a passive income, but it is an opportunity to make a good money as well. It could be your main source of money or an extra income, it’s up to you.

online business ideas beginners website blog mmf#3. Your own website or blog

Difficulty level – MEDIUM
Contribution – $0-$100 / month
Passive income – YES

Website or blog is another good idea for online business. The same as above, it’s up to you what do you want to publish there. It could be literally anything but it’s important to remember that building website is a long term work which brings you money in next few months.

Everything depends on content and SEO. Sometimes one website could be indexed in Google and get ranked well, what leads to the traffic and first money. But we are going to talk about this a little bit later.

If you are a beginner who wants to build a business based on the website or blog you need to know how to do that. The best tool is WordPress, which provides everything what we need, that you don’t have to be a HTML programmer.

Next thing is hosting, that means a space on the server where you can place your website. And now we have to say about investments. Yes, you can try for 100% free, but in the future you’ll simply need more space on the server and pay every month for a hosting.

In that case it’s the best to pay one amount for everything. Wealthy Affiliate is very helpful! Once you register you have a package of ALL in 1:

  • Trainings and classes where everything is shown step by step
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Access to WordPress
  • Content Creator with ready-made templates
  • Helpful community
  • Support 24/7

As we can see, there is EVERYTHING we need and trainings provided will show you how to start. Wealthy Affiliate offers not only full access to WordPress but also a Jaaxy which is a fantastic keywords research system!

What’s the price? You can start for free a test it. If you’ll decide to upgrade then it costs $49/month for premium account or $99/month for premium plus account which is addressed to advanced users.

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate in my review here and if you want to try, click the link below:

==>Join WEALTHY AFFILIATE for FREE now!<==

Once you open account at Wealthy Affiliate and start building your website or blog, you have to create a good quality content. Otherwise you won’t get a traffic.

The fastest way to start making money is affiliate marketing, but also advertising your services is a good idea. After few months turning the monetisation on will bring you money as well. There is a few different ways how to build a business based on blog or website.

Let’s go now to method No 4…

online business ideas beginners amazon kdp mmf#4. Amazon KDP

Difficulty level – EASY
Contribution – NONE
Passive income – YES

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world where we can buy many different things. The great news is that you can also sell there!

KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing is the platform of Amazon where we can create our own product and sell it:

  • Books and ebooks
  • Calendars
  • Notebooks
  • Colouring books for children
  • Courses and tutorials

It’s 100% free. Once you register you have to sign the tax declaration of USA. If you live in different country than US, you won’t have to pay taxes there.

The best way to start is creating simple products, so called “no-content” like notebooks, calendars etc. In few hours your product is ready and could be published.

Just in USA is around 320mln of people and the most of them are using internet and buying stuff online on Amazon. The market is really massive! It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in as you publish worldwide!

There is also Canada, UK and Western Europe which are a wealth customer buying online on Amazon.

Even complete beginners can start their sales on Amazon KDP. It’s not complicated. Once you opec your account you can see the tutorials where you can learn a lot. Creating simple products takes only few hours. You can publish a hundreds of them!

Writing your own book is also a good idea! Who know? Maybe it will be a bestseller!

Anything you like could be a good content. But I recommend to start with no-content products as they are very easy to creat. You can use Canva to make a book covers and just publish it.

Amazon KDP does NOT require any investments what is perfect as you don’t risk loosing your money! It’s also a great way to build a passive income.

==>Join Amazon KDP now for FREE!<==

online business ideas beginners selesto online store mmf#5 Online store

Difficulty level – MEDIUM
Contribution – $20 AND MORE
Passive income – NO

It’s very similar to method #3. Online store is kind of website where we can buy physical and digital products. It’s very good way to make money if you have an idea what to sell.

As above, it could be anything. Depends on what you like, for example if you like painting it’s great way to sell your own pictures at your online store!

Think about your strong side. Selling your tutorials and courses will bring you really good money. Maybe you like music and have a lot of vinyl records?

Have you heard about AliExpress? It’s very cheap to buy the stuff there. You can sell it for more on your online store!

Any idea is good.

How to start? If you are a beginner then I must tell you that investment is required in this kind of business, even to buy the stuff for sale.

Selesto is a platform where they can help you to build business based on the online store!  They are professional and cheap. Full service which includes preparation of your store, good looking website is only 99PLN/month which is around $25.

Selesto is Polish company that’s why the prices are in Polish Złoty (PLN) but you can contact them directly clicking the link below:

Contact Selesto

Online Store requires time and regular sales. That’s why it’s not a passive income, but could be a good source of money for people who like to trade, or an extra cash in the worst case.


Now you know the top 5 online business ideas for beginners. I want you to see the scheme of all of them. Everything is in your mind. Doesn’t matter which one you choose you can make a good money online. All of them are the long term businesses and you have to work consistently till achieving the goal.

Never give up! Do you know why the most of people are in bad financial condition? Because they give up or are afraid to start! Don’t do that!

The most of the methods above don’t require any investments that means there is no risk.

I’m sure that if you’ll work consistently after few months the first money will come to you. But you’ll also increase your skills and learn a lot!

I wish you good luck! Let me know please what do you think about these ideas.


4 Replies to “5 TOP Online Business Ideas for Beginners”

  1. These are all great ways to make money online, so many people are getting into this line of work putting in the time, and making a full-time income being able to leave their nine-to-five. I believe anyone of these methods can become a full-time job but to have success you must put in the work.

    • Hello Norman. As you said, to achieve the goals you must work. Cash simply doesn’t fall down from the sky. Al of these methods are tested by many people and they work 🙂

  2. This is a very good article on some ideas on how people can make money online. The opportunities are endless, but a lot of people never start because they think it’s too difficult. 

    In reality, the most difficult part is not to give up. Like any business, it will take you time to grow your business and get an audience.  

    Thank you for sharing!

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